People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Jizelle Staana | Vice President Marketing, Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs

The most difficult decision I have ever had to make was to leave an industry I was familiar with and had been in for years for a totally different career path. I was in the banking industry for 8 years when I lost my job and instead of taking another position within the industry, I decided that I wanted to explore a career in a creative field. I was 26 at the time and was going through a major crossroad in life. Long before I even made the decision to do something else, there was a feeling inside me that knew the career I was in at the time wasn’t something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life; despite how successful I was or how much money I made. Read more>>

Vivianna Kirby better known as thisyagirlVIV | On-Air Personality, Podcaster, Author & Businesswoman

As much as I hate to admit it, the most challenging decision I’ve ever had to make was taking a chance on myself, like choosing myself first. For years, whether it was my time in the music industry as an artist manager or a caregiver for loved ones. Then at this particular stage in my life, being there for my students, most of my life and entire career ensured that other people had everything that they needed. I constantly neglected what I wanted to do or what I felt I needed to do to put others before myself. I’m not saying that I did not like or enjoy what I was doing; I just knew that my heart was pulling me in a more prioritized direction, and that was me. Read more>>

Orly Gal | Founder, Creator & Host @FMLA

I had to decide to shut down FMLA during the pandemic as a result of that, I had to restructure the whole show and re launch as a podcast, losing my team and most of our audience. Read more>>