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Hi Ginger, can you tell us about a book that has had a meaningful impact on you?
Soul-hub is a tribe of spiritual people coming together in a spirit of non-judgment and support for women embarking on a journey of personal growth. We impact the community and the world at a heart level by creating an environment of love that invites transformation. We use the vehicles of drumming, music, song, dance, spiritual art, and healing workshops to aid in the journey of self-love, laughter, trust, and a daily practice for feeling good every day.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
It took me a long time to realize that being different was my gift. I spent years trying to conform to what I saw others doing in the self-transformation arena, and it never felt authentic, it felt like a performance, and people could feel it. I was afraid to be myself in a world where I was different ethnically (black, native Indian, and white) and also different spiritually. I could hear, sense, and feel things from a young age but didn’t have the courage to step into it until later in my life where I found myself in a sea of spiritual teachers feeling unsure about putting myself out there and being judged and analyzed by others. Strangely, the journey to overcome those fears became the actual work I would come to do. I saw a pattern that when I didn’t trust my soft inner voice and I let the screaming voice of my fear guide me, I often found myself in chaos and disruption. As I practiced listening to the soft voice, what emerged was a revelation about the power of a daily practice and it’s potential for lasting and enduring change. As old patterns melted, and new ones began to emerge, I shared the process I witnessed its transformative power. I saw people getting out of toxic relationships, leaving soul-draining jobs, and giving themselves permission to have a bigger vision for their life, and this became the seeds of Soul-hub. So what I set out to do wasn’t what I ended up doing, and this lesson became the roadmap for all the other ventures that emerged. I understood early that what I thought something was going to be, probably wasn’t what it was going to be, and I learned not to fight for what I envisioned or feel disappointed when it didn’t show up in my way. I learned to pray for what was needed and ask for the wisdom to allow it to unfold. This process led me through doors that would have otherwise been closed, meaning I wouldn’t have had the insight to recognize them. Without the daily practice to abate my fear of success and failure, I would have been blind the what was right in front of me. This is when my art showed up. I am 54 now and my first spiritual painting came at age 50. I had no formal training and had no interest in the art world, but the frequency I had created within myself led me to a chance painting day with my sister and something previously dormant got unlocked. My first painting looked like something I could sell, and the energy didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop painting, it gushed out of me for 9 months straight, and the next thing I knew someone saw my art accidentally on my phone and I had two art shows within 3 weeks of each other from different galleries. People were trying to buy my art, but I couldn’t sell it, something in me said it’s not about selling, it’s about the power coming through it. As people looked at the images, they were crying and going into meditative states and telling me they saw visions and things like this. I had no idea art could do that, but because I was open to it not being what I thought it would be, I made prints to sell, and witnessed another unexpected door opening. I eventually shared the healing messages that came from the art and connected them to music and used them for healing and transformation workshops, and thus The God People spiritual painting workshops emerged. This evolved into a process for painting away fear and creating a beautiful soul-image that participants take home for their ongoing healing and transformation. This was the path meant for me and the way my gifts showed up in the world, but without my daily spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, chanting, journaling, and drumming, I don’t think I would have been able to give myself permission to go big. I would have shrunk my life to fit my circumstances and never taken a bite of the adventure. I am most proud and excited that this work has led me to work in groups and build communities of like-minded people and that I don’t have to be a lone ranger figuring this out alone. The collaborations and unions I have built through the work, have shown me that all our journeys can be connected if we let them and there doesn’t need to be a territorial competition of competing expressions. The work I do has been enhanced and exalted to spiritual excellence because of the ideas and interpretations of those I work with. We have built a community where we all want to support each other’s work and lift people to their highest definition of success. I hope for those who find their way to Soul-hub or sit in a OneDrumm circle, or paint with the God People, to begin to listen to the soft voice inside urging them to let go of things standing in the way of their true and unique contributions to the world.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I am from Claremont California, and our perfect day would start with coffee from the Last Drop Café and a quick walk across the way to Some Crust Bakery for a breakfast croissant. Then we would then sit on the benches in the Claremont Village and watch the beautiful people as they go by and peek into the eclectic curio shops. From here we would drive 20-minutes to Mt. Baldi to take a dip in the creek, burn sage, and drum with my local OneDrumm circle under the canopy of trees. Later that afternoon we would hang hammocks from the trees and take a nap under nature. Then in the evening head back to the village to enjoy chimichurri brussel sprouts at Eureka and then walk over to the Claremont colleges to lay on a blanket and watch the stars surrounded by the Elm trees.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
The person I have emerged as has been the culmination of so many teachers, but the transformative teachings of Baháʼu’lláh (Baha-ooh-la) have by far been the most impactful in giving me permission to love myself and accept divine love. His message of love, unity, equality, and the ongoing quest for spiritual mastery has kept me anchored and always striving to reinvent myself spiritually. These words have been a guiding light when I forgot my capacity and my worthiness. ‘Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form when within thee the universe is folded? —Baháʼu’lláh’ Also having the good fortune of being born to creative and progressive parents gave me a lot of space to explore who I was and laid the foundation for me to ask bigger questions and get bigger answers. I had a very loving family. My parents grew up on the south side of Chicago and had such great stories about the characters in their life. At the time my mother was a folk singer and my father was a jazz musician, and I longed for stories like they had. Stories about the hoot-nannies at Jimmies cafe and hanging out with Oscar Peterson at a jam session, and poets, and intellectuals, and philosophers etc. Compared them my life seemed boring, but they explained, with the excitement came all the challenges of a broken people (mixed race) and the chatter of a small town. They encouraged me to make my own memories in my own way and pick the things I wanted to recreate authentically. Although my mother was deeply spiritual, my father and I spoke the same spiritual language and through him, I can say I experienced unconditional love. The power of his presence in life and in death became the foundation for my own parenting and played an integral part in how I love those who come to our circles. Also, equal but different the twin-like relationship I have with my older sister Kelly, whose pure heart and spiritual capacity have been my lighthouse for so many important decisions in my life. And the engine for liftoff to make the dream a reality has come from being immersed in the sea of love, trust, community, and sacredness of my OneDrumm sisters. They brought forth the missing pieces to begin the activation phase and our synergy has been the catalysts for us currently scouting properties in Southern California to build our first spiritual renewal center.

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