We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Claudia Shivers | Coffee Mogul. Caffeinated Beverage Designer. Writer. Chief Creative Officer at Queen Coffee Bean

Love makes me happy. Love is absolutely, always the answer to every question. How do you have a more fulfilling career? Work in a career that you love. How do you raise healthy children? Raise them in unconditional, fierce, always growing, love. How do I build a successful business? Bless the world with the love that bursts out of your chest, and keeps you up at night whose sole purpose is to be the physical representation of your wildest dreams. Read more>>

Sinden Collier | Fine Art Photographer

My feelings of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment stem from different sources. I love creating images, as they are an expression of my imagination. The freedom to enjoy life without being tied down; Giving back – it makes me happy to make someone else happy; Ludovico Einaudi’s music (his music transports me to other places and remains my source of inspiration in my piano journey); Shiba Inus (the little dogs that look like foxes) as they are independent, smart and a challenge with a larger than life personality. Read more>>

Toni Morgan Haye | Filmmaker, Business Owner & Mentor

Happiness is an interesting topic for me. I didn’t really experience or know about happiness when I was young. There were small moments where I experienced it as a kid, like bike rides to the library, reading for hours, but I’m not sure if that was happiness or just me escaping the real world. I always felt like I was meant to be strong not happy. Life for me, was far from smooth. I was abused as a child and teenager and wasn’t accepted by my family because I’m LGBT. So, I had to find strength within to not give up. I had to fight suicidal thoughts. I constantly told myself someone, somewhere in the world was going through something similar or worse. I didn’t want my time on earth to be unhappy, so over time I learned how to find my own happiness instead of looking for it in friendships and family. Read more>>

Complex | Independent Lyricist

Life makes me happy. The good, the bad and the ugly. Everything that comes with life I’m grateful for and welcome it all. When I think about life I think about all the things I love about it. I love finding solutions to my problems. I love sharing good conversations and spending time with people I love and admire. I love self-reflecting and recognizing my pain has taught me many valuable lessons. I love all the emotions I experience; whether angry, sad, excited, happy or relaxed, I love being able to feel and express myself in healthy ways. I love the fun that I have. I love the passion that I feel. I love life itself and just being able to live, no matter what the circumstances are, is what makes me happy Read more>>

Derick Fuentes | Artist

What makes me happy? Besides coming home from work every day and seeing my dog wag his tail at how happy he is to see me? Painting. As a kid, art was always something I was interested in. Learning technique in school was possibly the greatest experience in my life. Painting has really allowed me to get lost in my work and be as creative as I could possibly be. Read more>>

RICARDO JATTAN | Production Designer for TV, Films & Commercials

Creating. I’m visual, I’m always designing, always in my head. If I’m not designing for a job, I’m cooking, building, creating art, landscaping… That’s what feeds me. Always has. Read more>>

Hugo Tomas | Trumpet Performer and Teacher

Seeing people like me succeed. Growing up as an indigenous Zapotec-American musician was very hard especially in the United States. You rarely see other musicians of the same background or same skin tone. The better I got the less I would see. Next I noticed I was in a room full of all white musicians. Well, that has changed today. Now that I’m grown and seeing the upcoming youth. I see more of me in the places where I thought I didn’t fit in. This was why I began my Trumpet Academy and why I continue to work on my craft to show to these kids it’s possible. This makes me happy. Read more>>

Julian Feifel | Music Producer/Songwriter

Sitting in my music studio in the hills, and creating new music with my co writers, or by myself. My new hummingbird feeder. Soccer and running up the hiking trails. Integrating my love of music and nature is important to my lifestyle and my home here allows me to do that. I can hop on my bike and ride to the ocean, jump in the waves. Also, the creative magic! When a melody, lyrical twist or inspiring sound sparks at the perfect moment, it reminds me why I’ve dedicated my life to music. Read more>>

Ada Pasternak | Musician/Songwriter

being creative, writing and recording my music and then sharing it with people. Performing and connecting with the audience through the universal language of music. Touching and inspiring people with my songs makes me happy. Fulfilling my purpose. Taking care of my friends and family and seeing them healthy and happy, that makes me happy. Enjoying the little things and being grateful for every day, that makes me happy. Read more>>

Chanel Temple | Makeup Artist

The concept of happiness is innately subjective but for me, makeup is the first thing that came to mind. The act of doing makeup brings an immense amount of joy to my life and has been a great source of happiness. In many ways, makeup has been my guiding light through life. That may sound very vapid but makeup has provided me a creative outlet, a career, a form of emotional protection and a way to connect with like-minded people all of the world. Read more>>

Jamee Harris | Owner of Created Image Apparel

A major thing that makes me happy is making others happy. It could be doing something small yet thoughtful that I know will make them smile. But it could also be speaking something encouraging that will leave an impression on their heart and mind. Thats essentially what I do with my brand Created Image Apparel. I share a message of truth and encouragement to remind people of who they are in God and how He sees them. That type of servitude to those around me and those out in the world makes me happy because I know what its like to forget who I was created to be and how that impacted my life. It also makes me happy because I believe we all deserve to be happy and at our greatest potential in life so knowing that I have had a role in someone’s journey (big or small) is fulfilling. Read more>>

John Lubbers | Graphic Designer & Dancer

I’m most happy when I’m creative and self-expressed. I think creativity is my soul’s desire to be expressed and shine outward with excitement. When I design something, whether it’s a logo or an icon, there is this moment when it looks beautiful, professional, clean, or when an idea comes to me and I’m able to execute it well. That makes me happy, and proud. When looking at my own work makes me feel good. Read more>>