Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Trevor Silva | Dancer, Model &Creative Director

For me RISK TAKING is one of the most important steps in becoming successful and happy in your life and career. There are a lot of talented artist out there that never got to reach their full potential because it was too “risky” to do so. Artist that could have changed the world with their gifts. Being an artist in this world is already a risk. Now being a full-time artist that relies on their art to survive is a different beast all together. Risk comes in many different forms and each risk has different payouts/consequences. Putting your work out there for the public to see and criticize, relying on other peoples opinions to pay your bills, putting in all of your time money and resources with no guarantee return, not knowing when your next check is coming. Read more>>

Adrienne Reeves | Young Music Executive & Producer

Being a “risk-taker” is almost the first word I use to describe myself. For me, life is all about taking risks. How can I know how something will end up or be a success if I don’t put myself out there. It’s true you miss 100 percent of the shots that you don’t take. Working in the music business and influencing culture has always stemmed from my earlier experiences as a child. Growing up, I was never afraid to try something new or put myself out there. Once I became an adult, I knew I was born to do the things that I have accomplished.. Read more>>

Tylah Sui | Skin Care Specialist

In terms of risk-taking, transitioning into my career as an Esthetician was my biggest life risk. My entire life skincare and beauty have always been a part of who I am, but I never saw it as a possibility for a career. After completing my bachelors degree, I refused to apply to the master’s program at my school, knowing I would be accepted, but I couldn’t imagine another year there. Read more>>

Tabetha Michelle Awen | Hypnotherapist and Alchemic Healer

Is a life lived without risk really a life lived? I’m not sure it is Although what is seen as risky to me, may not be what other people envision. It is not the adrenaline rush of skydiving or moving to another country on a whim. It is the risk of breaking free from others expectations. It is the risk of being your fullest and truest self. The risk of not settling even when it seems scary to hold out for what you truly deserve. Read more>>

Ho-Ling Tang | Composer for Film & TV

Taking risks has defined my professional life, starting with entering a new career at the age of 26 without much prior knowledge of what exactly it would entail. Composing music is a risky career by nature; there is very little stability, irregular hours and never a guarantee that working the hardest you can will make you the next John Williams. That being said, there is no replacement for being able to do what you love every single day, and the risks become secondary to having such a personally fulfilling career. Read more>>

Jesamine De Guzman | Commercial Realtor® & Marketing Extraordinaire

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Although the quote is a bit cliché, it’s something I’ve lived by. By working in different industries (like law, marketing & real estate), I was always presented with a variety of obstacles each day. Years ago I applied to become a Case Manager for a law firm. Instead, they hired me as a Marketing Associate. I had never worked in marketing whatsoever. Why me? The four interviewers in that meeting decided that, after meeting me and learning more about who I was, decided I would best fit the marketing role. They had a message and felt I was the best to help deliver it. “To tell great stories, you need great talent.” Read more>>

Root Hub | Transformation Music Specialist

Risk is where magic and timing hang out, and so does calamity. For me, I risk success and failure every time I attempt and INSTANT ANTHEM for an individual, group, or myself. INSTANT ANTHEMS are pocket sized theme songs created through immediacy and collaboration. I ask for a few nouns and verbs that will be included in the song. Within moments the new song is born, wholly unique and personalized. This has led me to countless intersections of magic and timing. I’ve built a large part of my life on this process. To take a calculated leap of faith and grab it by the throat, this is living. This is creation. This is where art lives. Read more>>

Cris Gunther | Multi-Hyphenate Artist (Singer-Composer-Actor-Writer-Dancer)

At the beginning of my alcohol-drug addiction peak in 2008 after living in New York City for half of my life, I got the opportunity to travel to Brazil to stay for an extended period of time to finally turn the page on my self hatred darkness once and for all. This opening door equally excited and terrified me in ways that I’d never known before. The other exit strategy was the boringly typical escape from New York to Los Angeles for a desperate reset on my music and acting careers, but this idea left me feeling incredibly numb and powerless. Read more>>

Joey Cheng | Wedding Photographer & Youtuber

Risk for me is a challenge but not a gamble. It depends on how much stake you know you have in hand to flip the situation around… It requires courage, knowledge, and perseverance to make it happen for yourself. Currently in my life and career, I’ve decided to put 110% focuses on my wedding photography business instead of getting a full-time job (1. The jobs I want require 2-5 years of experience in the industry, although I have them from past experiences but to most companies I’m still a fresh grad. Read more>>

David Bryant | Film & Video Editor, Postproduction Consultant

In a way, I don’t understand the concept of risk when it comes to what has become my career. What most people describe as risk I see as opportunity assessment and choice. You either step into the circle and announce a willingness to participate or you stand back and hope opportunity presents itself to you.This approach has little to do with PR or Marketing or Personal Branding. It has more to do with being open and curious when meeting people, identifying key interests in oneself and key practitioners in the field that one wants to work with, and being direct in requests for assistance or advice on how to achieve those ends. Read more>>

RIORARRI | Artist/Entrepreneur

Life is all about Risks, I learned that a very young age. one of my favorite sayings is “SIN MIEDO” which means fearless. I’ve seen both of my parents risk it all for my two younger sisters nd I, we come from nothing seeing them work so hard so that we could have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes, and an education that motivated me to never give up. I’ll risk it all for my Family and for my Son. You’ll lose a lot in the process but that’s part of taking the risk you can’t be afraid, there’s a couple things on the other side of fear but just like chess you have to make the correct moves. Read more>>

Buckley | Visual Philosopher

If there’s one thing I can leave this world knowing I did, it is taking risks as often as my gut directed me to. My life has been defined by consecutive leaps of faith. I feel very comfortable in the process of nurturing my bet-hedging side. Not because I win often (I certainly don’t) but because my growth and sense of vitality is inextricably woven with my willingness to follow instincts toward new horizons. Read more>>

Val Emanuel | Founder of RIF Hemp period products and Role Models Management

Taking a risk means envisioning something that doesn’t exist yet and making it a reality. My newest business, RIF, which is on track to be the first Hemp fiber based period products on the market, was a risk that I knew was worth it. Putting my time, energy and finances into a project that I knew had the ability to make the world a better place (socially and environmentally) was worth every risk I had to make emotionally and financially to make this a reality. Read more>>

Frank Bell | Singer-Songwriter

I think generally speaking it’s very important to take risks. The world we live in currently would be pretty boring if everyone always played it safe. This is true in terms of progress and technological advancements, but also in the arts. Think of all the wonderful paintings, buildings, and music we have! There’s a great book by Steven Pressfield titled “The War of Art” that goes pretty deep into breaking through creative barriers, which also involves risk taking. Usually when we find ourselves meeting resistance or roadblocks, in both business or creative endeavors – there’s something amazing on the other side. As a musician, personally I try to challenge myself as much as possible to create/express what I feel needs to be said/heard. That can sometimes be risky/difficult but at the end of the day, I think it’s worth it and better than always taking the ‘safe route’. Read more>>

Davane Beauchamp | Director/Editor & Owner of Elysium Creative

Risk has played a big part, not only in where I am today, but where I know I will be in the future. Risk is defined as “the possibility of something bad happening” in a given situation, which causes the majority of us to contemplate weather doing something is worth the risk at stake. At eighteen I had gotten an opportunity in the real world to do what I love and start making money out of it; however, I would have to not only move out, but live in another city I had never been to. This was a hectic time in my life as I was in my first year of University and seemed skeptical about of how the next few years of my life would play out. Read more>>

Graham McLaren | Musician

I think about risk taking like it’s a tool. I think it is a very important part of being an artist as well as being human. If you don’t force yourself to take risks, or willingly partake in being uncomfortable, you can’t grow. That’s been my experience, at least. I think that going outside of my comfort zone has created some of my best artistic moments. My most valuable creations happen when I am uncomfortable, and I think that’s really important. If you only stay within what you’re comfortable with, you are going to end up painting yourself into a corner pretty quickly. I think personally that has alway been one of my biggest fears- being trapped in one sound or one style. This is the main reason that I value experimentation so highly. My goal as an artist has always been to do what makes me the most uncomfortable. I think that doing anything else would be disingenuous, and that is why I value pushing the envelope and taking creative and personal risks so highly. Read more>>

Karin Isabell Brauns | Artists & Actress

To me risk taking is veritably important. One cannot be successful until he jumps out of his comfort zone to achieve whatever he wants. I started taking pitfalls as a very young kid who was growing up in Sweden. At the age of just 18, I left Sweden. I’ve lived a around the world including Greek Islets, London, New Zealand and Australia. It was all about a journey full of risks. I always follow what my heart says and I create my own path. I do not let others affect me and decide what should I do. Read more>>

Philip Salamone | Artist and Instructor

If you have a creative impulse, that urge doesn’t go away by not listening to it. In my experience it gets stronger. If you like to make things to the extent where you want to do it all of the time, then what is the risk? It seems risky to try and squeeze that in when you can, around a job that you don’t feel the same way about. There’s a security in knowing that you’re doing a thing that you have the potential to be great at, because it’s a thing you love. That’s not to say that there’s not a financial risk, but I believe there are ways to pursue a creative life and also be thoughtful about finances and your business plan such that this can be a sustainable pursuit. Part of the creative process, in addition to making the work, is figuring out what to make, how to make it, and how to market it so that you can be compensated for your time, and still have it be a rewarding, fulfilling life. Read more>>

Paris Bravo | Actress, Martial Artist and Stunt Kid

Risk Taking is what required in this kind of career path; taking leaps of faith; as well as belief in yourself. My parents believed in my skill sets as a martial artist and constant training in the performing arts; hey literally sold everything we owned to move to California to train in Martial Arts and Acting, We moved 3,000 miles away – across the country to Los Angeles. We did not have a know anyone; my parents didn’t even have a job. We arrive to LA on a huge risk! Read more>>

Corinne Sill | Designer/Stylist & CEO of Corinne Kay Collection

I believe you have to take risks and go after what you want in life. We only have one, short life, so we must create the happiness and life we desire. You want to look back and say, “Wow, I did that!” Not, “Wow, I wish I would have done that. I took a huge risk going after my passion with designing my dresses and going right into production here in LA. Had I adverted this risk, I wouldn’t be where I am today with CKC. Even if failure comes out of the risks you take, you still get to grow and learn from that experience which is a wealth you cannot buy. Ask yourself, what would you do today if you had no fear of failing? Read more>>