We had the good fortune of connecting with Georgianne Cowan and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Georgianne, how does your business help the community?
Now, more than ever, freedom of expression and promoting artistic and creative engagement are essential ways of connecting with our souls. Exploring these pathways can foster deeper meaning in our lives. I offer a space where participants can return to authenticity, to the simple enjoyment of moving and dancing freely. My classes provide a safe and supportive space for exploring the miracle of our bodies through meditative and “conscious movement.” 

This practice opens a doorway to an embodied sensibility. In the reverie of movement, we may sense inklings of our relationship to the ever evolving, constantly innovating, and fluctuating web of life. To a larger extent, through somatic exploration, we may experience our relationship to a grander, cosmic order. Conscious movement allows us to investigate and to lean into this feeling of connectivity from the micro to the macro.. It also creates a foundation for healing…emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

The experiences I facilitate in Moving Soul Dance and Free Form Dance challenge the boundaries between mind and body, creating a through-line to integrating the two. For example, sometimes moving in this way may end up playfully resolving issues that couldn’t easily be resolved otherwise. It also illustrates, “the incandescence in matter.” In other words, light and life course through our systems at all times. Our physical body is a generator of electrical impulses and a complex, resonant system with a supreme intelligence. If we pause, pay attention and sensorially, “listen,” we can follow our body’s instructive and wise cues to assist in loosening any binds that cause contraction.  

Conscious dancing is about wholehearted inquiry. It is possible to express the inexplicable through dance, both emotionally and historically. It can be transformative and liberating — and attune us with others (and ourselves) in a powerful and non-judgmental or dualistic way. At best, dance unbridles the creative imagination, brings us “home” to ourselves and propagates LOVE.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

Moving Soul Dance is a class I teach (for women) which delves into the sacred feminine and provides a container for women to move and explore issues (through meditative movement and ritual) that is relevant to them. In addition I facilitate Free Form Dance through the LA Dance Collective’s ongoing Saturday morning dance (for both women and men). 

Most of my life I have danced in one form or another. For me, it is a necessity to unravel the feelings and energetic taboos that can never be adequately expressed through words. Ironically, I gravitate towards expressing what sometimes seems “inexpressible,” by means of various art forms, also including writing, performance and dance. 

I believe that each of us, at all times, has a story unfolding. If we tap into this treasure trove and free our imaginations, a cascade of imagery, poetry and iconic symbolism can flow out. This is the stuff of fairy tales and myth. It is why we love to be told stories as children and to sit in the dark in movie theatres, in some kind of communion, as if in a religious ceremony. 

When I teach or facilitate, I encourage people to access their emotional, spiritual and mythic landscape through movement, conscious embodiment and playful inquiry. I invite participants to explore the primal and mysterious forces that shape their body’s ongoing story. It is a great joy for me to fuel this material into soulful expression for healing and integration of the “inner” world with the “outer.” Most of our “day to day” lives are “externally” focused and “task” oriented, for good reason…basic, “on-land” survival. But, there can be hidden characters/energies “scrambling around in the basement” that seek to be liberated. There is unprocessed material that often, due to adverse circumstances in our lives, we couldn’t or weren’t able to metabolize properly. There are a myriad of causes; from cultural conditioning, family trauma or other impeding forces that restricted our natural curiosity and energetic flow. Once we start to unravel our cellular history and invite exploration, the body will naturally begin to “unwind” and gravitate towards wholeness and defragmentation.

Personally when I move, especially with the awareness of inviting different characters or elemental energies to move through and with me, I feel a weight lifts. I am inevitably, “lighter!” A new perspective comes into focus. Sometimes just the act of moving (with no intent, whatsoever), will also catalyze new feelings or awareness to come forward, miraculously resolving buried or current dilemmas. The ways “in” to this form of movement can be accessed through meditative inquiry and ”imaginal play.” For the “play” aspect, I introduce different themes…a story with characters, or elemental forces to engage with through the body’s imagination.  

I utilize breath, sound, focusing and fine-tuning our perception into specific areas of the body.  We consciously create and stimulate subtle and healing pulses of movement. We dive down into the biology of the body’s systems, imagining the cells, the fluids, the bones, etc. and actually inhabiting these hitherto “foreign territories.” Eventually, we take this micro universe of movement “out” into larger waves of expression. The revelation is—once we’ve slowed down enough to start sensing from the inside and re/membering our particular essence—then, when we extend into a larger physicality, there is more connection to the authentic self. We may feel this quiet humming inside where mind, body and spirit are attuned like instruments playing a concert in harmony.  It is our birth-rite to find pleasure in the orchestration of a finely tuned body. Relating to ourselves in this way involves having compassion for our struggles and allowing unfinished or unconscious places to begin to move and become recognized and integrated.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Nature is where I gravitate, so Will Rogers Park hike, Topanga Park hike, walking the Santa Monica Bluffs, going to the sand and walking the beach, any beach! Restaurants: Quiadaiyn (Oaxacan Restaurant) on Venice Blvd. Ingo’s Diner (Santa Monica) Cafe Vida, Culver City Yamashiro, Hollywood Museums/Galleries: Getty Villa Hauser and Wirth, gallery DT LA The Box, gallery DT LA Bergamont Station, Santa Monica Music: Disney Hall, DT LA Red Cat Theatre DT LA Korean Spas: Olympic Spa Beverly Hot Springs Churches: St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church, LA Our Lady of the Angels, DT LA

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Emilie Conrad Da’oud, Stephanie Franz, Charles Bernstein, Los Angeles Dance Collective, Nature and Mythic perspectives

Georgianne Bio.
Georgianne is a mytho-poetic, meditative movement pioneer with over three decades experience teaching and performing. Currently, she teaches Moving Soul Dance for women and facilitates with the LA Dance Collective. She has studied, among others with somatic innovator, Emilie Conrad Da’oud—founder of Continuum—(where she has also taught) and Middle Eastern dancer/teacher, Tamra Henna. She has performed, directed and produced numerous events, most notably for SomaFest LA, The World Festival’s of Sacred Music (initiated by the Dalai Lama), EarthWays, Arcosanti, The Wrightway Foundation, L.A. Theatre Center, and Stanford University. She is the author of “The Soul of Nature” (Doubleday), “Earth Dreaming,” and is a contributor to EndPain.com. She is a fabric artist/photographer and uses her “inner eye” to create sacred spaces to dance and interact within. Georgianne is a former director at the EarthWays Foundation, Spirit and Nature series and currently on the Board of the LA Dance Collective. 

Website: http://ladancecollective.com/
Instagram: georgiannecowan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010698976811
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGeRDDYbnLgyJNIKSmIbCw?view_as=subscriber

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