One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results.  So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large.  Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Julianne Reynolds | Documentary Filmmaker & Social Activist

My business is based on social activism through the media arts, and that form is documentary filmmaking and photojournalism. I started off as a fine artist living in New York City and relocated to Los Angeles; where I formed a digital media company that later turned into Romanski Films. Over the last 15 years traveling through out the US, India and Africa making films, I’ve has the honor to interview top scientist to marginalized people living in poor villages. These relationships have taught me much about the injustices in the world, whether its sex trafficking in Kolkata, global desertification in Africa, or racism in the US, documentary filmmaking is my tool for feeding the curiosity of my soul. Authentic storytelling has a way of shifting the tide of consciousness from a limited view to a more global perspective. Read more>>

Bret Shuford | Broadway Actor, Broadway Life Coach & 1/2 of the Broadway Husbands

We are a married LGBTQ couple who make their living in the arts. Growing up this was not something we ever saw visibly as a healthy example of a relationship. We want to inspire young LGBTQ people and people who want to make a living in the arts by showing them they can have a long healthy relationship. It’s important that people know they are seen. Read more>>

Aaron Mliner | Comedian & Small Business Owner

The Pandemic has been tough on many individuals both financially and emotionally. Feeling like you belong to your community through entertainment is very beneficial. Having a place where you can enjoy laughter with fellow comedy goers is paramount. That’s why I want to continue bringing great comedy to Los Angeles. Read more>>

Li-Sann Mullings | Registered Nurse, Shaman, Intuitive Healer & Multidimensional Channel

The Mission of my business is to support people to live from a completely healed and empowered place, and to show up in every area of their lives with Alignment & Authenticity. This takes place through the deep healing of unresolved traumas, blocks, and unhealthy patterns that negatively impact every area of their lives, and the lives of those around them. The positive ripple effect of a healed person, is a healthier home, a healthier community, and a healthier world. Read more>>

Teresa Jusino | Writer, Producer, Director & Founder

What I hope to do with my production company, Pomonok Entertainment, is to build a business that has the social mission of alleviating and eliminating homelessness baked into its DNA. It’s not a non-profit. It’s what would happen if a production company partnered every production with a homeless advocacy organization already doing the work on the ground to house and care for the unhoused, raised funds for those organization partners, hired from their job programs, provided food, clothes, and showering/grooming services on location shoots for the local unhoused population. It’s what would happen if that production company itself valued people over profit, and ethics over awards and accolades, treating their employees with respect and as valuable as they are. Read more>>

Juliet Lemar | On-Camera Talent, Creative Producer & Multimedia Journalist

Life Reflected strives to show the world the limitless possibilities of human growth and kindness. Through the use of journalistic storytelling, Host Juliet Lemar creates mini-documentaries revolving around people’s lives. Giving the audience a unique, authentic look at life as experienced through another person’s journey. Life Reflected challenges viewers to reflect upon their own human experience, embrace their truth, and live life undefined by circumstances. Follow Juliet as she explores the world through shared experiences at a heightened level of the human condition. Showcasing everyday people who inspire us, challenge us, transform our daily lives, and enrich our communities. Every life has a story, What’s yours? Read more>>

Jimanekia Eborn | Comprehensive Sexuality Educator & Trauma Specialist

All of the world has been harmed by some form of trauma. Unfortunately, one of those forms of trauma is sexual trauma. I have been in the field of mental health for the past 12 years. What I saw while working in the field was that a lot of folks need support. Often times support is unobtainable and or unaffordable. My goal with my work is to create affordable support and healing for folks. I want it to be accessible, accessibility is so important for folks. What I do helps the community because I talk to people versus talking at people. I create spaces for healing that are made for healing. I have seen many spaces that cause more harm than good. I create affordable healing spaces for folks to be seen, supported, and heard. Read more>>

Bobak Roshan | Lead Dishwasher

We try to focus on two things to help our community and the world. 1) waste elimination – last year we undertook a project where we sought to eliminate one piece of single use waste out of our business each month. COVID has sort of turned that on it’s head, but a lot of the changes we put in place have really saved a ton of trash and we look to build on that success going forward when we can. The second thing we try to do is to support other small, local businesses. We try to buy as much as we can locally from small guys like ourselves, but recently we’ve tried to promote them more explicitly by giving them a special shelf and a special section on our site. Read more>>

Makenzie Mizell | Founder & Organizer

Period Network is an organization fueled by the desire to see women and non-binary folks find their voices embody true confidence. We strive to accomplish this by giving a platform to marginalized individuals, not only in terms of gender. We also make use of the fact that we have a broad audience to bring attention to important issues and raise up members of the community, from educating our listeners about important topics to airing free ads during Covid for small and/or minority owned businesses, and other community outreach operations. Read more>>

Anna Piskoulian | Men’s Hair Specialist

Being a hairstylist an be a powerful career if the stylist understands how much influence they have in the moments they share with their clients. We’ve grown to be a society where people don’t have conversation anymore, especially with people they just meet. Doing hair is one of those rare careers that forces uninterrupted conversation with people from all walks of life. The variety of people that have sat in my chair and have colored me with their stories has single-handedly made me a better person. I am given one hour to converse, and let me tell you, I don’t waste a second. Being that they are in my space, like to lead the conversation to places of reflection, growth and simply creating an environment where someone feels safe to just be. What our world needs right now is good conversation that comes from a place of wanting to listen and learn. Read more>>

Dr. Celynda Kingsby | Principal

St. Eugene is truly a beacon of hope and excellence for the community. Our school is situated in a residential area, and often gets mistaken for being solely a church. Once passersby realize that there is a gem sitting amongst them, they stop by and inquire. Our success comes mainly from word of mouth; students attend here, graduate, grow into adulthood, and bring their children to our school. We are a family-centered school, catering to the needs of children between the ages of 4-14. Our community provides a safe learning space, filled with love and care. The faculty here are incredibly dedicated and go the extra mile to ensure our students are receiving a rich and fulfilling education. We educate the whole-child, instilling educational foundations coupled with faith, integrity, and honesty. I am proud to be a St. Eugene Cougar, and I can attest that my St. E Family feels the same! Read more>>

Fox Garza | Denim Recycler, Repairer & Tailor

Being a part of the fashion industry you really think about the impact that it has on the world. The best part is making people feel good in what they clothes themselves in. The worst is the amount of pollution and waste it contribute to our environment. Working as a denim designer for over 15 years I saw first hand all the waste and wanted to make a difference by recycling it. That’s how the idea sparked as well as meeting my soulmate who loved vintage and the idea of recycling goods as well. We recycle, reuse and repair DENIM and in that we hope to change people’s minds the next time they want to throw out their denim or buy a new pair! Read more>>

Adriana Ugalde | Founder, Owner & Formulator

By focusing on only using natural and non toxic ingredients we help people improve their health by not adding toxins in their system. We also help reduce environmental impact by not releasing harsh chemicals in the environment. Read more>>