If you had a million dollars to invest right now, how would you deploy that capital?

Chris Vanderhorst | Filmmaker & Teacher

If I had 1 million to invest, I’d look for true indie filmmakers and invest in features and pilots. This may seem like a common answer for a filmmaker but the truth is, indie filmmaking is not truly independent. The indie genre is anything created outside the studios but the budgets are still far out of reach for most filmmakers who are just starting their career. Read more>>

Tiffany Tynes-Gonzales | Actor & Content Creator

If I had $1 million to invest right now, I would absolutely produce the list of projects I have lined up including my first feature film. Read more>>

Mary Haberski | Daana Blue CEO & Founder

Since we are a non-profit I would hire and pay a team to get the ball rolling on our programming and implement and it. I would also pay myself a liveable wage. Been at this 5.5 years with no pay, I ready to see some cash for the tremendous investment I’ve put into this passion project, so i can invest even more time into it! Things move slow without money and Volunteers! We would grateful accept a cool mill!!! Read more>>

Alex Louie Sun Kim | Story Spark Co-founder

If we had $1 million to invest, three needs come to mind: First, we’d put it toward building our team by hiring some full-time employees. It would greatly help us scale our capabilities, and it would help contribute to our local community. Second, we’d invest in developing new products to add to our existing offering. Additional capital would help with product R&D and economies of scale. Third, we’d put funds toward leasing and preparing physical space that could be used as a hybrid retail store and studio/warehouse space. Read more>>