One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Ryan “Future” Webb | Educator, Movement Artist, Cultural Ambassador, Folklorist/Preservationist

Our business, “Funk in Focus” is an education program designed and dedicated to the balance of traditions & self identity through the education, preservation, & active participation of funk based traditional African American dance disciplines such as Popping, Struttin’, & Locking. For us, recognizing each communities and individuals contribution that came before us as an important piece to the story is how we keep truth and respect at the forefront. Although we do honor everyone’s story, our direct legacy and family is what has truly inspired and motivated us to become the highest versions of ourselves today. Through the Funk in Focus Legacy of dancers and the skillsets acquired at Urban Artistry, Funk in Focus has only grown to continue this mission and become a beacon of light & role model for poppers and dancers all across the globe. Read more>>

Kim Thompson | Owner and Founder of Body Dada Studio

Body Dada Studio provides a space for communal gathering with health and self development at its core. We are a fitness studio that offers benefits to your physical body but also your mental health and see our services as part of a holistic whole. Our studio in particular is an inclusive space that invites all bodies and persons an access point into enjoy working out while having a distinctly feminine energy that is welcoming, inviting, and supportive of all peoples. Getting in touch with your body and getting a deeper understanding of how it feels and works is a gift you’ll give yourself that will effect everything and everyone you come in contact with. Read more>>

Lisa Weintraub | Personal Chef + Catering I Vibe Curator

Plates by Lisa is a Los Angeles based catering company, founded by Chef Lisa Weintraub. Creating a new way of dining, Plates by Lisa offers a customized, in-home, gourmet dining experience. Sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients and supporting local farmers’ markets, Chef Lisa curates a food experience that contributes to her community. Making a local impact and bringing people together, this company cultivates community and meaningful connection. Plates by Lisa is built on the foundation of integrity, value and respect. These core values are held at the forefront of the business, from client relationships to team management, with meticulous attention to the details that cultivate her unique experiences. Plates by Lisa’s social impact is generated by sourcing local and making eco-conscious decisions. These micro decisions make a direct impact and invest in a future of intergenerational equity. Read more>>

Hartwell Sawyer | Fashion Designer

Women share with us all the time, that since they have begun to wear Royal Codes & given themselves permission to embody their self worth & fullest expression, it’s created an undeniable & liberating sense of freedom. This allows them to show up more fully in so many other areas of their life. The deepest message & mission of Royal Codes is to help activate women in their sexuality, sensuality & empowered feminine essence. By that we mean to help women reclaim their innate worth by helping them feel, safe, comfortable & empowered to be themselves in every way. Our community of women around the world is such an integral part of what makes us cultivate the impact we do, because as one women reclaims her innate freedom, others around her begin to follow with inspiration & begin to reclaim their’s. Our business is at the forefront of a divine feminine movement. We serve as a permission slip for women to live their most radiant life. For that we are deeply inspired & immeasurably grateful. Read more>>

Lisa Bleicher | Doctor of Chiropractic, Coach, Author, and Speaker

Hello I am Dr. Lisa Bleicher and I have been a practicing Chiropractor at my own office for over 35 years. I have started moving into the coaching/consulting world, have become a published author of a #1 Amazon best seller, and do public speaking. I have been helping families and individuals shift their healthcare from the traditional treatment model to one of True Health being active in the healthstyles needed to increase their human life potential. My mission is to touch as many lives as I possibly can in my lifetime. I have so many stories of how peoples lives have changed, creating a happier, more active, full life. Read more>>