Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Emilie Battle | Founder of Battle Body and Personal Trainer

Consistency. I was in the fitness industry for 6 years before deciding to launch my own business, however, from the beginning my outlook on health and fitness was very clear. I believed in lifestyle change as opposed to quick fixes, I believed in educating my clients about their bodies and cultivating a mind/body connection, I believed in erasing the mentality of restriction when it comes to food and instead learning how to eat the best versions of things, I believed in celebrating the strength of each individual that walks through the door to train with me, meeting them where they are, and building from there. Read more>>

Greta Angert | Psychotherapist

specialization – picking something that you love and becoming an expert in it, honing your skills in that specific niche Read more>>

Heather Avis | author, thought leader, narrative shifter

As a brand we are in the business of shifting narratives, challenging the status quo and creating spaces where everyone can belong. In fact, the very essence of our brand is belonging. As we have grown and learned and shifted along the way our “success” has been found in the ways we have shattered the measure sticks society uses to measure success and challenged their very existence. Read more>>

Nick Medina | Film Director

Consistency And patience. Being in this business you have to learn both, Without them you’ll never see growth. You’ll have good days and bad days but you always need to be patient and know that its not the end of the world when business is slow and keep pushing getting you name and work out there. Always creating and pushing out what you’re selling. Read more>>

Ben Carr | Bassist + Producer

Consistency has always been key for me. I’ve always strived to make so much material that the work became undeniable to people Read more>>

Solomon Patterson | Influencer & Reality Tv Star

The most important factor behind my success is Jesus, being religious and having faith in God has given me the strength to believe in the impossible. I don’t have fear to take chances because I know that whatever I do will be blessed as long as my intentions are good and I put my trust in my lord and savior. One of my favorite Disney movies is “Peter Pan.” Read more>>

Broderick Miller | Screenwriter & President/Artistic Director of the Silver Lake Children’s Theatre Group

Discovering and acknowledging that teenagers are smarter than most adults assume. Also, appreciating the physical/emotional/spiritual/intellectual minefield teenagers navigate in their school, social and familial lives. Read more>>

Alma Rosa Rios | Makeup Artist

The most important factor behind my success is the ability to connect with other amazing artists. I believe I’ve been able to get as far as I have so far by meeting incredible artists that have inspired me and shown me what’s possible. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in one style or idea, but being able to work around other artists can show you what other ideas are possible; whether it has to do with new products, trends, ways to kitdense a kit, and many more. Read more>>


Priceless Pets is a non-profit, no-kill pet rescue operating out of multiple adoption centers known as “The Orphanage” with locations in Chino Hills, Claremont, and Costa Mesa. All animals are rescued from various circumstances and are in our care until they are adopted by their new forever families! We are a donation-based organization and rely heavily on community support and private donations to help us continue to save animals in need! We are dedicated to our mission of, saving one by one until there are none.™ Read more>>

Jacqueline Strengholt | Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind the success of Ms Jackie Fitness (MJF) is the love/hate relationship my clients have with me, along with the communal spirit each person brings to a training session. They hate me during the training session, but love the endorphins and results they get from it. Read more>>

Katie Cortes | CEO of KCare

Hands down the most important factor behind KCare’s success to date is our commitment to our team and culture. Our people are the company’s most valuable asset. We’re able to better support our customers and accomplish much more with an engaged and motivated team. Read more>>

Sonia Folkner | Lifelong Student of Herbalism, Aromatherapy

I feel the most important factor behind our brand is that we truly use only planet safe ingredients . Our tag line covers it, It’s Naturally Skin & Fin Friendly. Safe for you and the aquatic environment. There is no artificial or what some companies are calling “natural” fragrance, we only use essential oils from plants. Read more>>

Breanne Guy | Designer

The most important factor behind both my success and that of my brand, which still is something I’m continually working on is not giving up. I moved to California in 2016 and my transition and road has been far from easy, yet I never gave up. I feel when you have a dream, goal, or vision you can’t let roadblocks and detours make you give up. Read more>>

Gregory Malphurs | Fine Artist

The most important factor behind my success is that I am very clear where my talents lie and who I am. So it’s never unclear to me where I belong. Therefore I’m acutely focused on my goals – my definite chief aim. This allows me to more easily choose which opportunities that move me forward. Being a professional artist would be extremely difficult if I were still “finding myself.” Read more>>

Maksym Varenyk | Filmmaker/Photographer

I believe that taking action is the most important thing you can do in order to succeed. Sometimes it’s difficult to make yourself to do something especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. But it’s much better to do something and fail than not doing anything at all. Read more>>

Boris Tonkikh | Model/Actor & BodyBuilder

I was born in a small city of Chisinau, Romania. I was raised by a single mother with my siblings, At the tender age of 7 years old my mother and siblings migrated to the U.S. The journey to the U.S. was not an easy one; financial hardship and a lack of a male role model was a difficulty that was very familiar to me until my early teens. However, my resiliency proved me otherwise; the human spirit is an amazing thing when you’re looking to defeat crutches of the past. Read more>>

Charlene Banks | Protective Stylist specializing in Faux-Real Loc installs

The most important factor behind my success and growth is my transparency and empathy toward customer care. These factors ultimately guide me into proper decision-making, whether for myself as an entrepreneur, my clientele or my business. Read more>>

Matthew Sim | Mixing Engineer

To me, it was always about finding the balance between passion and reality. My passion keeps me hungry for success and very competitive to be the best in the industry. I am very lucky to do what I love, mixing records day in and day out. I enjoyed working really hard for the past decades to be the master of the craft while spending majority of my time hustling in the NYC studio scene. Read more>>

Noor Yaseen | Founder of Let’s Date

strategic planning is very important when it comes to launching a new brand. Consistency, perseverance , persistence , patience, and integrity are key elements Read more>>

Kenny Davidsen | Pianist, Singer, Musical Director & Producer

The artist/entertainment community of Las Vegas. They are the most supportive group of people that I have ever known. Read more>>

Amber McAfee | Bucket List Manifestor

The most important factor behind my success is my belief. I believed in myself and my goals and I manifested everything I’ve desired. Read more>>

Erick Mercer | Stylist

I would say that the most important factor of my success has been my ability to show people what they don’t realize they want yet. I adore pulling clients from their comfort zones and having them try something they never dared to before. Read more>>

Verbosity | Music Group

“The most important factor behind our success is consistency & just believing that this is bigger/deeper than music for us. Yes, it’s something that we love to do, but we have an important message to get out. We understand now that this is our calling from God. Read more>>

Damilola Okuboyejo | CEO, By Dami Studios

My business is built on optimism and determination I started this company 12 years ago and learned everything I know today via the University of YouTube. I didn’t have any natural talent. All I had was determination and staying optimistic. Read more>>

Sadra Tehrani | Production Designer & Concept Artist

I see myself as an initiator, and I believe this trait contributes a lot to my success. I pursue the things I love even if doing so feels less secure, or difficult to achieve. Some people consider impulsiveness and planning to be pure opposites, but I find them to be traits that inform one another. Read more>>