We had the good fortune of connecting with David Ibrahim and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi David, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
Most important for me is that my patients either heal, are on the path to healing, have complete remission from their symptoms or are on the path to complete remission from their suffering. That might seem like a high bar for some Psychotherapists but I’ve spent years training with top clinicians and have studied many forms of somatic therapies and spiritualities, and therapies in general and feel its’ very doable. I do feel a lot of the challenge is on the Therapist to continue growing and evolving with the pace of our modern technology and transformative therapies. And to do the immense work on themselves in Therapy and else where to be as clean a channel as they can to provide healing for patients. And also on the Therapist to learn and have the tools to motivate and assist patients in activating parts of themselves that are driven to get well so they can go to completion of the work. Many therapists drop the ball here and settle on mediocracy in their craft. Therapy is a healing art, and requires a lot of effort and passion. There is always room for growth, and success to me is achieving the top of the mountain and honoring ones efforts and battles to get there.

What should our readers know about your business?
My business model is provide the best Therapy and humane care that I can and help people heal, or find fulfilling levels of remission from their symptoms. What sets me apart is I’m willing to go to any lengths to train and refine my techniques and reach my peak strengths as a Therapist. It wasn’t easy to build my business or my skill sets, as I’m trained and have experience and many modalities. My Masters is in Trauma and Marriage and Family Therapy, and I have specialities in Addiction, and Yoga and Mindfulness Therapy. I’m very excited about how many patients tell me they’ve never experienced Therapy so helpful to them, or healing. I feel grateful I trained for so many years and so hard, as well as worked on myself to evolve. I continue to grow and love helping people get well and strong in their life. I grew up in the streets of Nyc surviving a very violent neighborhood and also an Alcoholic home and rough times. Working with over 1000 patients to date, I can definitely say those who want to get well will, those who don’t, won’t. But having survived so much I feel comfortable saying I can motivate most people, I have worked through so much trauma myself, so I understand what it takes to do the work. I do my best to adjust per patients needs and ego capacity. And co-create an approach to helping them master themselves and work through any blocks that are holding that self mastery back. I would encourage students of Therapy, Interns, and Therapists to be, to really open their mind to a lot of training in various techniques that are well regarded. And most importantly to reach out to Therapists that their work holds regard and respect in the community and is working for patients and to train with them. I was very fortunate to have trained with excellent trauma clinicians and have learned so much from them. Grateful to my Alma Mater at Pacific Oaks College and the excellent and passionate professors there and students that we got to souljourn with. And I’m grateful to keep growing.

Letโ€™s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
I have a lot of diverse friends and family, so it would depend who showed up from out of town. If they were adventurous I would take them to Mathusala’s Forest, the most ancient living forest in the world and go on a soul hike together and stare and commute into the eyes of the ancients. And on that same trip take them to yummy coffee spots, swallow up Danish sweets, and BBQ and natural Hot Springs and off road vehicle riding to choke on dust and desert kind of thing. If they were Vegan/Vegetarian/Holistic I would probably take them up to Sivananda Ashram or visit one of the Ashrams in Cali together for a few days. Where we could vibe with the Yogis, chant, eat love and prana. If they’re from my immediate family, I would probably cook Greek Souvlakia and Lule/Shishlik Kebobs on my home charcoal grill. I love to marinate and season meat and veggies and make some of my favorite family recipes and spoil my family at home like that. Play board games, laugh a lot, clown around, watch movies and chill together. Or go Kayaking and Fishing in La Jolla. Eat some yummy food at a local eatery and cafe. And laugh our assess off. Notice how food follows my inner circle a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Hmm, this is hard because there’s too many people and I’ll feel bummed out if I miss people who I care for and this is a long one, but definitely grateful to my parents. As challenging as an environment as I grow up in, I’m grateful they did what they could do with the tools they had to help me survive life and even thrive at times together. Grateful for the cultures I come from for their passion and flavor. Grateful to NYC for raising me and giving me the backbone and resiliency I have. To my wife for all her amazing love and playfulness, unicorn dreaminess, and positive energy and kindness. Grateful for my daughters wittiness, creativity, and soul, blessing me with the opportunity to be a Father and raise an awesome spirit in the world. Grateful to the 12 steps, my sponsors, and all my amazing friends and community that the Universe has provided for my own healing and transformation. And my neighborhood Pizza shop Singas Famous Pizza in Elmhurst, Queens, where I was born and raised and grew up working in and the guys there with all their love and fun helping me get through those years at a young age. And to all my good buddies and friends all my life but especially these past 10 years of my life. Thanks for making it an amazing journey. Grateful to all my teachers and supervisors: Dr. Arlene Drake, Dr. Stephen Dansiger, Laura Dickson, Dr. Nicole Gilbert, Dr. John Rauthauser. And to the incredible Therapies that have changed my life and the patients I’ve worked with: EMDR, ISTDP, and many, many, more. To a teacher of mine, Larry Moss who in many ways opened this path of healing and helping others up for me. To Larry Payne, Gil Elliot, Rupa Dura, and the many amazing Yoga Teachers I’ve been fortunate to train with and carry on the teachings through. And my lineage of Raja Yoga and Patanjalis teachings. An immense amount of Theater arts teachers over 15 years of training; The Neighborhood Playhouse, Sharon Chatton, Adler Technique, Improv teachers, can go on and on. Books: Seth Speaks and Nature of Personal Reality, first book to awaken my inner eye and manifestation potential. Joseph Campbell, and Yoga Sutras, and a long list of amazing books I’ve been lucky to devour over the last 30 years ๐Ÿ™‚ And my Higher Power for all the beautiful tools I’ve been able to learn and help others with.

Website: www.GlendaleCounselingServices.com
Other: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/david-ibrahim-glendale-ca/457851?sid=5f84e0e1c13c6&name=david+ibrahim&ref=2&tr=ResultsName

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