Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Sean Muse | Editorial Photographer

Pursuing a creative career was an idea that I’ve had in mind since I was about 15 years old. I had bought myself my first DSLR camera with the money I was making at my first job at Dominos and I had quickly realized that taking photos was something I held so much sentiment towards. I would document my family vacations, take photos of friends throughout high school, and capture the trips I would frequently take to Disneyland. Photography became the root of my core memories with those I loved and it drove my curiosity on who I was as an individual. Photography gave me structure and pushed my boundaries to get better and kept a drive within me to stay persistent. Read more>>

Dazhou Jin | Music Producer & Composer. Music Director of Film & TV

I always disliked dealing with boundaries. I love being different. Being a maverick. To showcase my unique creativity and approach to life. Growing up, I was a loner. I wasn’t interested in most of the things my peers liked. My passion was always in music. I got into rock music in junior high, picking up the electric guitar and joining bands. Living with music is an indescribable feeling. I was driven to succeed, I was fulfilled. Music gave me the perfect medium to express myself. Read more>>

Pablo Mirete | Record Producer | Media Composer | Arranger | Engineer

Music has always been my passion, so I never felt like I had much of a choice. Working in a creative field is strange because often, we’re dragged into the “workforce” by something that feels like a hobby or a game. I’ve been very serious about this since I was very young. However, pursuing production, composition, etc. in a conscious manner always came out of pure love for music. As hard as this career can be, every step forward is worth it. The people you meet. The music you make… Read more>>

Patrick Weir | Guitarist for You Were Never Lovelier

Life is too dull to be bogged down without creativity. I think we pursue an artistic career because it feels like the only way to truly enjoy life and express feelings that otherwise have the potential to just bottle up. Music and writing music is by far the best therapy I’ve come across, so why not try to make that a career? I mean could you imagine making a career out of going to SEE a therapist? That would be AMAZING. Read more>>

James Gallardo | Commercial/Freelance Professional Musician & Private Instructor

Music was a form of escapism for myself when I was in middle and high school. I never desired to be rich or famous pursuing music, but I wanted a sense of freedom and expression. It wasn’t until I was 21 years old when I decided it was time to purse my artistic career. After I left my restaurant job in San Luis Obispo, I received many criticisms from close friends and especially my family. Pursuing my musical career has been self sacrificing, however I’ve learned more about myself and the world around me durning the process. Read more>>

Lauren Nieves | Photographer

I love this question, because I think about it often, why did I choose to pursue a creative career? I think the answer to this is ever-changing, the more I work in this field, the more I wonder what pushes me forward. Most days the answer is simple; it’s my passion. I took a darkroom class my sophomore year of high school, and that’s where it all started. I knew that making photography a career was a possibility, but I didn’t know where to start. College really opened my eyes and made it possible for me to see a future as an artist. Read more>>

Jarod Lindsey | Actor & Musician

Expression. I’ve always wanted to express myself creatively and acting became the vehicle for me to exercise that. Throughout my life, I’ve never truly fit in any circles because of being told I was “weird” or “different”. Interestingly enough, acting is a place where both of these things can exist and it usually is awarded with an Oscar or an Emmy. So I realized that I was always having trouble fitting in because I was born to stand out. Never dim your light! Read more>>

Jason Paige | The Voice of a Generation

We are inherently creative beings. Everything that exists on this planet that is not nature comes from the imagination of the individual self expressing creating reality out of nothing. My pursuit of artistic and creative career was more a conscious avoidance of a predictable methodical expected behaviors that I was rigorously funneled into throughout my 12 years of institutionalized education. I instinctively knew I wasn’t supposed to be one thing that I was supposed to decide on when I was 12 years old and spend the rest of my life doing that single thing. There is much joy in the unpredictable. The uncertain. The surprise..Life is a grand improvisation that has no certain end or beginning. Read more>>

Richard Skillman | Photographer, Musician & Maker

Anxiety. I had a bit of a chaotic childhood and found my Mother’s craft room to be a safe space. I learned at a young age that I felt better when expressing myself in various creative ways. Creativity is a necessary way of life for me. Read more>>

wes brooks | Aspiring writer, director and horror fan

In all honestly it’s always been the simple fact that it brings me joy. I’ve studied and looked into other jobs but at the end of the day I always feel pulled back into the film industry. Even from an early age, before I even knew what a director was, I wanted to make movies. I had stories I wanted to share with people, I could talk for hours about the stupid stuff I came up with in my head. It’s just always been this yearning passion for me! Read more>>

Avilena | Singer/Songwriter

I pursued an artistic career because I knew it was something always within me and something I was always capable of doing. For so long I held back the things I wanted to express, feeling like what I had to say wasn’t important, feeling like I would never be good enough, and just being so afraid that people would make fun of me. But one day it just clicked for me. Making music and writing songs isn’t about being good enough or perfect. It’s about being free to sing and feel whatever you want. It’s about highlighting all the moments in your life, the good and bad. Read more>>

Polo Cutty | Creative, Graffiti Artist & Big Homie

An artistic or creative career is really the only career type that makes me happy. I’ve worked in several other fields like data entry, catering, and taught literacy to a group of kids in middle school. Jobs that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with creativity, that I’d still try to make creative and fun in my own way. Read more>>

Beatrix Krause-Sorio | Neuroscientist & Soap Maker

My main career, that of a neuroscientist, is predominantly a desk job. It entails lots of analyzing, writing, creating images and finding solutions to problems. While creativity is important in this job, the creative aspects only occasionally pop up. When the pandemic started and I was stuck in the house, I was never bored. I started painting and doing little youtube painting classes. It was a great and fun way to spend my time and to channel my creative energy. I am not an athletic person, so while other people would want to move their bodies, I was fine with creating things. Read more>>

Bria Amira | Creative & RnB Artist

As cheesy as it is to say I would say the artistic or creative career chose me. I have had many dreams and aspirations as young children do. Some examples, starting at the age of five, I was inspired by the popular kid show “Dora The Explorer” to learn Spanish. I knew I loved animals, so I wanted to become a Veterinarian. Although learning Spanish and becoming a Vet are great career choices, I have always been interested in the more creative topics. Fashion, music, and beauty have kept me fascinated from day one. Read more>>

Leah Martin-Brown | Vocalist, Songwriter, Guitarist

For me, becoming a Musician was never a choice… mainly because I didn’t even allow myself to consider another path. Music is what keeps me going and what sets my soul on fire so it made perfect sense to me to try and make it into a Career. Why would I put time into a regular job or another line of work when my heart could never really be in it? Read more>>

Charlie Hardt | Independent Music Artist

I pursued a career in music because I have always believed it was a God given call and purpose, and our purpose often lies within the greatest attacks against our lives. For me, there was a deep rooted fear of singing in front of people and using my voice to tell my story to inspire or relate to others. Once I realized that my voice was a gift and unique to me, I no longer sought validation from the world and that gave me the freedom to pursue my greatest passion as a career without fear. I believe we all have gifts that were given to us to use for a higher purpose than to bring glory to ourselves. Read more>>

Jiliane Brown | Actress

I am an artistic and creative person, and while there are many creative people in the world, not all of them are pursuing a career in that. That could be because of the risks involved, the uncertainty of where that would take them, or the instability of the type of artistic career they’d want to do. For me, I decided that if that is who I am and that is what I love to do, I don’t have another option but to pursue it. No matter what the obstacles are, the risks, or the uncertainty, I believe that I should continue ding what fuels me and brings me joy in my life. Read more>>

Heather L. Tyler | Actor, Producer, Choreographer & Writer

Oooo, you know I don’t think creatives don’t have much of a choice, really. Denying ourselves of artistic pursuits is a formula for unnecessary misery and loneliness. Sure, we could enjoy our passions without trying to make a career of them, but for many of us, the drive to ply our craft surpasses thoughts of smoother paths. The work (and play) is the reward! Read more>>

ChylMusic | Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Engineer

I pursued an artistic direction because I am a creative. Because I sing and songwriter there was really nothing else that pulled my heart strings but the creative lifestyle. I couldn’t see myself working somebody else’s job when I know I had this God-given talent that I could spread to the world. Also, it really is fun😂. I think God every day for blessing me with my voice because singing is so fun to me. Practicing runs, learning new songs, I mean what more could you ask for. I’m literally getting paid to sing, to melodically sing to people😂 Read more>>

Kev Chino’ | American Actor, Digital Creator, Blogger, Fashion Model and Designer

I pursued an artistic-creative style career approach ultimately as a natural style of expression. Growing up, there has always been a part of me that was internally outspoken. Art and creativity has always been my mindful safe haven, while also being able to share that part of myself to the world. My mission is to inspire the masses, in return keeping myself aspired for the greater vision. Our world should be built around individuality, diversity and freedom of creative expression. As I continue to create and leave forth my works of art, there’s always a breath of fresh air knowing that other creators exist that also share my very same mission. Read more>>

Gina Sabatella | Commercial Freelance Photographer

Photography came to me late in high school and I was drawn to it. Soon after, I took a photography class and the teacher took a liking to my photographs, my perspective in how I saw things and communicated through my images and later received an art award. That made me feel so good and boosted my confidence as a younger person and wanted to further my studies after high school in photography. It was on a trip that summer after graduating high school my family and I went to Europe. Traveling through Spain between towns, I came upon endless fields of sunflowers, it was truly beautiful. Read more>>