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Hi Irfan, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking

Our life is basically a result of the risks we take and furthermore more result of the risks we choose to forgo. How do you evaluate the risk in not taking a risk. Its a question upon which I have pondered on quite a bit during my  days of struggle. My experiences have got me to the conclusion that risk evaluation is a function of our ability to turn our ‘dreams’ into goals. The ones we dare to live out.
When we dream we see our end results. Dreams are nothing but a manifestation of our subconscious desires. We skip the process required for achieving it and jump to the win. You are like a  third person celebrating your own victory. Dreaming is the easiest bit, because dreams do not follow limitations of time and space and also it has no co-relation with one’s abilities to achieve it. Its just our imagination.
Goals are different than dreams. Goals have restrictions of time and space. Acting, although an Art is like a sport. It requires the same level of dedication and devotion of that of a sportsman, sometimes more. For eg. A person can dream of being a football star, and that may at most motivate him to go to the field. But once you are on the field you need to set your eyes on scoring the goals and work towards achieving it.
The difference is that: Dreams are mental activity, you always imagine victory and skip the process of achieving it, whereas for goals the heart takes over the authourity. Instead of just imagining it, you visualise the process of achieving it in first person.  Seeing yourself in first person creates strong emotions inside you. You ‘turn towards your heart’ and then and only then magic happens.
Needless to say one has to cultivate habits which enhances their abilities. You have to stay on top of your game, you need to develop the right strategies. The safety nets in this career is very bleak.  Do we really risk going all or nothing. Questions like this comes many times in life of an actor only he knows if he has spent the nights burning the midnight oil, honing his craft or otherwise. It is his judgment in the end.
I have build my career by achieving small goals one step at a time and have always been preparing to achieve the bigger goals along the way. One needs to pass all the milestones along the way to reach to their destination. The uncertainty in these journeys is life. Stay hungry…

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

Life is like a game ,you should have all the abilities capabilities and strategies to win the game .I am an acting coach and a performance disigner for professional actors. I have created my acting system called “ACTORISM”

Actorism,is a Character Building and Role Creation Training Module

The actor’s job is to take a scripted, two-dimensional character and breath life into it; creating a fully-realised, believable person who the audience is invested in from the very beginning.
you should know your character as well as you know yourself so that you can be as natural as possible. As an actor, you need to have memories, anecdotes and backstories instilled within you to play your role as if it were your natural self, just ‘being’.
Great acting should not seem like acting at all –
talent may be enough to get the average actor through the door, but to make a successful, sustainable career from acting requires specialised coaching, commitment,dedication and devotion . This is where Actorism® steps in.
Performance Design is a process where we train actors to become, wholeheartedly, their characters. If the characters are unique and innovative, they immediately connect with the audience and stay with them long after the film or show is over. We coach actors to be as versatile as possible, enabling them to last within this cut-throat industry for many years to come. New talent is abundant, but it is the highly character-trained actor who will last the longest. They are the ones who turn characters into real, living beings with unique mannerisms, styles, speech patterns and accents. We provide the tools and techniques to train individuals for every scene and situation to ensure that they get the desired results. Every behaviour needs to be goal-driven.

Decoding authors’ visions is where we excel. We have designed our programme to look into the innermost, subconscious parts of a character; their drive, history, aspirations and motives. These hidden dimensions, when brought to life, are the difference between an average and an inspirational performance.

Actors need to take themselves – or be taken – into the unknown; to be able to challenge themselves. When we follow our heart and dig deeper into our soul, this is where the magic happens .

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Monica Mountains, the home of the famous Hollywood sign.
It celebrates the entertainment industry, Universal Studios
the Sunset Strip ,walk of fame and Hollywood Boulevard
TCL Chinese Theatre,
The echo park ,time travel mart.
Griffith observatory,
The last bookstore.

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Love is my inspiration. I want to dedicate everything to love.Love is the Divine essence..All those people who loved me unconditionally . Teachers who taught me how to convert my dreams into goals and from whom I learned  all the skills and strategies to achieve it. All those poets writers directors ,actors and technicians who inspired me with their flawless creations. All those mystics ,saints ,and spiritual figures who inspired me with their teachings ,their ways of lives, their sacrifices their love for humanity and their sacred teachings .
I am grateful to my master and guide Hzt Hamid Hasan  who was kind enough to accept me as His student and teaches me the best lessons of life and spirituality.who taught me how to turn towards the heart and helps me at every step of this journey of life and soul.

Live life as if you are acting and act as if you are living life”
I want to dedicate everything I am to love. Love is the Divine essence, it is my inspiration. I am grateful to everyone  that has loved me unconditionally: Teachers, Zama Habeeb, Zaheer Dr Anwar, Inayat Qazi  Pandit Satya Dev Dube,Girish Desai,Sagar Sarhadi. They taught me how to convert my dreams into goals. They taught me finner nuances of acting and literature.
 In ancient India ‘life’ was called ‘leela’, this literally translates as ‘the game’. It was said that “live life as if you are acting and act as if you are living life”.  The ancient Indian education system was focused on holistic development of the individual by nurturing both the inner and the outer self. Thusly , it gave great importance to the moral, physical, spiritual and intellectual aspects of life. It emphasised on values such as humility,
truthfulness, discipline, self-reliance and love for all.
Then i want to thank  the artists, to be more specific the poets, writers, directors, actors and technicians those who have inspired me with their work.
It is really difficulty to single out the ones that have made an impact on me.. But if i had to choose: Best story Mahabharata, best poets Mevlana Rumi and Mir Taqi Mir , Best fiction writer Thomas Hardy, best playwright ofcourse William Shakespeare  , Best book  for actors “Natya Shastra”(5000 year old ancient acting manual).
Last but by no means the least, I bow in the honor of all those mystics, saints and spiritual figures who inspired me by their sacred teachings,  way they conducted their life, their sacrifices and their love for humanity.
I am grateful  to my Master Hzt Hamid Hasan Sir, who was kind enough to accept me as His student and taught me the best lesson of life and spirituality, How to ‘turn towards the heart’ and give command to heart instead of mind. He is thus I am.

Website: www.actorism.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/actorizm

Other: info@actorism.com Whatsapp +1(915)229 3330

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