How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Robert Palmer Watkins | Actor, Musician, Host & Entrepreneur

As an actor, musician, host and entrepreneur, I live a constant roller coaster of wins and losses. As my journey has evolved over the years, I feel I’m winning more and more because even the losses are an opportunity to learn and grow. That may sound cliche, but it’s totally true. Ultimately, with anything anyone is pursuing in life, I think it’s important to ask oneself if you still have a deep passion and love for what it is you are pursuing. Have you made strides since you started? Are you currently making money back from all your hard work or are you at least confident the payoff is going to happen? If the answer is yes to those things…. you gotta keep going. Ultimately, I believe in myself and what I’m doing so I feel an obligation to make it happen. Laser focus, dedication, and consistency are usually gonna get you there at some point. Read more>>

Marya Khalil-Otto | CEO

I’m the type of person who hates giving up and often I put myself last so that I can continue on. I will say everything changes once you have children. The story of my dad’s passing and becoming CEO at 25 is the best example of arriving at a crossroads and believing in myself. Of course, I had days where I thought of giving up, I knew I had to push through. I had so many people depending on me. I went into fight or flight. I knew that if I did give up I would live with regret for the rest of my life. I have to admit I am my own competition, so giving up doesn’t come easy for me. That being said “giving up” sounds like such a negative thing, and I truly believe mental well-being should always come first. So rather than “giving up”, We should consider it “making space” for ourselves. We need to be more gentle and honest with ourselves when something we are trying to achieve is just out of our capability. Read more>>

London Alexander | Queer Author

All signs point to ‘GIVE UP’. Logic, intelligence, common sense, finances (especially finances) all suggest that giving up makes the most sense. But then someone will come up to tell me that they love what I’m doing and that it has inspired them. It’s that one voice—that probably doesn’t even know just how powerful it is—that makes all the hardships, all the doubt, all the late-night crying sessions worth fighting through to continue pursuing my goal of connecting LGBTQ people through my art. Read more>>

Toni Christopher | Actress & Producer

I think you know deep in your Heart when it’s time to give up or keep going and I don’t believe it’s ever a quote on quote giving up. I believe we all receive whispers and signs that inform us where we are heading on our life’s path and there are people I know that some would see as giving up but what they found was a calling to something else. It’s so incredibly personal. This question perks up from time to time, especially during this pandemic and it’s been a gift. For me, it confronts where I am and if I’m doing all I need to be doing to express and engage with my Art. I ask myself questions like “Is there something else I could do with my life?” and then these questions ignite a fire in me to take more action, different action because no, I’m not done. I’ve either become comfortable or I’ve stopped working. Persistent creating and collaboration is my heartbeat and if we allow ourselves, we can do it everyday. Read more>>

Talya Adams | Writer, Content Creator & Photographer

When it comes to whether to keep going or give up, I tend to ask myself these three questions: 1. Does it serve my purpose to keep going? 2. Does it harm my overall well being to keep going? 3. Does it bring value to my life to keep going? I was brought up playing competitive sports during my most formative years. So, my will to compete and give myself a chance to reach my goals is deeply ingrained in who I am as a person. If there’s a fire in my heart to acquire something, then I truly feel it’s mine to have. All this to say, giving up is a big deal for me because I’m conditioned to persevere. However, anytime I’ve chosen to give up, one if not all three questions listed has played a major part in my decision to walk away from an endeavor, a relationship, or job opportunity. If you’re honest with yourself and answer ‘no’ to any of the proposed three questions, then you must be strong enough to walk away. Read more>>

Lauren Randolph | Wedding Educator

Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve experienced so many moments where I’ve wanted to give it all up. The daily grind can feel like I’m stuck in my own groundhog day. I find the feeling of wanting to give up even more intense when you’re working on your own business. There have been months and days that I’ve neglected the business that I worked so hard to build because I was burnt out. And then there came a turning point. For me that turning point was discovering that I needed a business partner. I’ve always been an athlete and team sports were always my favorite ones, so why not apply the same to my business. I’ve always been passionate about The Wedding Course and believed in our goals to help couples plan their dream weddings, but I knew I needed a fresh perspective to truly help us continue to grow. That’s when Margot joined The Wedding Course. Read more>>