Webster doesn’t know everything. Some words can’t be defined by a dictionary.  Rather they are defined by our values, ethos, and principles. We asked hidden gems from the community about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Candace Dalton | Medium & Podcast Host

I love this question because I am constantly thinking about what “success” actually means. I believe people have dreams and goals and if these dreams and goals are met, then heck yeah, it’s a success! But since I have been asking this question to myself quite a bit, I ask myself, “what is success” Even if you have all the money in the world, it comes down to a few basic important necessities that make the definition of “success”, in my opinion. As a kid, do you remember finally receiving your favorite toy or clothes during the holidays or for your birthday? It may have given you excitement for a while and feeling like a boss! Read more>>

Michel Janse Smith | Content Creator, Actress & Small Business Owner

Success is such an odd concept, because it is something we all strive for yet something we all define so differently. For me, success is having the ability to wake up and be truly excited about your work every day. It is also bringing value and joy to other people, and finding/building a community with similar values to you. I don’t have a desire to be massively wealthy or widely known, but I have an overwhelming longing to continue to create as a profession because the process is so fulfilling for me. I believe anyone can achieve the materialistic definitions of traditional success easily, but people don’t feel fully satisfied until they appreciate their relationships, their work and their community. Read more>>

Susie Cortez | Contemporary Visual Artist & Fine Art Consultant

For me success is defined two ways- one is being recognized in my community and being sought after by individuals and companies for my work. Secondly, I believe that Art is an internIntegral part of society and being one of the voices that represents it, is a great accomplishment for me. Read more>>