How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Nicholas Bijan Pourfard | Designer and Luthier

I don’t believe giving up is something worth talking about, but I do believe that there are times when something is not working and you do need to know when to reevaluate and start over. This has happened to me countless times. Without that initial failure, which feels like a waste of time and energy, I would not have been aware of what to do next to ensure that that will not happen again. I basically anticipate some level of that deterring energy with every project I start now. Read more>>

Daniella Uche-Oji | Artist & Designer

Giving up should never be an option. Sometimes you might feel like you’re not progressing though you’ve been doing something for a long time but, everyone has their own turn. When it’s your turn nothing and no one will be able to slow down your victory. Read more>>

Madison Dunn | Storyboard Artist

If you’re considering giving up on a dream of yours, take a step back, and take a break instead. If this is a real passion you have deep within your soul, chances are your heart won’t give you the option of giving up. That burning passion deep within the depths of your soul will always be there. So take a break, instead. Burnout is a real thing, so it’s important to recognize it, rather than try to fight it. Get out and do something fun. Read more>>

Victoria Martonne | Actress, Producer, Musician

Honestly, this is something I tend to ask myself quite frequently. How do I know if I should keep going or just let it go? First of all, I think it takes a lot of maturity and reflection to know the difference between “giving up” and realizing that this is no longer what you want or no longer what is making you happy. If the journey you are on does not bring you joy and lost meaning to you, I think you have every right to change your mind and search for a something else; after all, life is not a race and we are here to be happy. Read more>>

Michaelangelo Ramos | Cinematographer/Photographer

You don’t, at least I don’t. I guess for me I have no other option. I am putting all my blood sweat and tears into making my dreams a reality. To be there for my daughters whenever they need me for whatever reason. Until you have kids and watch them grow up day by day you could never understand how precious time is. Unfortunately while working a 9-5 I wasted a lot of time missing them grow up. I made a promise to my daughters to always be there. I intend to keep that promise and the only way I know how is to become successful whether it is as a photographer/cinematographer or something else. Regardless I don’t have an option to give up because I will not break that promise. Read more>>