We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Wisinee Chanwittayapat | Visual development artist

Learning new things and succeeding at them makes me feel pretty good. I feel like the more I know the better for me to prepare and be ready. Also I love discovering details about the new places and story behind it. I feel those moments are like a treasure hunting and you collect your treasure by drawing it in your sketchbook. Read more>>

Alec Kondush | Event promoter and producer

I love making people happy! When music, a full house of ravers, and amazing vibes merge into an incredible experience. I love when clubbers are still talking about “that” party and can’t wait for the artist to come back. Moments like this are making me extremely happy and making me want to work even more. Read more>>

Faheema Chaudhury | Color Lover and Artist

Different things make me happy on different days. Some days, I can look up at the clouds and smile. Other times it’s watching my favorite films. Before 2020 it was frequent trips to Disneyland that made my heart smile with so much joy it could burst. Read more>>

Sayoung Park | Character Designer & Background Artist

I am happiest when I draw alone. Putting what’s in my head on the canvas is such an amazing thing because this is something that only I can do. I like to draw what I like and love, either it exists in real life or in my imagination, it doesn’t matter. Of course, I think I need more research and practice to fully draw what’s in my head, but still, the process of art makes me happy. When I was asked about my hobby, I always answered drawing and painting since I was young. My life has always been about art, and I think even before I decided to be an artist I’ve always been drawing. Other than that, I like playing with dogs the most. I’m also happy when I walk on the beach or eat delicious desserts. Wouldn’t this be the case for everyone? Read more>>

Andrii Lantukh | Film Director

I think in the end of the day, it always comes down to this question. For me, I’d say it’s the moment I get inspired. It could be anything, really. But the pure inspiration is always another person. Someone who’s been around you or someone you just met while walking down the street on the Friday night. Read more>>