How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Tamieka Briscoe | Screenwriter & Director

Betting on myself, taking a chance, shooting my shot, going hard or going home…though I’m not much of a gambler or athlete, these terms describe how I approach goals. Taking risks has been a huge part of my success in life, love and career. Any success I’ve achieved, is a result of taking a leap of faith. Read more>>

Chelsea Snyder | Fat Liberation/ Self Love Activist & Community Builder

Twelve year old me would say that risk taking was being in any situation or implication that I was the F word- FAT. Flash to fat me today- I was fat. I am fat and I LOVE MY FAT SELF. Self love as risk taking? Fat liberation as risk taking? Yes. A gentle jelly roll- yes. Risk taking is unapologetically letting yourself be authentically you. In my case, it has been putting my self confidence and self love radically out there for the world to see through visibility. Read more>>

Lex Junior | Marketing – Branding Specialist & Graphic Designer

There was once upon a time when “failure” scared me, that I felt the need to walk on eggshells to avoid it. There was once upon a time when I felt that constructing and planning out every step and detail of my life would assist with avoiding a mishap as well. However, the funny thing about life is the more you become in tune with self, the more you realize the importance of allowing yourself to “fail” to know how to alter your route. Taking risks has shaped both my life and career in various ways. Read more>>

Jessica Rose | Actress & Filmmaker

I think “risk” is inherent on the path towards self-realization. We all have to risk failure, vulnerability, exposure, heartache, rejection, and uncertainty in the pursuit of our dreams. I actually don’t see anything as a risk as long as I know the action I am taking is deeply rooted in my own integrity — which, to me, means that I am honoring myself, being true to my heart, and taking steps towards the greater vision that I believe in. Read more>>

Courtney Cox | Candle Maker & Business Manager

I think that “risk” is a necessary evil in life. The only way I ended up living in NYC was from me taking a huge risk to move from Detroit after College with no serious job offer at the time. Since then it has only been upward! I’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY for 7 years and over that time I have had great experiences meeting new people, working in the freelance and corporate industry, and taking in all the good ( and sometimes bad) things New York has to offer. Read more>>

Gianmarco Giacomelli | Screenwriter

The easy life. A warm fuzzy cocoon. Batting .250. Not that there’s anything wrong with the previous sentiments, but I’ve never been able to sit still for long enough that they could take root. That feeling of deja vu, of quicksand enveloping your body and sucking you into a downward spiral? That’s pride. Asking what’s next, what more, why not? I used to shove it to the back of my mind and bury it. Fuck pride. Read more>>

David Victori | Writer and Director for movies and tvshows

Risk is key on the evolution of my career. Since I was really young I knew exactly what I wanted to do: write and direct my own movies and tvshows. During all theses years I was moving towards this goal, the temptation to become something similar but not exactly this was a constant temptation during the process. Read more>>

Barbara Multer-Wellin | Nonfiction Content Writer/Producer, Educator and Consultant

I’m a documentary writer/producer so I am intimately acquainted with risk taking. Working as the target in a circus knife-throwing act may be physically riskier then documentary filmmaking, but at least it’s a steady paycheck. All kidding aside, anyone pursuing a career in the arts in this country will tell you to look else where if you want a guaranteed income and employer-subsidized health insurance. Read more>>

Ellen Brook | Artist & Designer

It’s funny, but risk always seems like such an unapproachable topic. We don’t really talk much about it. I guess because it requires vulnerability and brings up our fears. But, risk taking is exactly what may lead us to becoming a better version of ourselves. Of growing. Of moving outside the box of who we believe ourselves to be rather than who we could be. Read more>>

Rupert Outman | Soap Maker

Risk is essential. It’s how we learn and grow as humans. It can be scary, and it doesn’t always pay off, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. When I was designing children’s museum exhibits we had the challenge of creating a health care themed exhibit. Read more>>

Diane Lieu | Brand Strategist & Copywriter

Risk is a huge part of being your own boss, starting your own business, and doing things your way. I think of risk as a necessary thrill, a shadow friend, and a lottery ticket that you buy every time you take on a new client or project. It’s constant and you learn to befriend it. Every month that passes, risk becomes less of the dodgy shadow in your peripherals and more of that reset that can kick off explosive growth or inspiring projects. It’s all about confidence and perspective. Read more>>

Paul Water | Hip Hop Producer

One of my favorite quotes from Mark Zuckerberg is: “The biggest risk is not taking any risks.” I thinks risks are essential to being a creative and continuing to elevate, expand, and evolve. Growing up, always took risks. The first risk I took was throwing myself into an unfamiliar environment and new territory. As a Hip Hop producer at 17, I was the lone Asian face in the crowd often and that was okay because taking the risk and stepping into new territory was actually what garnered me some of my most impactful friendships and informed me as a man today. Read more>>

Kate Gilbert | Graphic + Web Designer

I’m relatively young “business owner,” I guess. I decided to take the leap into doing freelance design because I didn’t know how else to start out. After graduating from college with a degree in Anthropology, I was interested in pursuing work in sustainable food systems. I’d always been drawn to food on a personal level. And, as a college student, I began to understand its significance as a center point of many socioeconomic and environmental issues. Read more>>

Celina Nguyen | Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Dancer. & Vintage Enthusiast.

Risk taking is very scary. I was raised by an independent single mother who took care of twin daughters. She worked 2 full time jobs (nail technician + being both, a mother/father when she came home). We rarely saw her but we understood that she was working very hard to achieve the American Dream. Read more>>

Sally Yunker | Artist & Designer

“Big Risk Big Reward”; thats what my high school economics teacher, Mr. Fredrick taught me. He would say it almost every class. And it stayed with me. As a young student I didn’t really understand what he meant. But as I’ve experienced life in many ways, I will have to say the best times and the most alive I have felt is when I have putting everything on the line for my dreams. God favors the BOLD. Another saying I picked up, not sure where it came from but its true. So taking risks is the only way I can live. I go for the unexpected path but always get the reward at the end. If I didn’t reach the success I had hoped I find reward in the lesson. Read more>>

Jennifer Yau Mattiola | Executive Coach & Team Health Specialist

My perspective on taking risks is that it’s essential to both growth and fulfillment. By definition risk means exposing yourself to danger in a situation. Since there is rarely real danger, such as a wild animal hunting us as prey, this means that in today’s world we actually create the perceived danger in our minds. The thing is, our nervous system cannot feel the difference between real danger and perceived danger. This is what then leads to anxiety, stress, and insecurities because we fear judgement, criticism, and people not liking us. Read more>>

Ash D. | Talent Collective Non-Profit Executive Director, Eyelash Extensions LLC Owner, & Shoe Designer

I believe you can’t grow without risk-taking. Risks are either learned lessons or the key to your big success. I take risks almost every day and I think it’s essential as an entrepreneur, as an artist, and overall as a hard worker. Risks play a big role in who I am as an artist and multiple business owners. The biggest risk I have taken is playing under the hat of so many roles as a boss. I call it a risk for me because of the many different roles I play as a talent agent, fashion show director, lash technician/LLC owner, non-profit owner, and shoe designer. The gist is, it can confuse my audience; that it is the heftiest risk. Read more>>

Serafim Mazurs | Photographer & Creative Director

Taking risks has been a pertinent part of my life ever since I decided to become a professional photographer. A career in the creative field alone is a dangerous risk that takes a lot of skill and dedication to succeed in. Just out of high school, I got the opportunity to work as a creative director for a social travel agency, planning events in different countries I had never been to. Read more>>

LüChi | Dramatic Drag Duo

Tanking risks for us, in one way looks like us purely pulling off the ruse that we are truly twin drag queens! The fact that our whole brand, we host a monthly virtual show on called TWINSday, is based off the idea that we are twins when we’re not, is a major risk, and one that no one is really doing right now. An early inspiration for the twin vibe began with our own individual obsession with Koren social and pop culture. Read more>>

Gilda Evans | Podcast Host, Author/Ghost Writer, Media Development

I have found that going down the road least traveled is a very healthy and valuable practice. It often allows the kind of discovery to happen that simply wouldn’t under conventional circumstances. It affords a different perspective, and looking at things from an alternate viewpoint can get the creative juices flowing and become a wellspring for ideas that would otherwise never have come to mind. Read more>>

Chloé Caroline | Singer-songwriter

I think risks are the absolute building blocks to continued growth as human beings. The biggest challenge we face with the risk though is our attachment to the outcome. For me, as an independent artist especially, it is a career full of ups and downs, zero guarantee, and 100% faith–it is the ultimate risk. I make an intentional choice everyday to pursue my dream at the cost of consistent income, schedule, lifestyle etc. Read more>>

Lawrence Mercado | Professional Make Up Artist

Honestly it was moving to Los Angeles from San Antonio TX to pursue a professional makeup career in TV and Movies. I had a good job and a friends and family there, I was comfortable, but I knew I had to make the leap. It was frightening yet exciting. I didn’t know many people here(LA) in general and no one at all In the makeup industry. But between taking gigs for little to no money mainly exposure and meeting great contacts on those jobs, With hustling and networking ,It’s very possible to get some great opportunity’s offered to you. I’m very and grateful and blessed to be where I am because of the risks I took almost 8yrs ago. Hopefully it’ll just keep getting better. Read more>>

Sebastian Konnackel | Drummer and Recording, Mixing & Post Production Engineer

Risk taking has been and continues to the singular driving force behind everything I have achieved or yet to achieve. Big or small, everything in life comes with a risk. My motto in life is to live with as few regrets as possible, and risk taking directly ties into this. While taking a risk might be scary, regretting not taking one is scarier to me. I took a huge risk by leaving a possible comfortable career in electronics back in India and moving here to pursue a career as a musician and audio engineer and I have not regretted it even once. Be cautious and take risks folks, you can never know what opportunities will present themselves to you. Read more>>

Owen Garrett | Comedian, Actor, Mixed Martial Artist

For better or for worse, I am a natural risk taker. It’s all I really know. Growing up, I lived all over the country and even spent a year overseas in Wales. When we returned back to the US we relocated from the town I had grown up in to a new, larger city. I think because of this, I’ve developed the ability to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. Read more>>

Chaz Cruz | Educator. Writer. Poet. Creative.

I’m a Sagittarius. Taking risks is a part of my astrological alignment…or so they say. Risks are scary because it’s all about uncertainty and with uncertainty comes the possibility of failure. Which means, if you are a risk taker, like I am, you really have to be open to the possibility of failing. I am okay with the possibility of failing solely because I have and continue to work on doing everything well, which must also include failing. Read more>>

Rebecca Jordan-Glum | Author/Illustrator of Picture Books

Risk is a very relative concept, determined by context. I think the term is often used to imply something is unknown or not guaranteed. It also seems to be something others call choices they don’t understand. If you have a very stable, successful life you may see venturing into a creative career as risky. I have never viewed it that way because I had struggled to conform all throughout my childhood. Read more>>

Verlon Roberts | Actor, risk taker, dream hunter,

I believe there can be no success without risk. The universe rewards hard work you throw on a dash of risk and the universe smiles for you. In my life I have welcomed risk in and we have built a great partnership. To give you an example several years ago my wife and I were both working jobs we did not like. I had recently gotten out of the Marine Corps and we had moved to Seattle. Read more>>

Nicola Peluso | Actor, Model, Adventurer

I find the concept of risk-taking quite interesting. The word risk by definition is negative: “possibility of loss or injury, Peril. To incur hazard or danger” and is casually used to define almost anything within our culture that is out of our (perceived) control. In truth, risk is all around us, all the time, and with every decision comes an element of risk. Read more>>

Lyndie Raymond | Experience Designer

I like this question because I think risk and art go hand and hand – add in the unpredictable element of live theater and we’ve got ourselves a really delicious risk sundae. About five years ago I made the decision to leave my job – I didn’t have a plan but I knew I wanted to pivot my career towards something more hands-on and creative. Read more>>

Alexandra & Nicolas Aulagner Cohen | Manager and Tattoo Artist

Risk-taking has always been in our daily life, Nicolas (Sad Amish) gave up everything for tattooing, before he had a career as a dental technician; and his wife (Alexandra) at the end of her law studies she also left everything behind in management and ebusiness by joining Sad Amish’s project as an artist. Risks were taken to allow the creation of a united team in life and at work. Read more>>

Kate sZatmari | Beauty & Portrait Photographer

People usually associate the word “risk” with huge, life changing decisions but at the end of the day, most decisions you make are a version of “risk.” Do I get out of bed today? Do I voice my honest opinion about something? Do I tell someone how I feel about them? Do I talk to a stranger at the grocery store?. Yes, there are great, life altering risks but they’re worth taking. Read more>>

Sarah Mantilla Griffin | Art Gallery Co-Founder & Head Curator

My husband always jokes that I love to take unnecessary risks. It’s funny to me because I don’t see risk the same way he does, and I don’t fear it. Because of that mindset, risk-taking has played a pivotal role in my career. I’ve always been a contrary person; if everyone is doing one thing, I want to try the opposite. Read more>>

Jay Denton | Songwriter/Producer & Founder of ENDURE Studios

I think that for creatives and entrepreneurs, risk is about as important as oxygen. Nothing can be started or created without it, and when it comes to building a career you have to embrace it and make any ally of the discomfort and even fear that comes with risk. In my journey, I hit a crossroads where I felt like I either had to keep working my side job (which I also happened to really enjoy), and just make music on the side until “something happened”, or I had to go all in. Read more>>

Brandon Watson | Personal Trainer

I think about risk taking as a chance to exemplify that talents God has given us. It becomes a two-way road on whether we want to bet on ourselves and pursue or dreams or sit back and fund someone else dreams. Risk taking has played a foundational role in the passion I found as Full time Personal Trainer. It has shifted my focus from building someone else dream to building my own dream. Read more>>

Paige Phillips | Small Business Owner & Actress

Risk to me is sticking true to yourself. It’s ignoring all the nay-sayers who don’t agree or don’t like what you believe to be true. It’s throwing away the comfort of having people completely understand your vision, but sticking to it because your vision is true to YOU. Not everyone has to understand that which fills you with passion and hope and excitement. And who cares? Those that understand and respect the vision will be your ride-or-dies. They’ll be your biggest fans and supporters. Regardless of any fails. I’d rather make quality work that makes me proud than live a life where I’m only trying to please others. I’d rather take the risk and see what happens then regret never trying at all. Read more>>

Noreen Green | Founding Artistic Director and Conductor of the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony and Jewish Community Chorale

Looking back starting an orchestra without ever having any business or non-profit training was a huge risk.. Many times over the past twenty-seven years I have said to myself – maybe it’s time to give it up. What always keeps me going is the response of our funders and audience. Each time we receive a grant, a donation, a good review, a glowing audience comment, a note from a composer, a note from an orchestra member; I am reminded of the positive impact the LA Jewish Symphony is making on our community and beyond. By updating our youtube channel, this year, our outreach has grown. Read more>>

Sarah Boatright | Actor, Pro Wrestler, Founder of Misfitness

(this feels like a long answer, please pick and choose what you want if needed!) Risk is a concept with which I never felt friendly growing up. My mother is an insurance underwriter, so assessing and minimizing risk was always emphasized in our household, haha. Only in my adult life is risk-taking something with which I’m having a new relationship. Read more>>

Dave & Lois Cho | Co-Founder of CHO Wines

Risk is something Dave and I are very familiar with. Seven years ago, we left our stable jobs and families in southern California to move to Corvallis, Oregon site unseen to pursue a career in winemaking. Dave had been working as a restaurant manager and lab tech in Temecula, CA and tossed out this crazy idea on one of our road trips to Napa that we would quit both our jobs and leave our support systems with a 10 month old to pursue this dream of one day owning our own winery. Read more>>

Jeff Dodson | Composer & Sound Designer

I think people often associate the fear of change and risk as the same thing. For me being able to separate real risk from fear of change is critical for growing a business and as an individual. It’s critically important to not fear change, and just as important to identify real risk. Read more>>

Latanza Price | CEO of Priceless Moments, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, & Visionary

Priceless Moments (a woman & minority certified event management & production company) was founded in January 2017 in Los Angeles, California and reflects my expertise and enthusiasm for special events coordination, management, and exemplary service. With over 8 years of experience working in the corporate sector at that time, managing logistics and ensuring efficient operational management in the hospitality industry, I found myself at a crossroad of not having work / life balance in my career. Read more>>