We had the good fortune of connecting with Christine Frausto and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Christine, what role does tech play in your business?
I think the real question is to what extent does technology contribute to the art Industry and artists, like myself. The digital revolution is here, and it has changed the boundaries of the art market. Like any profession, tech has changed how artists interact or conduct business within the art community. The advantages of technology are that artists have access to diverse social media platforms for generating exposure. Artists can now brand, market and/or conduct e-commerce to a wider customer base and/or audience on various media platforms. Tech has also changed the boundaries of the art market by re-defining contemporary art and how we determine its artistic value. Any artist can publish their artworks in hopes of attracting media attention from prestigious social circles that in turn generate momentum needed for creative freedom. Speaking for myself as an artist, I aspire to attain the artistic stature as that of Maurizio Cattelan’s Comedian, banana duct-taped-to-a-wall. This artwork was presented by Perrotin Gallery and was exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Technology provided Cattelan with a forum for generating notoriety & artistic expression. For an artist like myself, technology is a medium that enables my creative freedom by providing an outlet for sharing my artistic endeavors that were not easily accessible before. However, there are disadvantages. Achieving that goal is no easy task. The art market is flooded with art creatives like me. Each artist is a willing participant to be the next Cattelan. So, the artist must ask, “How do I get there?” Tech can easily overwhelm and inundate artists with so much information and/or misinformation. With accessibility and e-commerce, artists are exposed and vulnerable; and are susceptible to copyright infringement or fraud by industry agents, etc. In my opinion, I will not deny the advantages/disadvantages of technology nor will I deny that I sometimes question the artistic value of some artworks. Then again, isn’t the purpose of art about testing the definitions of contemporary art? Isn’t art about seeing what the artist is conveying? If so, then the advantages should far outweigh the disadvantages.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Christine’s Mod Art is about re-defining contemporary art. Art Intro What differentiates artists from each other is that each artist purely creates from their own personal subjective. What sets my art apart from other artists is that I use all forms of artistic mediums to convey a dialogue for abstract expressionism by redefining how we look at contemporary art. By utilizing various colors, themes, mediums, and technology, I am conveying a certain personal emotion or thought. Regardless of whatever mediums utilized, there should not be any boundaries or limits on how I express a thought or perspective. No matter the color or shape, the world should be as the artist sees it. Whatever the instrument, expression is about conveying a meaning, an emotion that depends purely on a person’s subjective point of view. I hope that when an individual sees my artwork, they see something about myself and themselves that they otherwise never would have known existed. Background: Born in Los Angeles, I am the only child of Jessica and Joe Frausto. I am the first-generation American Mexican on my father’s side, second generation on my mother’s side. I grew up in historic Highland Park and attended the remarkably diverse Franklin High School. I am a Sonoma State University Alumnus. I have a Post Graduate education with a Juris Doctorate. I have been employed in the legal field for over 15 years. In 2012, after my father’s untimely demise, I decided to pursue my long-time passion for Contemporary Art. Without any experience or educational artistic background, I stood at the crossroads and decided to take the road not traveled. It was not easy stepping into an unknown field and learning to traverse an unfamiliar endeavor. Throughout the years, I have participated in the following art exhibitions: Downtown LA Art Walk, the Brentwood Art Festival, Healdsburg Art Festival RAW Los Angeles, RAW San Francisco and the Chocolate and Art Festival. I have also held an art exhibition at the Honey Badger Cafe in Sonoma Wine Country. In 2018, two artworks were gifted to the RTR4C [Rooms that Rock for Chemo] in San Francisco. RTR4C is an organization responsible for transforming chemotherapy treatment facilities to encourage healing and hope for those affected by cancer. I am a 2015 – 2016 Inductee into the International Association of Women [fka NAPW: National Association of Professional Women] VIP Woman of the Year Circle. I was also awarded the Tier of Excellence Award from Oxford Who’s Who. On A Personal Note Despite repeated efforts, I am still attempting at overcoming the everyday challenges within the Art industry. It is an extremely competitive market with an ample supply of artists like me whose goal is to achieve that “Big Break.” Like many artists, I have also invested a lot of time and my own money to help establish myself within the art industry but have not been successful at generating the creative freedom that allows me to pursue my passion full-time. I am aware that there are many artists who are more accomplished, more experienced, who also have educational backgrounds in art. As such, these artists have certain advantages and access to networking for showcasing their artwork. Like most businesses, the art industry depends a lot on who-you-know culture. As for me, I am an unknown artist that is still working on generating a rapport within the art base while still perfecting my craft. Like many artists, I have asked about how I can differentiate myself from other colleagues. I can do so by personally engaging my audience. One of the benefits of today’s art market is that there are numerous platforms and technology that I can utilize to engage audiences about me and my artwork. How do I accomplish that? I can accomplish that by introducing the audience to my own personal dialogue of ideas or emotions that are not necessarily art related. The personal mystique is what differentiates us from each other. By sharing individual dialogue, the audience is invited to see a side of my persona that provides meaning behind my artwork. This aesthetic invites my audience to tap into who I am, where I am coming from and what I am conveying in my artwork, which is a purely subjective place.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Like any big city, Los Angeles has a lot of things to do and places to visit. Whether you enjoy hiking the outdoors, strolling along the beach, or listening to live music, the question becomes more about what suits your mood. My itinerary for entertaining visiting guests would include the following activities and/or venues: Popular Hiking locations: Griffith Park, Temescal Canyon and Los Liones trails. Local Fun [Santa Monica Pier]: Santa Monica offers cycling, roller skating, dining, arcade games, roller coasters, or the beach. Small Adventures: There are also boat rides for visiting neighboring islands, such as, Catalina, Avalon [Two Harbors] and The Channel Islands. These islands provide great escapes for hiking, camping, snorkeling, kayaking, or relaxing. The following are my dining preferences depending my type of mood: Chinese Food: Oak Tree Inn, Yang Chow, NBC Seafood Restaurant Pizza: Chi-Chi’s Pizza, Frankie’s Italian Kitchen American: Claudine’s Kitchen, Auntie’s Bakery & Café, California Pizza Kitchen, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, Ruth’s Chris Steak House [$$], Morton’s Steakhouse [$$$] Italian: Mi Piace French: Julienne Mexican: El Tepeyac Cafe, King Taco, Sol y Luna, Salsa and Beer, La Mascota [Tamales & Pan Dulce] Hawaiian: Mainland Poke Shop. Japanese: Kabuki, 3rd Generation Sake Bar [Ramen], Zono Sushi, Wokcano, Benihana Entertainment: Bar Celona is a tapas bar that also features live bands, flamenco dancers. The appetizers and drinks are good. Entertainment [located at Downtown Disney]: The Jazz Kitchen which features New Orleans cuisine with live jazz music. Entertainment & Food [Universal City Walk]: Bubba’s Shrimp Factory is tourist fun. Entertainment: The Hollywood Bowl, The Pantages, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Walt Disney Concert Hall. Museums: The Getty Center [Sepulveda and Westside], Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens, Griffith Observatory, Annenberg Space for Photography, LACMA, The Broad [Still on my to do list]

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
Define Success. If success means that I have taken many attempts to excel in the art community, then yes. If Success means, having creative freedom to pursue my passion, then no. I am the starving artist who has invested a lot of time and my own money to help establish myself within the art industry but have not been successful at generating the creative freedom that allows me to pursue my passion full-time. However, I would like to recognize the following individuals, organizations and businesses that provided me with a forum for showcasing my artwork. First and Foremost, the Honey Badger Café in Sonoma. I held my first art exhibition at this venue. I would also like to thank the following art festivals for providing me with a forum to showcase my art: Brentwood Art Festival, Downtown LA Artwalk, RAW Los Angeles, RAW San Francisco, Healdsburg Art Festival, the Mixed Roots Foundation and the Chocolate and Art Show. I would also like to thank Andra Billici of the Agora Art Gallery for the Reception Invitations. I would also like to give a big Thank You to Keri James, the Chief Curator & Vice President of the Galleria Banditto in Tuscany Italy. I feel honored to have twice been considered for showcasing my artworks at their gallery. I would also like to thank those whose undying support and encouragement provided motivation to pursue my artistic endeavors: My Husband, Alan Juvan. My dearest and closest friends: Lucy Martinez, Sandra Jaime, Irma Pardo, Alma Roman, Veronique Asti and Michelle Crane. Last and Certainly Not Least, to all my fans, Thank you.

Website: www.Christine’s Mod Art
Instagram: @cma_social
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinesmodart
Twitter: @CMA_Social
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChristinesModArt/

Image Credits
Artwork: THE ASCENSION.: ACRYLIC MULTI-MEDIA WITH WOOD ON CANVAS. [32X 40] Geometry – Acrylic Multi-Media on Canvas [24×36] Universe – Acrylic Multi-media on Canvas [24×36] Prayer- Acrylic Multi-Media on Canvas [16×20] Faith – Acrylic Multi=Media on Canvas [36×48] Live – Acrylic Multi-Media on Canvas [48×72]