We had the good fortune of connecting with Eganie González Zaga and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Eganie, how do you think about risk?
As you already know I am a Mexican/Spanyard “Chica” that has lived in more than 22 houses, 10 cities, 5 countries, 2 continents. Without being a traveler. I have established in all of these places I’ve lived in. From little huts in the jungle, to fancy apartments in London to Houses in Mexican cities to Penthouses in Rome. I have changed around 10 times of school, have studied 3 different degrees and have changed professions radically every time I’ve wanted. From Marketing, to Fashion Design, to entrepreneur, to Yoga & Meditator Instructor to Actor. Life has just given me the path and knowledge to discover that human race needs constant change, in order to evolve. Evolution = Change, we are dynamic, we shall not get stocked. And what is constant change? RISK! Agriculture has played a mean role in our lives, through time that great discovery settle down along with fear. FEAR to DO, fear to continue our paths. RISK is opportunity, uncertainty is opportunity, and instability is FUN JOY and DISCOVERY, discovery of everything, and everything is primarily our own selves. In times of instability, uncertainty and change we most embody our ancestral beings to flow as it should, and continue the NOMAD default set up life style we are supposed to flow with. There is NO SEDENTARY BEING that can be fulfilled, realized, satisfied nor happy. And by sedentary being I don´t mean a person that doesn’t move from place to place like I do, but I mean a person that doesn’t RISK. People say “I am a master of the art of going light (no baggage) through life”, Its true, I pursue to flow by taking chances. I travel light, minimalistic, the less I have the richer I am, the key is no material attachments. That doesn’t mean I travel light in emotional baggage, no one escapes from that, not even me. And maybe the fear and emotional baggage is what keeps me going, is my fuel to not conform, to keep on evolving and discovering. RISKING And you know what? the more you risk, the more you end up where your passion is really thrived too. And the more you risk the less regrets you have. Everything I’ve accomplished, which is my life experiences, my cultural diversity knowledge, my adaptability skills, @zenigolook my sustainable fashion brand and being in what I like the most which is acting I´ve accomplished by risking. By telling you my experience, I may give you the courage to be the most nomad you are meant to be, accept and confront change with tremendous bravery and most of all enjoying the unknown. Either is mental nomadism you need, to physical one.

Tell us more about you What sets you apart from others?
What sets me apart from others… that’s an easy but difficult question. We are all different but yet the same. Having the opportunity to be part and study in Televisa (CEA) where 10,000 people from all over Latin America and Europe apply and only an average of 50 students enter has marked my before and after in my acting career. Followed by my acceptance in Stella Adler studio which reaffirmed in me my talent for my passion existed. I think I have a sparkle (CEA Televisa Director Eugenio Cobo told me once: ” when you smile you don´t only smile with your lips but with your eyes, and lighten up the room”, when he saw me singing on a concert he told me “I didn’t know you had so much feeling to give”,yet nothing about my singing though jajaja. These two phrases stayed with me, maybe so I can share them with you now to answer the question LOL, I definitely have an innate wisdom to observe and be emphatic and compassionate. I relate easily with everyone, and connect. I intend to face life and challenges with zero sense of competition , as I said, I really do think we are all different yet the same, so thinking that, is very difficult to feel envy or competition but the opposite, serve as a step for others and vice versa. Having lived in Mexico City, Madrid, and Los Angeles, I’ve gained valuable local perspectives, malleability and versatility. I am a bit exotic, I have a weird original accent in every language I speak, even in my native Spanish. I have an interesting vast multicultural mental and physical background which can be what sets me apart from others in the acting world. My story has been hard, as many others, my personal story and my professional one too, I’ve definitely struggled with the dark side of the acting world where your self esteem and your talent is challenged, And I have struggled with immense heartbreaks through my life, but I am here giving it all and multiplying the effort to be as good as I can be in my spirit, as a person, and as good as I can be as an actor.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Well If COVID 19 didn’t exist. And she visited…. Lets say she visits when all this is over. I will definitely take her to watch an independent play in the Fountain Theater at Sunset Boulevard the first weekend and i´ll book also a Flamenco Show in the very same place. (Even though we are in LA) I can´t let Flamenco out of her visit, I’ve gone 3 times in 1 year already jajaja. During the week I will take her to watch 2 movies one at the TLC Chinese Theater obviously and another one in my little petite favorite movie theater in Vermont Street . Los Feliz Cinema! We will have an obligatory hike in Griffith Park starting from my house all the way to the observatory. Where we will watch the most beautiful city sunsets there are in the world. I ´ll take her to my most exciting trip for visitor which is Santa Barbara to eat a fresh crab at the pear! And we will finish her week in Santa Monica where if there’s a Full Moon she will never want to leave LA again.

Who else deserves a little credit and recognition in your story?
Everyone that has being part of my life either in a great scale or little scale has being part of who I am now, and where I am now. All the books I’ve read definitely and the different cultures I’ve lived with in. And a huge recognition to the Yogi Lifestyle and Philosophy, born in me during my time in Girona, Spain in Llanca and Samye Dechi Lyng Budhist monastery. I definitely owe a lot to that moment of my life. And to very special people that know who they are =)

Website: https://www.eganiezaga.com/
Instagram: @eganiezaga
Twitter: @eganiezaga
Other: https://www.zenigotulum.com/

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