We had the good fortune of connecting with Dalila Kriheli and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Dalila, why did you decide to pursue a creative path?
I was. born into a family of artists, mostly painters. I was always surrounded by creative energy and I tend to see the world slightly differently, and have a different perspective on this journey we call life. I feel it chose me instead of the other way around.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I feel I see the world in a different way. When I shoot concerts it’s more of a sense of feeling what the artist is feeling, as an empath if you will. I am not always familiar with all the artists I shoot, but I taste the fire bubbling in their soul. I strive to capture the pure emotion of the moment. When fans of bands view the images (the ones who couldn’t attend the show) and they make comments such as – “I feel like I was there”, “I can live through your lens”, or comments such as long time fans saying “Never seen this type of shot of –** ARTIST NAME **–) That is what motivates me more, and makes me so very thrilled that I did the job I sought out to do. This journey defiantly wasn’t easy as the music industry is extremely cut throat. I am an independent photographer which brings a lot more obstacles my way, however, as I answered the previous question in the Shoutout section, I am been so fortunate to have met some people in this field that have graciously given me numerous opportunities to rise above the challenges, and get into the pit and shoot the bands that I have always loved growing up. Lessons I’ve learned. Never let the bastards wear you down. Just keep going. Rise above the negativity, and ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Give yourself a shot. Keep grinding, keep going after your dreams. Make them a reality. It can be done! I’m a dreamer, but I set goals. I do anything and everything to achieve them. I didn’t choose this life, it chose me, and I LOVE IT. #rockstarpix is running through my veins.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
NYC is 24/7. If my friend is into the music scene (they would have to be to be my friend), I would first take them to my home. A full on art studio, gallery, museum like atmosphere. They can take it all in. Next we would head around the Forest Hills, Queens area. Lots of history here. Especially The Ramones. A few spots to visit if you are a Ramones fan. Next, Flushing meadows corona park. Where the famous unisphere lives. Then we head to NYC. Most of the iconic venues are now gone, but head over to The Bowery first. Where CBGB was, Where the street was named after Joey Ramone. Then head up Bleecker St. swing by cafe wha on MacDougal St that was the original stomping ground for prodigies Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Bruce Springsteen, Peter, Paul & Mary, Kool and the Gang, as well as comedians, Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby also began their road to stardom on this historic stage. We can head to The Bitter End, Madison Square Garden, KATZ’S deli, Coney Island. So many place to see. Little Italy for some awesome food as well, or just get a Mamoun’s falafel to go. People always ask about NYC Pizza, since there are a ton of places, it wont be hard to find a killer slice! Also, I LOVE to cook, so if my friend is so inclined to hang at my apartment and get some awesome food cooked up with love by yours truly, I am game! If my friend is into the touristy thing, Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, Hudson Yards, The Intrepid. All amazing experiences. I love the LES (Lower East Side) of Manhattan, so perhaps tripping around there. Then hop in the Jeep and head over to DUMBO – Down Under The Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass. Beautiful views of NYC, and bridges. Most who visit NY come with a list of places that they want to check out. We will do it all. Let’s go!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
This one is so really hard to answer. I have met SO many people on this journey we call life. I will share a few names here who have played a pivotal role in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t name them all, however this encapsulates so much of who I am and what I do today.

My first and obvious answer is FAMILY. This would turn into a novel if I had to go into every detail, however, if it wasn’t for them, none of this would exist for me.

Mark Puma (Mayhem Records) I met Mark Puma when I was in college, and he was a professor in my Music Business class. I ended up getting my first start in the music business by interning at his record company. Mark once told me that my tenacity and no-shame attitude towards even getting an internship with him is something that will carry me far. I have never forgotten the words he has spoken to me, and the many little tasks assigned to me (even stuffing envelopes was a huge experience) as I saw the inner workings of a “machine” working for the bands that were on his label. I was just thrilled to be within earshot of Mark listening to the ways he would negotiate with people, and the level of professionalism was mind blowing. Thank you Mark for finally taking my phone call and giving me the amazing opportunity to work with you and your staff. I am forever grateful.

Lenny Kravitz – Lenny has played a huge role in my life and my decision for wanting to be in the music industry. Being around his energy, always music playing, always artistic and creative surroundings, the people that were always around, the mood, and the attitudes. I met him when I was very young (he was my uncle’s neighbor) and I absorbed all the intensity of that scene. He would always ask me what I wanted to do, how did I plan on doing it. He got me thinking always. In my walk of life up until then, I never encountered energy like that. Thanks to Lenny for giving me my start in the photo pit. My very first show I go to shoot was because of his generosity, his belief in me, and just giving me a shot! Every time I get into the pit, I remember my first time. Thank you Lenny! Let Love Rule!

John Erigo (Kick Ass Monthly / Kick Ass Forever) – John has tirelessly been supporting my life path and to this day shares and promotes my work. John has introduced me to Raven (NWOBHM) and as a result of that, I had my very first published photos in a magazine. This was the start or all the madness. John has also introduced me to ANVIL which I have been touring with for over 10 years now, I have had many of my photos of them published in magazines, endorsement companies have selected my photos for their promotional advertisements, my photography has also appeared on their albums. Thank you John. Yeah Yeah.

ANVIL – Robb Reiner, Lips. What can I say. THANK YOU for all the years, all the touring all the great times. Thank you both for the life journey and the never ending memories I will carry with me forever.

Danny Stanton (Coallier Entertainment) – Danny has played one of the biggest roles in my life. He has given me the opportunities to shoot top bands such as Twisted Sister, Ace Frehley and many others. These were the times I was honing my craft, learning the ins and outs of working the pit, and gaining confidence show after show. Empowered me to the max! I can’t wait to get back in the pit and shoot again! Thank you Danny for all that you do for the arts and this industry! YOU RULE.

Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, The Dead Daisies, Whitesnake, etc)– I have been working with Marco for several years now. He has played a huge role in my life as he has believed in me and offered very wise words and guidance, positivity, always gave me opportunities to step up and take my journey to the next level. Marco is a living example of how living your life as honestly as you can, never passing up opportunities to better yourself and expand you horizons is the meaning of living. His attitude of gratitude, his lust for life, his amazing knack for laughing so loud that you can’t help but be happy around him is again an energy that all humans should experience at least once in their lifetime. One of the most hardest working cats in this industry, and his music will always inspire you to be a better person. Thank you Marco for being who you are and spreading your message.

Alex Cole — I recently met Alex in Las Vegas in 2019 when he opened up for Anvil. Alex vibrates on a level that is astonishing. He is always so positive, encouraging, and celebrates the success of others. He strives to lift people up, and encourage them every step of the way. This energy that has entered my life has been so powerful. His determination, his grind, his passion, grit and genuine caring and kind nature and selflessness has been a force that I take with me everywhere and rip a page out of his book of life. I see myself pushing harder, wanting more out of life and seeing things in a different way. Nothing but positive results are coming from this incredible connection that I am so very lucky in life to have. The music that he has put out in the world is also so very positive, and motivating. Give it a listen, you will understand all of what I am saying. Thank you Alex for shining a bright light on this world. Magic, pure magic.

Thank you all, I love and cherish you all and appreciate you all. Thank you to EVERYBODY that has entered my life and encouraged me. You are all a part of this amazing journey.

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