We had the good fortune of connecting with Corin (Corinthea) Harris and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Corin (Corinthea), we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
Unpopular opinion from me is this: I consider risk essential. People who think they are out of alignment when taking a scary risk, but actually they are just being met with resistance and the universe (God, Angels, etc. I call it GAUS…whatever you believe in) seeing how badly you actually want your desires and how quickly you’re willing to get there.

So I feel it is essential. Without taking risk, we stay in our comfort zone which actually makes us more uncomfortable over time because we never went for it.

One of the first things I ever learned in entrepreneurship was “take the risk; take the leap of faith; be all in…because, in the end, you’re betting on yourself and as long as you keep going…you will be rewarded.” I may be paraphrasing a little bit, but I learned that back in 2017 when I was still Beachbody coach and had just started pivoting to macro coaching and biking competing and getting into health and fitness coaching and doing marketing/coaching for another big name fitness coach, and long before I had ever decided to go ALL IN on my NLP mindset and business coaching business with a core focus in NLP/inner child work/embodiment [nervous system healing] and aligned marketing…

Funny thing is, when I think back to 2017, if I would’ve listened to that person then and if I would’ve taken the leap then and been all in on myself then…I possibly could’ve been so much further a long. However, I think it’s a key lesson I can now bring forth into my coaching and helping female coaches, entrepreneurs or consultants make EMPOWERED decisions to move forward even when it makes no logical sense.

Because, if I would’ve played by logic and what was in my bank account at the time or by listening to people in my environment tell me I was crazy for taking out loans or 0% interest credit cards, then I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have failed forward so many times. And I definitely wouldn’t be helping women who are total powerhouses reclaim that power, own all authentic parts of them, and become wealthy & rich AF in all areas of life.

So, now, for me…risk is an essential part of my journey and continued learning and progression. (I also bring in basic human design into my business and I’m a line 3/5 which means I am meant to experiment and see what works/doesn’t and share all my knowledge with my inner circle of high-level clients so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did..or if they do, then they how to handle it and be a confident leader!)

So whenever me or my clients or a potential client is playing small and giving into fear instead of desires, I ask “how does you playing small help the big impact you’re meant to have?”

For me, without taking risks, my clients wouldn’t heal relationships to self, to money and to 2-10x their income and impact!

In the beginning, what motivated you to pivot to what I coach and lead on now in my business

I had been motivated to be an entrepreneur since my late teens, and I finally went for it even though I had quite a few failed attempts before I found the right thing that would work for me. I always knew I wanted to create a life on my own terms. I wanted to be able to pick my own schedule and do work I truly felt passionate about.

The reason I was so motivated to start my Magnetic Abundance Method and Coaching Certification and NLP-based mindset and business coaching (aka @yourcoachcorin or Corin Coaching & consulting) was because I was surrounded by so many smart, talented creative women who had limiting beliefs of what they could ACTUALLY accomplish.

Often we think we won’t have the time, the money, or the smarts to succeed, so we don’t even try because then failing would confirm what we don’t want to be true about ourselves.

I talked to successful women CEOs to find out how they had created lives and businesses and bank accounts that they loved, and they often dealt with the same obstacles, setbacks, desires. HOWEVER…the difference was that when they were scared or they heard no…that was an indicator to do the opposite and KEEP GOING. They created their inevitable success because they kept going, and I did the same and so do my clients now.

The only difference between the girls who hope for a life and business and bank account that they are passionate about and love and the girls who actually create it is this: that they STOPPED giving up and kept risking and going and were ALL IN, no matter what!

That’s where the name Magnetic Abundance comes from. We all create our own Magnetic Abundance and become self worthy and wealthy….as long as (even just for a brief moment) we believe in ourselves and our goals enough to go for it! RISK IS WORTH IT AND SO ARE YOU!

What should our readers know about your business?
I’m not like a regular coach or expert of NLP and marketing…I’m like a cool coach! (insert “mean girls” laugh/eye roll here)

I am a double Aries sign and a projector in Human Design with a line 3/5 profile. What that essentially means is that I’m very passionate about what I do, coach and teach…and when that energy comes out it is potent, magical, fiery, sassy, and can be filled with F bombs and adult language.

I truly believe I have a unique blend of the energetics/spiritual side as well as the more NLP-mindset based and HD tools that can be used to amplify your marketing to explode and expand your life, business and bank accounts.

I am a tell-it-like-it-is zero f*cks or bullish*t given kind of coach. Do I provide tender-loving-care (TLC) when needed, absolutely! And I’ll also call my clients out if they aren’t being or doing the things that will get the universe, God, angels (GAUS) etc to deliver/help them manifest what it is that they actually want!

When people come into my world and sign up for my programs through either an application and/or payment link, magic tends to happen right away because they are stepping into my energy and my “vortex” and I just opened the portal for them to another paradigm and shifted their reality. I have numerous stories of clients paying in full (or a payment plan) and then the next day or week they made their investment back, they manifested money and/or they had miracle-like opportunities fall into their lap.

And I’m here for that quantum magic money type of vibe!

And while I have websites, sales pages, and landing pages…the easiest way I always say to get in touch with me is through IG or FB DM!

A little bit more about me if we wanted to be more formal ;)…

Business and Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs (Online Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators)
Corin Harris is a Spiritual & Energetic Business Coach and Transformational Subconscious Mindset Coach. She works with the energetics of your life and business for full embodiment and expansion. Corin is a Master Coach, Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Release Technique), Life & Success coaching, and TIME Techniques™.

In addition to the aforementioned modalities, Corin’s coaching utilizes various reprogramming, alignment & healing techniques such as inner child, shadow, and ego work; money healing & reprogramming, feminine embodiment; breathwork, attachment repair and trauma informed and energetic tracking. Paired with her many years of corporate marketing experience, Corin helps her clients achieve massive breakthroughs in their life & business to 2-10x their impact & income. This allows them to take back their power, own all parts of them, and become wildly wealthy & rich AF in all areas of life, business and bank accounts!

Corin enjoys coaching women in: facilitating quantum, lasting transformation & breakthroughs through her VIP 1:1 coaching or breakthrough days, high-level group coaching or masterminds, and her high-level Magnetic Abundance (Method) Coaching & Practitioner Certification program.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Oh my goodness! So I love traveling and I love having clients come into Philadelphia area for breakthrough days and weekends because we can either vibe it out in Philadelphia or go down to Atlantic City!

The vibe is always this AT MINIMUM:
Get high-vibe smoothies from my favorite smoothie place
Check into a 4-5 start hotel /casino
Go for a spa day (massages, facials)
Go to dinner at my fav BYOB Italian place or go to the best burger/steak place ever!
Get after dinner drinks at a swanky lounge bar (can you say champenege to celebrate or espresso martini)
(I also have clients who don’t drink and instead we go get MOCKtails or froyo to celebrate!)

Then have breakfast and shopping at the main strips with all the bougie/designer labels to make us feel luxurious and step into our higher selves

Maybe take a pit stop at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Nordstrom (my favs!)

Then we do some coaching/healing/shifts/breakthroughs and maybe a little business revamp work

And then we celebrate with going to the beach and kicking back and relaxing. If it’s the winter months then we go vibe it out at the four-seasons hotel infinity pool or go to the mountains to ski!

I’m all about stepping into alter ego, 2.0 identity and highest self and being her now! So we play in that field and vibe all week long!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Definitely myself for going for it. My now fiance for believing in me even when I took out $50k to bet on myself and my business in the beginning when it made zero logical sense!
My past and current and future mentors, coaches and trainers (All the Em’s, Jake, Erin, Brenda’s of the world!)
My team and support system (Kurate and past OBMs/VAs…Kali, Zoe, Dani, Christine, Joreen and Alpha team.)

I truly couldn’t have done it without taking that first step to believe in my BIG VISION enough to go for it, to get my then boyfriend/now fiancé on board, and my support team!

And to my wonderful past, present and future clients for believing in my to support them in their healing and up-leveling journeys so they can take back their power, own all parts of them and become wildly wealthy & Rich AF in all areas of life, business and bank accounts!

Website: https://programs.yourcoachcorin.com/site/about or https://corin.mykajabi.com/instagram

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yourcoachcorin/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harriscorinthea/

Facebook: Corinthea Harris, Corin page or this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/alignedandabundantafcoach

Youtube: In the works of being revamped

Other: I’m in the mist of revamping my website, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube…aka @YourCoachCorin IG may be moving in the New Year to bring in a really close community and people who WANT to be there and be served by me 😉 <3

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