What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Ivan Meshcheriakov | Sound producer and engineer, content creator

Once me and my partner started our business we began to run like crazy. We stayed at our office till 2 pm almost everyday. And at the same time we was working as djs every weekends and also we both had our own projects. So after a few hardcore years we decided to focus on our SMM business and that decision helps us to make moves that only brings value but it was still not a balance. Understanding balance comes with age. I still dont have life balance but I am working on it. To have a balance in your life means to have a job that you are passionate of. After that balance will come naturally. Read more>>

Van Chung | Social Content Creator & Illustrator

I’ve always been someone who finds it hard to say no, so finding the right work-life balance has definitely been a journey. As someone who has creative hobbies and a job that requires a lot of creative energy, setting boundaries between work and personal time is so important to me, especially over the course of this pandemic where remote work has really blurred those lines. I always make sure to have time to fill my creative cup with projects that are just for me. Read more>>

Dave Shanaé | Musician

There was a point in time for me where all I could do is focus on work, and making sure I got as many projects done possible. I noticed it was becoming more stressful than it was productive so then I was learning how to relax and enjoy life outside of creating. But just as I tend to over work myself, I started to over relax myself. I didn’t know to how have a balance of work/play. Learning how to give time across everything I enjoy to do is still a constant practice for me. I don’t think I’ll ever truly get it down 100% because even though I love consistency, I hate it too. All that to say, the one thing I feel like will always stick; is understanding that to enjoy the work I do and to give it my undivided attention during the time it needs, I need to experience/enjoy myself In other areas too. The balance of work/play is so important for a productive mind. Read more>>

Helen Stiver | Mindfully Handcrafted Jewelry Artist

I think of work/life balance as having something in your life that you are passionate about, a personal interest that fullfills you other than work. After working several years in an office setting I felt as if something was lacking, I had no work/life balance. I began making jewelry as a creative outlet, a way to bring joy to myself and others. After taking a few classes and workshops I established Charming Little Lotus as an official business. My initial goal was to provide meaningful pieces that could be used as a touchstone or talisman, to remind the wearer of their strength and perseverance. Read more>>

Robin Bramlett | Bassist, Recording Artist, Producer, Musical Director

Before the COVID-19 pandemic the majority of my time was spent working, working on music, and traveling for work and music but during the pandemic that focus changed. I was forced to work and do everything else from home which also forced me to reconnect with the things that are most important to me….my family. My newfound situation enabled me to get closer to my family and gain new skills that I could apply to my after-pandemic life. I immediately realized during that moment that no situation is forever but as long as I was still breathing I had the power to determine the trajectory of my life. I am absolutely in love with my new perspective on life and I can see a very bright future ahead for me. Read more>>

Karen Tan | Designer

Over time, I learned how to balance my personal life and work life, especially with a self-employed path. It didn’t happen overnight for me, I believe it is something that we learn as we experience what works and what doesn’t. One needs to know how to disconnect as well, whether it’s in the middle of a project going into your weekend off, or after you wrap up the job. We live in a society where we are available 24/7 thanks to our phones. I learned how to be mindful and put boundaries on my time, which is necessary to make decisions with a clear mind or to prepare for your next project. Read more>>

Vanessa Dew | Mother | Co-Founder, Health-Ade | Lover of Experiences Big and Small

Work-life balance needed to change as my personal priorities shifted. In my 20’s, it was easy to throw myself into work, do bootcamp 5 days a week, eat well, and still have a very active social life. Now, my priorities have changed with family obligations and building a thriving business from scratch. I had to reprioritize and make sure I was making time for the things that mattered. I couldn’t work 10 hour days, go out with my friends, and still be dedicated to my self-care and family responsibilities. Something had to give and trade-offs had to be made! I realize now that my sense of balance was rooted in what mattered to me. When I was clear in what I wanted to invest my time in, what mattered most, and why I was doing something, I always felt more balanced. Read more>>

Rina Lateace | Body Conturing Specialist & Filler Specialist

My work life balance has been extremely crazy as of lately . im still learning and trying to figure out my balance and working in time for my family because of lately I have dropped the ball in that area of my life . I.ve been sacrificing and missing family gatherings , birthdays ,everything for the sake of my business . Luckly for me I have a really supportive family and group of friends who understand my goals and where im trying to take my business within the next 3-5 years . im definitely working on better balancing my personal life with my work life . the fact that im so transparent with everybody in my life it really makes it easy when im not able to attend things last minute ,or if I need an extra set of hands for a Filler party . Read more>>

Suzie Bao | Marketing Leader

It’s about prioritizing for me. I use to be a typical workaholic supermom type, but realized that having it all, doesn’t mean I should do it all. It wasn’t healthy and certainly not sustainable. I now prioritize self-care first and foremost, family second and third career. It’s the only way to sustain all these priorities in a healthy way. Be ok with giving less effort to lower priority items. Read more>>

NaiQuawn Anderson | Photographer , Personal Trainer, and Business Owner

Work life balance is never completely in balance. Its a constant battle, as a father of five im never in complete balance but ialways find ways to make it best for those i love in my life. No one knows what it takes to reach levels you have never been to before, that comes with balance. You have to have a goal and a plan to the goal. Even with the plan you will hit bumps in the road, for me this is my analogy for balance. Read more>>

Erica Thompson | Home Organizer

My definition of work life balance has evolved over the years. When I was younger, I thought the more hours I spent at work the more “productive” I was. When I was in advertising in New York I worked day and night. The whole reason I moved across the county was to have a different experience and see and do everything New York had to offer but most of that time was spent looking at the city from my office window. Now, I no longer dread Mondays because my work week and weekends share the same quality: I’m doing things I love. Read more>>

Tess Hanson | A do-er who’s working on her dreams

When I was in high school, I could sit down on a Saturday afternoon and plow through my schoolwork for 6 consecutive hours. Now, as an adult on the other side of academia, I do not like to work for multiple hours, even for things I’m skilled in and care deeply about. Working for extended hours depletes me mentally, emotionally, and physically; ultimately, I am less able to be my full self. And that idea — being conscious of how I am existing in the world, in the spaces I occupy — is what grounds me in rest, in finding balance. I cannot show up to my colleagues, my community, my loved ones, and to the problems I want to fix when I am overworked. Read more>>