There is a wealth of academic research that examines the impact perspectives on risk have on people’s lives and career. While the academic inquires are interesting and provide some value, in our view hearing directly from people about how their views on risk taking have affected their own lives is very enlightening. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Judy and Gavin Holt | Photographers

Risk is a very interesting thing; risk is relative. We both have degrees in fields that are generally lucrative (Judy for pharmacy, Gavin for computer engineering). Our risk to our career earning potential was huge and honestly we make much less than we would have from our previous career paths. But it’s all relative. We are both good at slumming it. One thing we knew about each other from the beginning is our ability to be frugal, and to do it together as both a married couple and business partners. Read more>>

Wida Karim | Actor

Risk has been a huge part of my acting journey. Four years ago, I decided to leave behind my 17 year career in public relations to pursue my life-long dream of acting. Needless to say, the leap of faith was not taken lightly. It took me about a year and a half to actually commit to leaving behind a career that I had worked very hard to get; not only the career, but also the great salary, stability and benefits that came with it. Read more>>

Nicholas James | Photographer & Videographer

I think calculated risk taking is important in growing your career, and making the most out of life. The times I’ve made big moves outside of my comfort zone, were some of my biggest payoffs. I came out to Los Angeles with my camera, a car full of clothes, and a handful of dreams, 4 years later I have a successful photography business, all because I was willing to take a risk. If you have a burning urge or desire to grow, change, or become something new, there is always going to be some form of risk involved. It’s the exciting part of change, and I feel we should lean into it, instead of backing away. Read more>>

Brian D. Mason | Actor

Taking risks – making decisions that could have potential adverse effects – is one of the hardest things we can do in life. And while it comes easier for some than others, what I have discovered for myself is that the risks I have taken have played an essential part in the trajectory of my life and career. Read more>>

Kristen Fraser | Founder

Risk has played a major role in my life and career and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without it. The most crucial roles I have worked in and contributed to came as the result of risk. The opportunity for my first role in the music industry came to me while I was still a junior in college in Florida- the role was in NYC. I took the risk of leaving everything I knew to move to the city and leave school for a role I didn’t want to miss the chance on taking- that changed the course of my life. Read more>>

Sade Oyinade and Deshawn Plair | Producers

Risks are a necessary part of life. There’s the old saying, “with no risk, there’s no reward”. It may sound cliche but it’s absolutely true. We both took risks by relocating to Los Angeles with no family and very small means. We had a dream of working in the television and film industry and we could only do that by leaving our comfort zones and launching out into the unknown. Often times there is fear attached to the word “risk” but we’ve learned to embrace it instead of running from it. You’ll never know what you can do if you aren’t willing to take a chance. Read more>>

Clarissa Hoffmann | Breathwork Facilitator & Voice Actress

Taking risks means growth. Means stepping out of my conmfort zone. Means I care about this topic. Means I still have life running through my venes. Means I can still grow into a better version of myself. Into a bigger version of myself. And life can still be exciting. If I hadn’t taken any risks in my life, I would still be shy, quiet, depressed, working somewhere where people told me to work, living my life in the way people told me to, experiencing the feelings people told me to. Read more>>

Gemma Ernst | Marketing & Web Designer

With risk comes growth and important lessons. Risk-taking is the thing that picks us up from our comfort zone and helps us to understand our higher potential. When I made the decision to leave my stable, full-time job, I was risking many things, such as financial security and the threat of failure. However, I think with risk comes intuition and being able to navigate the two emotions cohesively and with a clear mind allows us to make the right decision. Read more>>

Kenny Vo | Concept Artist

Risk taking as played a HUGE role in my life and career. Growing up, I was always taught that to be successful in life you had to go to college and major in something safe and follow “The Path”. Never really questioning what adults told me, I did what I was told and went the safe route because anything else was crazy and I would end up homeless. During my 2nd year in college doing the “safe” thing, I really hated what I was doing and realized that I would have to keep doing that even after college into my career. Read more>>

K. Marbury | Baker

I think risk can be beneficial. I know everyone has fears and doubts, but how could you ever see what you are fully capable of if you do not take any risk. While vacationing in Thailand, a friend of mine wanted to go parasailing, and I was so against this idea because I am terrified of heights. She was not taking no for an answer. So, I had to get on board. As I was getting strapped into the harness, she saw the fear on my face and began to give me nothing more than words of encouragement. That once fear turned into excitement. Read more>>

Stacy Newton | Author, Film Writer & Actress

Risk has played a huge part of my life and career. I decided a long time ago if I was truly going to follow my dreams, I had to take a risk. When I moved to Los Angeles to start my acting and screenwriting career, I gave up years of comfort. I had to leave my friends, my home, and a professional teaching job. When I begin to feel too comfortable I realize I need a challenge. Challenges involves risks. When I am not risking being vulnerable and true to who I am as a writer or actor, I lack growth. I believe in taking risks we are passionate about so we can grow and relate to others. I would not be where I am today without risk taking. Read more>>

Lauren Kurtz | Ink Artist

I’ve never really been a risk taker, so I think taking the leap, risking it all to go forward with this full time was the biggest risk I’ve taken. Do I regret it? No way! I’m so happy I did it. Is it hard work? Very! There are ups and downs, but I’m still very grateful for the job. I think taking jobs that you are not sure of or are not in your comfort zone is a great way to open those doors and grow as a person. When you run your one business, taking leaps is a big part of it. Read more>>