The Covid-19 Crisis has provided many of us with an opportunity to reflect on our approaches to work, life and more.  We asked members of the community to tell us about how the crisis has changed how they think about work-life balance.

Rosie Acosta | Inspirational Speaker, Yoga and Meditation Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer

Being at home has taught me the lack of “work-life” balance I had in my every day life. I realized it had been months since I was able to spend some good quality time at home. I spent 80% of the year traveling, when I was home, I was also working. It really helped shine a light on why I was feeling so depleted and what I need to do moving forward. I used to think I had a good balance, being as part of my job is teaching other people how to create more of this. I learned that I need to take my own advice. Read more>>

Taron Lexton | Filmmaker

Honestly, when you’re in any sort of entertainment industry or artistic endeavor, work-life balance is a tricky subject. There’s not really a 9am-5pm approach to what I do as a director and there’s never a clear-cut balance between the two, it’s always a matter of blending them and seeking to make them as seamless as possible. I’m always juggling numerous projects, my beautiful daughter Rain, my friends, etc., and figuring out new and better ways to integrate them all when I can. You’ll usually find me awake into the early morning hours reviewing edits, scripting, doing rewrites, and creating storyboards and shot lists, on top of the thousands of hours I’ve spent on set. Sometimes, when I’m deep in the creative process, it can feel like the current project is the most important thing in the world. Read more>>

Jacqui Estrada | Yoga Instructor

The Covid-19 crisis made me realize how important it is to pause and see where you are in this life not just physically and mentally but also spiritually. I worked a lot and I didn’t have this much time for myself, but now, it’s the opposite. I have too much time for myself. It was a struggle at first not knowing what to do but my creative side took over and made things easier. I think working too much and too hard has its advantage but it can also make you forget who you truly are, what you truly love to do and what you are capable of doing beyond your job or career. When all this is over and we start working again, it is important to dedicate time to ourselves outside of work or even outside family and friends in order to not lose that genuine connection with our true nature and maybe get to know who we have become or contemplate on who we could be. Read more>>

Heather Gray | Electrical Engineer & Business Owner

Like many other companies, once shelter at home orders were declared, GECE transitioned very swiftly and employees began working remotely. We are fortunate that the bulk of our business can be handled via telephone, e-mail, video calls, etc. However, I know each of us has struggled to maintain normalcy in our work routine amid expanded personal obligations. Some of us are home with children, homeschooling, and caring for extended family and friends. All of us have created new boundaries, routines, and are re-learning the true meaning of flexibility every day. Work-life balance looks different for everyone. For entrepreneurs and business owners, the relationship between our work and life are truly intimate. Daily we breath our life and passion into our businesses, making it extremely difficult to create separation. Read more>>

Zoe Green | Esthetician & Brow Artist

When the Covid-19 outbreak began I never imagined we would be in a World Wide Pandemic. Once the virus hit the United States it began to spread rapidly. I knew at that point we wouldn’t be able to continue to work in such conditions. Since mid march I have been home and finding myself getting into a great routine. The most important thing I’ve learned through this crisis is to just slow down. I love my job and I am always giving it my all that sometimes I forget to take time off for myself. With this time off away from work I’ve truly learned more about myself and what actually what makes me happy. Read more>>

Anastasia Koklamanis | Extension-Color Specialist

I can see now that Work-life balance is, at its heart, about flexibility and individualism. . as I am Grateful that my family is safe and has good health, I am also heartbroken i had to temporarily close my own business that I’ve worked so hard for, it has also quickly changed how i will change things going forward, i didnt take time to breath for a minute, literally, non stop sometimes for 14 hours , now i will be making sure to To start early and finish up as early as 4 pm to hang out more with my 8 month old grandaughter and give more time to myself so i can bring more value to my workspace and my clients. Read more>>

Bonnie Sailer | Fine Artist

I feel the Covid-19 crisis has affected mine, and a large majority of others to see that despite whether they have hardships or not, …life simply goes on. We cannot work so darn hard, to be balanced – as most of us do. Working harder does not create better results, it only goes to damage of system of being healthy and happy. And happy leads to more progress; a mind is clearer and much more receptive to creativity and progress towards what we really want. Stepping back – letting things go, taking time to “smell the roses” – is the silver lining (which hopefully was a realization for many) due to Covid-19. I’ve pulled back on work – and it’s done wonders for me in so many ways. Read more>>