Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Barbra Stover | Director, Luxury Estates Division

The most important factor behind my success and brand is the 18 years of experience in the real estate industry. I overcame many obstacles and celebrated many victories. I have learned listen to my clients’ wants and needs. My passion for real estate has never diminished in the last few years. As a matter of fact, my passion for real estate has multiplied in various ways. With the current pandemic crises, I now have learned to switch gears and go back to the basic routine skills which is calling past and current clients, emailing buyers and sellers, using social media for my branding, and getting involved as a guest speaker for different webinar sessions. Read more>>

Nea Simone | CEO & Founder

An important factor that has set our brand apart came from identifying who and what we truly are and making certain that we stay true to that identity. We don’t try to be all things or fit in all spaces. Our strength is being a black and woman-owned agency that specializes in the multicultural market for film and television. As a team, we came up with our tagline which sums up what we do in a single statement that translate well in the entertainment space. “We Find Your Tribe!” Read more>>

Carlo Ponti | Founder & Music Director

We value and prioritize music education as a tool to enrich and inspire the lives of young people and use the orchestra as a tool to give young musicians the experience to perform and work with professional musicians of the highest caliber. Read more>>

Lee Piatelli | Drummer

Aside from having the talent and skill combined with practice and diligence, I believe a key factor behind my success is just being a wholesome person who is easy to work with. That’s just who I am naturally and I think people respond and are attracted to those who are humble and kind. No one wants to work with an asshole and I’ve dealt with a lot of them in the industry. I firmly believe I get hired or called back not just because of my talent but because of my good nature. So I think it’s important to work on your character and who you are as a person because that will go a long way. Read more>>

Adelina Suvagau | Television and Film Producer & Director

All of us have good ideas, but how does one know if they are geared for success? Well, in my opinion one seldom knows from the beginning. Most of us work hard, persevere and in time aspire to turn our ideas into gold. For me the realization that I was on the right track arrived when my daughter, after growing up observing me and my work, decided to embrace the same career path leading both of us to an amazing, creative, fun and successful collaboration. I am an award-winning documentary and TV Producer with 30 years’ experience in television, film and documentary production. I started my career with the National Romanian TV Broadcasting Corporation at the dawn of the communist and totalitarian regime’s collapse, eager to start afresh in a free society. My daughter was just a year old. Read more>>

Bea Orteza | Owner at Beafit Apparel

The most important reason behind the success of my brand is being authentic and connect with my audience as having a similar experience through my fitness journey and being able to share my stories and success to inspire others in a positive way. Being able to be vulnerable and share your pain and struggles in your story is powerful and can open up so many outlets to reach out and help others. Always stay consistent with your voice delivery in how comfortable you are with speaking in videos and podcast to make sure you are bringing the right message to your audience. Don’t be scared to reach out to other people to help you promote in exchange of helping them or giving the same value in any way that they will appreciate. Read more>>

Victoria Marie Malone | Life & Wellness Coach

Being unabashedly Authentic. People will be drawn to you or not. Hiding behind someone else’s success to do your work/your business “like they do” does not provide longevity. It does not provide fulfillment. My unique perspective and way in which I share my unique gifts is what draws my client base. Because most people are afraid to be authentically themselves, when I do so it is the secret sauce to my work and my brand. I did not even know being myself would lead to producing my own “brand.” I get to create a positive and uplifting force in the world around me. What I learned about building a business/personal brand, was to define who I am as a person, then live it out as authentically and unrelentingly as possible. Read more>>