Photo is taken by Adam Ferman of Ferman Photography

We had the good fortune of connecting with Carter Harcek and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Carter, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
I love acting. I love everything about being in front of the camera, but also behind the camera. I have been really lucky to work with great Directors and Producers who have also taught me a lot about what happens behind the camera and how things work. I got to work closely with Toni Morgan Haye and Vandana Singh in Asgaya (feature film) who took their time to include me in conversations about editing and behind-the-scenes. Also, my first short film was shot with Jorge Barboza and Luis Leal. They were so patient with me and also showed me a lot about behind-the-scenes. I started to get a passion for film along with acting. When I first started acting, I was also an athlete. A lot of people in the film industry kept telling me that I couldn’t do both. But with my parents supporting me and by choosing the right film opportunities, I have been able to do both. I play basketball and I play travel baseball with a team called, the Saginaw Golds. I have been really lucky to have coaches that also understand that both are my passion and the balance is good. It’s important to follow all your dreams. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t. If you want something bad enough, then you can make it happen.

Carter with his former teacher, Sarah Doughty (mentioned in the article). Photo credit to Adam Ferman with Ferman Photography
Carter on set with Asgaya (stil). Photo credit to Darja Pilz
Photo credit Adam Ferman of Ferman Photography

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?

I am most proud that I am only 11 years old and I have had the chance to act in movies and commercials. I started when I was 9 and it was a lot of hard work. I traveled a lot and had to learn new movie scripts quickly. Many times the sets were not the most comfortable and the hours are long. But you are able to make a lot of friends the people on set become like family. I am very lucky to meet and get to know people from all over the world. I am very excited about Asgaya and seeing that come out. I worked really hard and it’s a really cool script. I love my character and am excited to play him in the future. The biggest challenges for a child actor are memorizing a lot of lines. And getting down expressions and emotions that I don’t always understand at just 11 years old. Luckily the Directors have been really great and they help me a lot on set. The biggest lessons I have learned are that you really have to love something to be good at it. Both acting and sports require a lot of work and dedication. You really have to love them to be able to do all the hours. The biggest thing I would want people to know is that you can do anything that you want to do. It helps A LOT to have people that support you along the way.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
If I had a friend in the LA area that came with me to do a taping, then I would love to take them to my favorite places. One of my favorite places is In-N-Out. I love that place! I would also take them to Gladstones near Pacific Palisades. I love their seafood. I would like to drive them out to the Landers/Joshua Tree area too. We filmed out there and it was so cool. You get to get out of the city and enjoy some quiet time in the desert. I think the Santa Monica Pier is fun too. It’s always busy and fun.

Carter with Vandana (mentioned in the article) on set with Asgaya. Phot credit Darja Pilz
Carter with friend, Wynn (and his dog (Winston). Photo credit to Adam Ferman of Ferman Photography

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
It takes a lot of people to make your acting and sports dreams come true. There is so much work involved. There is a lot of travel and exceptions that need to be made along the journey. First, I want to thank my supportive school system. While in Elementary, I went to Woodcrest Elementary and my teacher Mrs. Sarah Doughty was the first person to not only help support me, but was a cheerleader for me. She always was super nice and knew that learning also takes place often outside of the classroom. And she called me Hollywood :). My Aunt Patti Wiley. She works in Casting and was the number one reason I even got into acting. She knew even before I did that I would love it! When I arrived on the set for Asgaya (near Joshua Tree), I was greeted by Vandana Singh who right away made me feel like I could have fun on set! We worked SO hard and it was so cold, but she made everything fun. My family is also so super supportive. They make sure I can get to set and travel whenever needed. My Grandmother’s (Jan and Lola) even traveled with me sometimes to set. It’s nice to have your family with you. And I want to especially thank my Dad. Not only does he study all my lines with me for upcoming movies, but he also spends most of his time coaching me and working with me in the backyard on baseball and on the basketball court.


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