One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Vivica Schwartz | Yoga Teacher, Trainer, Mentor & Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

My offerings as a Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer, as well as an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor impacts people on various levels that often reveal where they are or have been stuck. People often come to Yoga to become more flexible or get physically fit, and find themselves leaving my classes realizing that they feel calmer, more relaxed, more open to receive and more accepting of outer circumstances. I invite my Yoga students to inquire within, to introspect their attention to feel were the tension lives in the physical body, and to use the breath to move prana (which is universal life-force) through the subtle channels in their body. The result is often a profound state of inner peace and equanimity. Read more>>

Oded Halperin | Inventor, Entrepreneur & Founder

Waste management with all it entails is one of the biggest problems all over the globe. With our unique technology (IP protected) we are bringing the most state of the art solutions for much better and cleaner world. The second aspect by using this technology is also the best solutions for the 3rd world countries where one of their biggest problem is sanitary. Read more>>

Allen Rubin | Business Consultant & Web and App Technology Developer

Our business is all about helping the community by way of giving them the ability to create, run, and prosper from their own business venture ideas. As we say, “You think it and we can build it”. We excel and thrive in assisting entrepreneurs get a sturdy stance on their own two feet. Manifesting an idea into a reality is what creates miracles. This is why our focus is on SELF SUFFICIENCY. In todays world, with the financial difficulties faced by BILLIONS of people, having one’s own future in the palm of their hands is the motivation that gives us reason to rejoice daily. It’s is a blessing to be able to offer our skills and knowledge to others in order for them to grow and become independent. We develop websites and mobile apps for many different types of businesses and people. From small mom and pops stores and services, to large corporations that employ many people. We cherish the opportunity to help others the best we can. Read more>>

Dale Allen-Rowse | Fabric and Quilt Designer, Youtube Personality & Thought Leader

Having been a quilter and designer in a mostly female dominated industry, I came to realize a huge gap of inequity and that there were many groups within the quilting world that needed better representation. My quilting Cowboy brand is as much about this as it is about my work and designs. It is my hope that I will give other men who are interested in the craft guidance and products that better serve their needs. If you want to be successful in any industry simply find the gap in the marketplace and fill it. Give the people what they want and are asking for. For too long quilt and fabric shops have been wall to wall girly stuff and when historically, fabric designers have tried to serve the men in our community, it was done by women who I guess, think all men hunt of fish. We do not. Read more>>

Rana Wilson | CPA & Conscious Money Guide

What I am here to offer the world with is forging a conscious relationship with money. The subject of money is still taboo and does not get talked about openly. There are so many false believes and negative thought forms about money such as, “Having money creates greed”, “You cannot earn a living doing what you love” and “You have to work hard to receive money”. When we hold a particular thoughtform or belief then our world becomes an out-picturing of this belief. If we hold the belief that people with money are greedy then we see people with money being greedy. If we believe money can be used for good, we see people spending money in ways that benefit society. The word money literally means medium of exchange. So, if we put conscious in front of money what we get is an aware medium of exchange, deliberate medium of exchange or intentional medium of exchange. Read more>>

Denise Wiesner | Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Sex Coach & Fertility Expert

I believe that change happens first with ourselves. In order to change the world we need to be the change we want to see. I see it quite often that people want more peace in the world but they themselves are angry much of the time. I believe it is important to feel our feelings and allow for them but not to get stuck in them. In my practice of Chinese Medicine I help people have at healthier life : body, mind and spirit. I address the whole person. Since my main focus of my practice is fertility, I believe the impact of helping women and men become their healthiest selves will impact the next generation of children that we are ushering in. This is of great importance. Our planet needs to be healthy and in order for life to go on, we need to make sure we are healthy. Read more>>

Diane Edmonds | Surf Photographer

My love of the ocean led me to become a surf photographer. Luckily, I have never relied on photography income to feed my family, so I’ve had the luxury to follow my passion and pursue the type of surf photography that makes a difference. Shooting non-profit events as a volunteer photographer has become my greatest joy. There are a number of local groups who put on surf/beach days for adults and children with special needs (Autism, Down Syndrome, blindness, spinal cord injuries, amputees, foster kids, etc.). These events take an army of volunteers to ensure the safety of the participants, but I feel like I have the best ‘job’ of all because I get to see the smiling faces over and over as I edit the photos. After a long day of shooting, I find new energy as soon as I upload my photos to my computer and I have been known to stay up most of the night editing these magical photos. Read more>>

Ryan Jaleh | Founder & CEO

At Weddily our products bring an unmatched level of innovation and ease into the wedding booking process, but our primary mission is to heal the world through marriage. Today in the US, marriage rates continue to decline while rates of divorce and cohabitation climb. After all, what’s the point of marriage if many end in divorce or you can happily cohabit with your partner without the formality of marriage? The truth about marriage – a truth that is not taught in schools or broadcast in pop culture – is that across virtually any metric social scientists can measure, the married live longer, healthier, more affluent, and more fulfilled lives. Not only does marriage significantly enhance outcomes for those who are married, but the relationship between marriage and positive child outcomes is unequivocal. Read more>>

Quinn Tech Consulting | Online Marketing and Business Consulting

Our primary goal is to serve businesses within a variety of communities with their online marketing. We uncover potential gaps in the way they do business to better accommodate their customers and make them more discoverable and memorable. What we find is that business owners don’t have the time to dedicate to acquire the necessary skills to navigate the online marketing sector. This is why they need to hire a trusted professional. We thrive to educate and bring these gaps to light and provide creative solutions to help grow their business and create success. This opens up a lot of possibility for them. Read more>>

Ainsley Hutchennce | Art Director, Photographer, Curator & Writer

This question is something I ask myself almost daily because as I get older (now 36.5 years old) I am constantly looking for ways to add meaning & purpose to my work-life. Since its birth in 2013, Sticks & Stones online mag/insta has always been a home for the perfectly imperfect, the beautiful bizarre & the incredible diverse creatives who challenge the norm. With a history in the fashion industry, & being a mother of a 14-yr-old-girl, it’s particularly important to me to showcase a different beauty standard, one that doesn’t subscribe to the impossible expectations put on women every day via media. It’s about celebrating uniqueness & realness! In the curated world of social media, this is becoming increasingly important. I wanna see some goddam stretch marks! Read more>>

Lisa Wong | CEO

PopBase’s wants to make education about health and wellness, fun and accessible to kids through a combination of storytelling and game interaction; think of it like an interactive, immersive Sesame Street on your phone. Our technology allows us to run animated, interactive content that can engage through stories, and also respond to real world events, instantly. The problem isn’t that the information doesn’t exist, it’s that we treat learning information as chore. It’s better to spark curiosity than preach. Being aware of healthy choices should just be a part of life, rather than a set of chores that you do because “they’re good for you.” L.A. is a very fitness oriented part of the world – but for most people – myself included – the goal isn’t “I’m going to run three marathons a year and banish cheese from my diet!” Read more>>

Norangela R. B. | Architect, Designer & Entrepreneur

Acqua & Ink’s core values are focused in reducing the impact of our activity in our oceans and the planet. We know that our business activity (by using paper that comes from trees) is part of the problem, that is why we work responsibly in searching for alternative materials such as cotton rag (a byproduct of the textile industry recycled into handmade paper), rejecting plastic in all instances of our production and supply chain (that would otherwise end up in the ocean) and offsetting our paper usage impact by planting a tree after the completion of each project. Our objective is not only to be as sustainable as possible but also to use our platform to give back to our global community. When we use our business as a model of sustainability we are seeking to inspire others to do the same. Read more>>

Darci Monet | Voice and Artist Mindset Coach, Singer, Songwriter & Actor

I’m a big believer that the arts are an essential piece of a functional, civilized society. Singing is something nearly everyone loves to do, whether they have career aspirations with it or not, and I very much enjoy encouraging people to do it. I was the person at the karaoke bar asking strangers, “You gonna get up there? You gonna sing tonight? Come on, go for it!” Studies have shown that the act of singing releases endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness and we all know the world can use more of that right now! I also feel like artists have been “called to duty” during this pandemic, to keep people entertained, remaining somewhat sane, knowing they’re not alone. We may not run into burning buildings like firefighters or being dropped into combat like our brave soldiers, but I’ve heard hundreds of stories over my career of how an artist’s music gave someone hope, encouraged them to keep going or literally saved them from ending their own life. Read more>>

Kenton Rivas

Aquaman Leak Detection helps our community and the world by actively saving millions of gallons of water a year that otherwise would not be saved. Through the old fashioned methods we use diving pools we are able to plug and stop leaks where otherwise entire pools would be drained. Working under water to solve a puzzle in the sun or in the extreme cold can be an adventure. We go the extra mile to save water and help our neighbors. Our straightforward exact diagnosis helps our customers know what exactly needs to be done. Concrete ponds need to hold water & water needs to be conserved. Read more>>

Derrick Engoy | Poet, Writer & Pastor

My life’s work, as a writer, poet, pastor, and now coffee shop owner, helps the various communities I’m involved with in great ways. Whether it’s empowering others to serving the needs of the less fortunate, I’m constantly looking for ways to make lasting change in the lives that I have the honor of crossing paths with. The key word that’s the common denominator for all of the avenues that I tend to navigate through is: community. I love building and fostering space for human connection to happen. Honest and truthful human connection helps to unite bridges that, perhaps, have been fractured because of the various issues that have divided us. And, the more we can connect with one another, the more meaningful healing can take place. I’m on the leadership team of a poetry group in Long Beach, CA called The Definitive Soap Box. Read more>>

NiK Kacy | Non-Binary Activist, Executive Producer, Designer & Entrepreneur

I grew up in the 80s as an immigrant who had to learn English and got bullied often for being a tomboy. I never felt right in my body that I was born in for as long as I remember. I knew from a very early age that I should have been born a boy. Growing up, I always wanted to wear men’s shoes and clothing but could never find them in my size. When I started my company, NiK Kacy Footwear, it was the first genderfree footwear and accessories brand, created to help everyone to express themselves through fashion without the limitations of the gender binary. My business helps not only the queer or trans community but instead we are revolutionizing the way people look at fashion and gender. Read more>>

Frances J. Harvey | Certified Professional Coaching, Certified Master Life Coach, Founder & CEO

Our business has kind of a “behind the scene” impact on communities, and eventually the world. Here’s why. We are an Online Business Management and Professional Business Coaching service that specializes in serving Mental Health Clinicians. You see, there are thousands of therapists around the world – and closer to home in the United States, that are in private practice or have a group practice and they need help on the outside of the therapy room running their business side. Before I started this business I ran a counseling center for 8 years. I KNOW what it takes to run the business to make it happen and be successful. Most clinicians went to grad school for their Masters in Psychology or Marriage and Family Counseling, however, they were never taught anything about running a business. Read more>>

Elana Lev | Co-Founder

Caring for one’s mental health is as paramount as caring for one’s physical health. Unfortunately, our society has not always appreciated the importance of mental health care. As a result, many barriers to mental health services and resources exist including (but not limited to): stigmatization of clients, finding the right level of care, cost, and identifying providers with the skill and training that would be most beneficial. At TLA Therapy, we are working to break these barriers in order to make mental health care more widespread and accessible to our community and beyond. The ways in which we are doing this are by marketing our services to fit all people (seriously, who could not benefit from a little extra support?) to help de-stigmatize mental illness. Read more>>