We had the good fortune of connecting with Maria Barajas and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Maria, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
One thing always takes you to another and so on. But I believe that what has taken me to start my own business comes with my will to find my passion, to do what I love doing and always looking forward to be good at it. I went to college and I studied business and when I did my internship, I just new my heart was somewhere else… I could feel my body asking me to move and wishing it was doing what I love. It came like an energy from the inside telling me basically: “What are you doing?, you know what you want, why wait any longer?”, thats when I went to study acting and went after my dreams. At the start of your acting career you have no resume, you are basically the manager of your own company, you have to start building up that resume, which includes, getting the right headshots, creating your profiles on casting pages, auditioning, basically being in control of your career. Its up to you to make it work, if you do not submit yourself, well then you won’t even be considered for the audition and therefore there’s no job to do or to add to your resume. During this time, I found love in working out, I started my practice in Pilates and HIIT. Became obsessed with it, I felt like I was challenging myself, becoming the real version of me I always wanted to be. My body was satisfied, thats what it was hoping for. I felt such in deep love with it that I wanted to learn the technique and be able to teach it. Therefore I got certified in Pilates at Set & Flow Yoga Studio in Hollywood, and since then, I’ve been working towards being a Pilates instructor as my hobby and side job. These days of quarantine Pilates have saved me and has gave me the privilege to give something to others to make their lives better. I have helped my community to work on their bodies and on their mental health in order to deal with the quarantine in a more healthy and peaceful way. When you are an artist these days you know you basically have to put yourself out there and start creating things for you in order to make them happen. So that’s what motivated me to start my own YouTube channel, which is a combination of many things I know and like, with the idea of having a healthy lifestyle and sharing my past experience in the industry and trips. Starting this channel is been another full experience, because you’re basically the producer, the creator, the model, the actor, the editor, the set designer, you are EVERYTHING. Is been very challenging, I have learned about editing, animation, even doing my own music, Is just incredible! Is too much effort but it pays off when you are able to build the content YOU wanted. I know I’m doing what I love, because I work on it since I wake up until I go to bed and sometimes I even dream about the ideas or projects. There’s so much more I want to do, and I believe one thing will take me to another and all this effort will pay off. I’m being happy and proud to be able to developed so many skills and put them into action. And is already satisfying for myself and my spirit. I’m happy and very curious about what I’m accomplishing next!

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I’ve been focusing on my own YouTube channel, since its a way to share long videos and be able to reach many people who are interested in my type of content. It’s been challenging as I said before, because you have to be multiple roles, you are the producer, the set designer, the actor, the creator, the writer, the editor, the publicist, etc. So it requires a lot of time and creativity but I’ve enjoyed so much being able to create whatever I feel like and put it out there available to anyone to watch. I’ve been able to work on different aspects I’m interested, so I’ve published videos of workout routines (I’m certified in pilates), and healthy and easy recipes, past experiences and I’m currently planning to do acting videos. So its very challenging mainly when you are starting and you’re building your audience and trying to find what works for you. But I’m very proud of my work and everything I’ve been able to share and accomplished so far. And is been very touching to have people reach back to you and thank you about the content or expressing their satisfaction with it, is huge! And being in quarantine have made me dedicate even more time to it and it motivates me to know that this is exactly the type of content that people need these days, they are tools to help us have a healthy lifestyle in multiple aspects, which is SO important right now! I believe my strength is having the best of both worlds, lol. But seriously being bilingual, complete fluent in english and spanish, have let me be more flexible in a way that I can share all the knowledge I have gained in my life to different people and that’s exciting! For example in Latin America Pilates is not that strong as it can be in LA, so I’m proud to be able to bring new techniques and routines to them, which I believe are unique and can give quality to their lives. On the other side, I’m currently teaching pilates virtually and this has gave me lots of confidence in myself and in managing big groups, in a way that I have to speak up and be completely confident of what I know and who I am. And of course I keep working on my acting career, I’ve participated in different acting challenges, contests, been part of many zoom events related to the industry and I auditioned for a tv series so that was super fun!!, and I have noticed how much confidence I’ve won by creating my own content, teaching and by taking amazing online classes. I’m super happy for what I have accomplished so far, and who I have become. And I’m loving all these new things in my life, how I’m trying to do the best I can with what I have and with what I love doing. I just want to become the best version of myself and be able to share it with the whole world, and hopefully it can impact someone’s life and make it better. I’m exciting about the whole process! and for all the opportunities that can come with it!

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
For a week Trip, we would first visit Disneyland! lol, both Disneyland and Disney california aventure! Monday ASAP. For Tuesday I would scheduled a fun day to the beach, to Santa Monica Pier and the Venice channels. For Wednesday we can have a little roadtrip to Laguna beach, which is so pretty and the restaurants are so cute! Same day we can visit Newport Beach and the Fashion Island shopping mall that I love! For Thursday I would concentrate in getting to know more the city itself, so I would first go to Hollywood, and see the Walk of Fame, take them inside the TCL Chinese Theatre, then I would take them to Melrose street, walk around maybe have lunch at Urth Cafe, then go to Beverly hills, maybe visit around to see cool houses and then end the day at the Grove, enjoy the place since its so pretty and then maybe have dinner there, it could be at Veggie grill or Umami burger. For Friday I would schedule Universal and the City Walk which is one of my favorite places to go and just walk around and have some fun and good vibes, so we can have a fun Friday night! On Saturday I would take my guest to one of my favorite places in LA, the Griffith Observatory, we would spend quality time over there. In the afternoon we could head to Downtown LA, go to the Grand Central Market and have lunch, visit the Disney Concert Hall, the Broad Museum, the Olivera street and maybe have ice cream at Little Damage? we can visit also the Grammy Museum and the Microsoft theatre. And for Sunday, I would plan to go to Malibu, visit the Getty Museum, if we have time go to Malibu Cafe at Calamingos Ranch and in the afternoon plan a hike to Runyon Canyon! before their time is up in LA!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for my parents. They gave me all the tools I needed and they encouraged me to take control of my life and do whatever I wanted the right way and with lots of courage. They support me everyday and of course as every parent they are concern about me getting work and achieving my goals. You need this support to have a balance in your life and be able to keep going, and also to have someone to show results to, otherwise you can get stock in comfortable habits. Also my brother, family and close friends who have always supported me and continuously believe in me and my projects. You need constant support and that’s exactly what I get from all of them! Also people I’ve crossed with in my path that have inspired me as artists and role models, have gave me tools to be the best version of myself in many aspects, in health, fitness, acting, business and life itself. And last but not least, from the movies I love, I found daily inspiration and motivation to continue my path towards fulfilling my dreams, I could say they are my internal impulse that keeps the motor of my creativity and will going!

Website: www.maria-barajasl.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maria_barajasl
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/mariabarajaslozano
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MariaBarajasL
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mariablo

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