We had the good fortune of connecting with Rana Wilson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rana, is your business focused on helping the community? If so, how?
What I am here to offer the world with is forging a conscious relationship with money. The subject of money is still taboo and does not get talked about openly. There are so many false believes and negative thought forms about money such as, “Having money creates greed”, “You cannot earn a living doing what you love” and “You have to work hard to receive money”. When we hold a particular thoughtform or belief then our world becomes an out-picturing of this belief. If we hold the belief that people with money are greedy then we see people with money being greedy. If we believe money can be used for good, we see people spending money in ways that benefit society. The word money literally means medium of exchange. So, if we put conscious in front of money what we get is an aware medium of exchange, deliberate medium of exchange or intentional medium of exchange. Shifting the narrative around money is the first step. Taking responsibility and becoming aware of the flow of money in your life is the next step. On a practical level this means to account for what you spend, acknowledge what you receive, track what you owe and list what you have. This act alone can bring up much resistance and pain. Whatever emotions come up during this practice is creating space for it to be seen, released, and healed. Taking it one step further is bringing in a meditation practice that allows you to clear all the noise in the outside world so you can feel your true inner wealth which comes from the inside out. There are many people who have lots of money but are in fact poor and people who have little money and are rich. I remember being in Thailand and catching the eyes of a store owner. He was sweeping the floors of his space that had no doors and not much else. It was like a moving meditation. There was so much love and care he was taking as he brushed away debris. The joy and contentment in his eyes marked me. In an instant I felt this man is truly rich. I am a conscious money guide as well as a CPA, Certified Public Accountant. I have been a CPA since 2004 and hundreds of my clients had wealth we all dream about, earnings of $500,000, $1,000,000, and more. What I discovered is many of these people are actually poor. They do not feel much joy or satisfaction at the end of the day, and there is even a fear of losing it all or not having enough. Of course, they do experience the instant joy of experiencing what money can buy but that fades if one does not do their inner work. More recently I have discovered in myself and with the clients that are now attracted to working with me is you can have both. You can have a sense of inner and outer wealth. You can experience and have anything your heart desires. Additionally, as your consciousness deepens so does your desire to not just improve your own life but improve the life of those around you as well. When we personally take responsibility for our relationship with money it impacts those around us and consequently impacts the world. I can imagine a world where we are all rich beyond measure, where we are connected to the truth of who we are, and where we allow in all the beauty, bounty and goodness life has to offer.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
What sets me apart from other CPA’s, Certified Public Accountants, is I am also a conscious money guide. My journey was not initially easy as I was conflict and resistant to the choices I made. From an early age I knew I was an artist and a spiritual seeker. I held limiting beliefs that, “you cannot make money as an artist/doing what you love” and “money is not spiritual”. What made my journey hard was I held tightly onto these beliefs which were incongruent to what I believed deep inside. In college, to not be a starving artist, I ended up choosing the path of an accountant. I was close to flipping a coin between law and accounting, but an inspiring female accounting professor surfaced making the path clear. After college I landed prestigious jobs at accounting firms such as Deloitte & Touch and Gelfand Rennert & Feldman, LLC. My level of expertise in the field of accounting and tax I gained from these firms is unparalleled. I was making a particularly good living, was able to buy a house, create a nest egg and buy whatever else I desired. However, these jobs left me deeply unsatisfied and nothing I purchased in the world could fill this lack I experienced inside. High net worth clients would meet with me once a year to review their financial affairs. The numbers I shared with them either left them with a glazed look over their faces or upset that they spent so much money. Year after year I prepared these reports as I was directed to do, but nothing changed in my client’s lives. What I was doing for a living felt unmeaningful. Furthermore, I did not love what I was doing. In 2015, I resigned. Initially I left to paint my heart out. I worked part time at a little mom and pop firm and grew my own tax practice organically which attracted more “evolved” clients. I thought I had discovered what I was here to do through my art and it was only a matter of figuring out how to earn a living at it. However, this is not what happened. After giving myself space to create I came back around with a new level of interest in taxes and accounting. I discovered a way to work in this normally dry domain that brought me joy and deep fulfillment. What changed was I was looking at my clients needs more holistically and tuning in to what they really needed. I was able to also introduce the conversation about having a conscious relationship with money. Ultimately, I realized I need to get right with money before I could help others get right with money. Now, my clients are earning more money while experiencing deeper levels of fulfillment doing so.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
For a moment let’s pretend the pandemic is not happening. I would first take you to the beach in Malibu or Santa Monica to feel the sand beneath your feet and warm sun shining down. We would have a picnic with delicious food from Bay Cities Italian Deli. We would return to your bohemian chic Air BNB rental in Venice beach, rest up and lounge before a decadent meal at Rose Café in Venice. The days that follow would continue leisurely, with more great food, hiking on local trails and visiting some of the great Museums we have; The Broad, LA County Museum and the Hammer Museum. We would listen to great music at the Greek theatre and I would hire one of the best Cello players to accompany dinner at home. Lastly, we would mediate on the beach together and sharing what we desire most to experience in life from here.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I have studied the energy of money with many master teachers and I have undoubtedly been influenced and graced by their teachings, however I need to thank my mother and father first. My mother, Diana Denise Wilson, taught me to bring love into everything that I do. My father, Harry Dean Wilson, taught me that I can make a living doing what I love. They both led by example and did not sit me down to teach me these things. Even though both of my parents have passed I am still learning from them. Deepak Chopra and John Randolph Price are the two most influential master teachers that have lifted up my state of consciousness and led me to knowing my true inner wealth. They both have written many books. The two books I value the most are The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak and The Abundance book by John Randolph Price.

Website: consciousmoneyguide.com
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rana.wilson.9
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