We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Shoko Rice | Actress and singer

I think anyone can succeed if you keep doing it right way and doing it continuously, but actually that’s the hardest thing to keep doing it. So many destructions and temptations in life easily set people off track. Read more>>

Christine Abdelmalek | CEO of Pink Papyrus

There’s so many factors that come together and facilitate a person, brand, or company’s success. One of the major factors that has served me well over the years is my drive to dig for the hard to find answers. If I’m presented with a problem or a question, I will do whatever it takes to research and find the solution for myself. I will not stop until I figure out the path that will point me in the right direction. So many times in business, things come up that you can’t ask someone else about and you can’t just google the answer. Read more>>

RJ Smith | RJ Smith Construction Founder

Habitats that help us to succeed are communication. I pride myself and my team on being great communicators to our clients and team members. This way there is no gray areas in our projects, process, or design. I always want everyone on the same page. This creates a quicker seamless project. From or our team meetings, client meetings, and job updates our team communicates better than most. Read more>>