We hear about passion a lot so we wondered how many people are actually following their passion.  We asked the community if they were following their passion and if not, what was holding them back.  We’ve shared their responses below.

Hibaru Maywood | Global Marketing Director & Pilates Instructor

I can say I”m pursuing my passion. Because it’s really important for me to be motivated to spend my majority of time (currently my job is the one which I spend majority of time in a day). Motivation makes very concentrate, productive, and confidence. I believe it also keeps me healthy inside out if I’m motivated and productive. Read more>>

Horacio Portillo | Co-Founder

Our mission to GYV BACK is always top of mind but, admittedly, it has been hard to focus especially when we find ourselves feeling helpless. As the whole world ascended into chaos, it felt like our family life followed. Not only because we listened to our local authorities and immediately disrupted our daily routine to quarantine but because my wife works in the medical field and at a time when you want your family safe together we have to watch her leave knowing she is sorely needed in the community. So our attention re-focus and we were reminded that the company started as a mission to GYV (give) we immediately shifted from marketing our products to supporting essential workers. Not all of us have the skills or experience needed to step into a clinic or hospital to start working. Read more>>

Chad Werner | Film Director & Producer

I am. I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker since I was seven years old. I get excited every time I get to go to set. Whether producing a commercial, feature film, or series it’s beyond exciting to me to be apart of the process. I think there is a misunderstood aspect of “following your passion” however. A lot of times following your passion means some unfulfilling days of long work, or going down a rabbit hole that at the time ultimately ends up being a waste of time, or just being depleted. I don’t mean to come off as depressive, because to counter the harsh reality there is a fulfillment that comes from doing what you love. I think we all need to chase our passions, but realizing there is a steady flow of work and time and effort that comes with it. I don’t believe in “I you do what you love you never work a day in your life” — there is always work to be done. Read more>>

Lisa Manifold | Photographer

The sound of thundering hooves, the innocence in the eye of a wild horse, a mare sheltering her foal, stallions sparring, family life of a mustang… an American Icon. Yes! I am passionate about wild horses and the plight of their future. To spend time with these majestic beings, photograph them and share with the public to raise awareness has become a way of life for me. Read more>>

Nick Galaura | Artist & Co-Owner

I feel like that question is such a pertinent one…especially with everything that is going on. If you had asked me that even 2 months ago, I would’ve said, “Yeah! Totally!” And continued working at any 50 hour a week job, church job, coffee business and chasing down a tattoo apprenticeship, all while trying to be a person and spend time with people, feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day. And then the bottom fell out of everything. I was laid off…twice, essentially. Which kind of forced me into sitting with myself and really asking what I wanted to do. Like what I actually wanted to do with myself if this was how the world was going to be. So right now, that’s what I’m doing. I had to create a daily schedule for myself, not just so that I’m productive but so that I actually have a balance between creating work and just being with my family and enjoying that time we have together at home. Read more>>

Gina Herrera | Artist

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is also yes … but with anything heart-driven, it’s going to look different than anyone might expect. Passion isn’t an achievement. It’s a state of being connected, and wanting to stay connected with your heart and soul. Making art is something that my heart and soul demand. Some of it is inspired by my love of nature. Some of it springs from, and echoes my cultural heritage. Some of it is therapeutic – working my challenging thoughts, anger and struggles into something that feels positive. My artmaking process is a deeply personal ritual, in which I aim to serve and honor Mother Earth both by engaging in scavenger-like practices to remove detritus marring the landscape and using these same objects to awaken consciousness in others by animating their continued presence. Read more>>

Kena Fuller | Owner, Executive Director & Entrepreneur

I am absolutely in pursuit of my passion, it’s my driving force! For me, passion is an aspect of my work that is very necessary. Passion is one of those things that seems to happen upon you. You’re introduced to something for the first time and you love it. You try something new and different and it sparks joy. Passion is equivalent to understanding my “why”. It is the very thing that wakes me in the morning and keeps me up at night, in the best possible ways. Read more>>

Sandi Schwartz, M.A. Ed. | Child Development Specialist & Parent Coach

My work has been driven by the passion of my soul….I know it. I can feel it. From the time I was a teenager I resonated with a desire to understand why people behave the way they do. I knew I wanted to teach…but it wasn’t curriculum that interested me…it was the inner world of children that I so wanted to reach….During the 40 years that I taught and directed programs I worked with students and their families from a rich tapestry of varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. I discovered that parents were all experiencing similar challenges and that the magic they were looking for was clear to me. Read more>>