It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Bobbo Byrnes | singer/songwriter, musician, producer, artist. piano tuner, breakfast maker

It’s funny to ask what the “end goal” might be. It’s as if there’s a certain point as a musician you say “I made it!” and you put your feet up on the desk and say “done.” but that’s never the case. The “goal” is the doing it and continuing to do it. Sure you set up “goals” along the way like, I want to get a record deal. Ok, done. Next. I want to get a booking agent. Ok, next. I want to tour across the United States, done. I want to tour across Europe, next. I want to make a better album, write a better song. Read more>>

O Ewola | Singer-Songwriter & Model

My end goal is the same as my current goal, which is to be in a constant state of learning and growth. I want be able to look back on my career and say that I gave it my all. Of course, I want the luxuries of life (money, cars, etc), because in this life I MUST enjoy, but I also want to say that I used all my God given gifts and talents. The impact I make on my generation and community through a legacy of great music, bold fashion, and community empowerment is the end goal too. Read more>>

Giselle Marte | Versatile Artist

This question is one that has changed a couple times for me. I thought I wanted to be just an acrylic painter but I realized I wanted to be more than just an acrylic painter. I think its cool if you just want to do that specific thing and get really good at it but I realized I had so many interests when it came to being an artist.(probably because I was too busy learning things I didn’t really care about in school, Besides psychology.) I consider myself to be a versatile artist. Mixed Media one would say. I truly am inlove with the creative world. With that being said, my end goal is I want to have inspired many with my stories in whichever way I decide to tell them, whether its through painting, digital art, 3d art, animation, music etc. Read more>>

Willden Doherty | Content Creator

Professionally, I believe my skills are best suited as a media personality. Streaming, podcasting, and hosting are things I am good at. Having discussions with a variety of people about topics related to gaming, film, and pop culture interests me. I always wanted to work at a company like G4 or IGN for example. I enjoy going to conventions as well so doing coverage for those events is also on my list. If I am able to travel as part of my career, that would be an end goal. That is something I have always wanted to do more of. Read more>>

Austin Brook | Actor & Writer

As an actor and writer, the end of my career is an interesting topic, simply because the hope is to never stop creating meaningful content. With that said, all things must end eventually, so I believe what we’re really after here is what I will constitute as success. Of course, one can focus on the caliber and mastery of a craft, and it would be silly not to continually strive to produce better work. Though that does apply to my efforts, my goal is to finish my career having created a shelter, a safe space within different stories, which inspire dreams and make the normalcy of daily life richer to the imagination of possibility for others, and ultimately, allowing someone to leave this world and enter another. Read more>>

Ryan Reveles aka FLuX | Artist / Bartender

There are some goals I wish to accomplish on the path that I’m on. I try to shy away from any “end” idea or concepts. The more I stay present in the moment the better my experience becomes in the creative process. Ultimately, I want to create something that I love and that can be loved by others as well. The mediums I have chosen has been storytelling through comics and animation. I can view the process of character design and storytelling as sparking life into something. Just as the beginnings of life: Read more>>