One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Jessica Sosa-Cardenas | Co-Founder & Director of Operations

PeaTree’s mission centers around contributing to and working toward a better future for not just the community, but the world as a whole. Our brand ideated from a need for representation of the Modern Family. I mean, everyone from our own Uncles, to our favorite entrepreneur and influencer, Desi Perkins is creating their families through modern science; using surrogacy and IVF. Everyone has their own personal reasons, whether it is an infertility journey or the obstacles same sex parents face for adoptions. Read more>>

Nancy Paradis | Artistic Director & Healing Story Teller

My name is Nancy Paradis, Artistic Director of LA Dance Moves. and I introduce to the world a new genre of performance art. This is for the visionaries; dancers and musical artists alike, who can intimately share their stories of love, life, pain, and triumph through both sight and sound. The mission is to Inspire by touching the heart and illuminating the soul. The work I do through my company LA Dance Moves is to touch people and inspire them through dance, music, art and excellence. We can all use this, especially now in these difficult times. Read more>>

Nia Randall Nia Hall | Real Estate Investors

Nia Randall (Nia 1): Our mission is to rebuild and invest in the black community. We are committed to investing in properties that will preserve the essence of the black communities and help restore its heritage. We want to buy back the block but with a purpose. As black women real estate investors, our goal is to help lower the racial homeownership gap. Black Girls Buy Buildings creates community and provides opportunities for other black and brown women to become homeowners, landlords, investors, and landowners. Read more>>

Euphemia Russell | Pleasure coach, facilitator and author

I offer people opportunities to explore the full range of their pleasure with practices, tools, and information. These spaces in coaching sessions, facilitated group spaces, and resources. Connecting to our pleasure connects us with our bodies, our aliveness, our choices, and our joy. Pleasurable actions and feelings buoy us and increase our capacity to navigate intense times personally and collectively. Read more>>

Nicole Bendayan | Cycle Syncing Nutritionist

As a Cycle Syncing Nutritionist, my business impacts the world through education and helping women to be active participants in their health. An average woman will have 451 menstrual cycles in their lives, spanning 38.5 years. The hormonal fluctuations that they experiences affect them every day of the month. By living in tune with their cycles, women are able to optimize their physical, emotional, and mental health as well as increase productivity, improve relationships, gain incredible amounts of confidence. Read more>>

Milena Origgi | Executive Speaker & Corporate Vocal Coach – Founder of Inborn Voice

My career began over 30 years ago. Since I was a little girl, I have always had great ease in expressing myself and my emotions through my voice. It was enough for me just to utter one word to make everyone understand even complex situations. It was only when I grew up that I understood how this was actually a great gift and how difficult it was for people to express their emotions even during a simple conversation. I started almost for fun, sharing my experience with friends and acquaintances, then word of mouth overwhelmed me and took me around the world to become the most famous professional speech coach in the world. Read more>>

Mary Collins | Founder & CEO, Blue Fern Travel

Our travel company puts local impact first. We consider it in everything we do. We started Blue Fern Travel out of a love of travel, but also realized that our favorite aspects of every trip were getting to know locals, their communities and culture, and of course, the food. We take people into local area neighborhoods to experience how those places came to be so unique, and ultimately tell the story of each neighborhood through food. Read more>>