One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Jenny Silbert | Master Scavenger & Rewilder Founder

Over 11 million tons of textiles are landfilled globally. Our entire business revolves around decreasing what other corporations are sending to landfill, and shifting the conversation about trash from where we put it, to what can we make with it? To date, we have diverted over 23,000 pounds of non-recyclable materials from landfill. Fighting against climate change is also fighting against other pressing issues that plague humanity, like social justice and inequality. Good capitalism will always cost more, and corporations have been putting profits over people and planet for a long time. Nonetheless, we’ve been prioritizing sustainability since 2014, pushing better products through a business model that reintroduces value into waste streams. We take great pride in creating products that are not just a “better” option, like reusable metal bottles or bamboo t-shirts made out of virgin materials, but a negative option – one that actually removes trash and carbon from the environment. Read more>>

Leila Leilani | Boxing Fitness Trainer

I am a firm believer in the idea that all of us were put on this earth for a particular purpose. My purpose is to empower and instill confidence in people and in turn, help them become the best versions of themselves. Something as small as being in the fitness industry….getting people to “work out” essentially is the building block for daily confidence. The discipline, the pushing your body to a new limit, the self control, the pure enjoyment from working out. These principles…simply put, give people confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. This seed of confidence is what allows these people to go into the world functioning as healthier humans both physically and mentally. We all have lofty aspirations to change the world, but I believe that that starts with getting the everyday person confident about who they are and then, sending them into the world to make their communities better with their gifts. Read more>>

Mike Limatola | Co-Founder

With public schools across the U.S. closing and having difficulty safely re-opening, we felt that we could play a small part in assisting a safe return for kids, school staff, and teachers. So, from day one, our company Swan Sanitizers, began our Public Schools Donation Program that helps us donate sanitizer, stands, stations and other products to public schools. Before even our first sale, we donated a sanitizer stand to a local elementary school! As word of our program spread, the obvious need and lack of proper funding at public schools was evident. We constantly hear from teachers, principals, and school staff asking for help and with a true need for additional sanitizing products. With that being said, we continue to grow our Public Schools Donation Program and are excited to make a small difference. Read more>>

Kristine Rodriguez | CEO & Founder

At GRL Collective we donate 20% of our proceeds to funding girls education in Jodhpur India, where we volunteer yearly. We also donate $5 of our adult Lucha tee to BLM and our kids Lucha tee to RAICES. Read more>>

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik | Artist

American musician Woody Guthrie famously had a sticker on his guitar that read, “This machine kills fascists.” British musician Billy Bragg says that we all know it’s not true – playing music and making art don’t change the world. But they can create opportunities for other people to rethink how they see the world, and what they will do with their lives. That’s how art can impact the world: by making people see how the world can be better. As an artist, that’s one of the key things that motivates me: sharing my vision of the world as I want to see it (or, as necessary, identifying the wrongs in the world in hopes of bringing attention to them). So how does what I do help the world? If it does, I hope it’s by helping people to see possibilities, and to decide to be a part of progressive change. Read more>>

Knekoh Fruge’ | Yoga Teacher & Therapist

Yoga is an ancient system of healthcare. Here in the West we have successfully tapped into one of the many tools Yoga has to offer in the form of asana (pose) practices for the ultimate in physical health and fitness. Go onto any social media platform and it is easy to find countless Yogi’s demonstrating their prowess with the asana. A veritable window-full of eye candy; it delights the eye and inspires the spirit. To reach this level does take dedication but the kicker is, along the way to that degree of physical fitness, the practice is both enjoyable and easy. Yes easy! Any Yogi will tell you it’s almost as if we don’t notice how strong and flexible we are becoming because the practice seems to evolve itself. And it does. One of the guiding principles of Hatha Yoga is sutra 2.46, ‘sthira sukham asanam’, which means the posture must be practiced steadily (sthira) and with ease (sukkah). And oh my, have these yogis mastered that! But listen to this, of the 196 Yoga Sutras (guiding principles) this is the only time asana is mentioned. Read more>>

Julie Jacobs | Chief Development Officer

Our business was created to encourage people to visit their local museum. From there we expanded to exploring different neighborhoods in different cities. We like to think of our scavenger hunts as a self-guided walking tour done as game. Everyone learns about the location that they are exploring just by playing. We love that we can get kids excited about a museum or new location. Read more>>

Nicole àBeckett | Founder & CEO

SameSide’s mission since it was created was to give people a way to incorporate taking action for the causes they care about into the events and gatherings they do every day. Whether it’s standing up for LGBTQ rights at your yoga class, learning about climate change at your weekly group paddle out or standing up for equal pay at a wine tasting, SameSide, as an events platform, makes it easy. Our vision is that one day, every gathering in the world will be a purposeful gathering through SameSide. Read more>>

Ruth Chase | Artist & Community Activist

The intention behind my work as an artist and with my current project, What Does it Mean to Be A Woman, is to encourage meaningful conversation that empowers women and exposes fuller gender representation—providing a platform for perspectives and experiences which carry the power to shape a different collective future. In twenty video interviews, each woman will share unique and diverse perspectives on the meaning of womanhood, allowing the viewer exposure to new ideas or possibilities about what it means to be a woman. The work honors many points of view ultimately intended to break gender stereotypes and promote unbiased gender expression. Read more>>

Ash Spivak | Author & Co-Founder

Everything I have created has been geared to fill a gap that many Americans face; we don’t trust that we can take the lead in our own health and healing (In fact, I’d argue that for those AFAB-assigned female at birth- we’ve been specifically taught not to trust ourselves.) I specifically focus on sexual, reproductive and hormonal health for those AFAB because the interconnectedness of those arenas are also central to just about every part of our health and wellbeing and because you can trace in American history exactly when, where and how racism, sexism, profit, control and ethnocentrism built the healthcare systems and institutions we work within today… Read more>>