We had the good fortune of connecting with Jamie Star Crawford and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jamie Star, as a parent, what have you done for you children that you feel has had the most significant impact?

The moment I found out I was having my son was the single most important moment of my life. I was faced with the decision to keep doing what I had always done, or make the committed decision to develop, heal, and confront myself every day since. Whether we like it or not, our environment is responsible for 80-85% of our internal subconscious programming. This programming impacts our entire internal operating system from our coping mechanisms to the way we believe success should be chased. Essentially, my limitations are my son’s limitations.

I will submit that most parents, no matter how objectively capable they are, want better for their kids. It is in our nature to expand and evolve. When I think about what I have done to create a better life for my son, the greatest gift I have ever given him is the work I have done to heal my own wounds.

To redesign my mental and emotional wellness from the inside out: my conscious awareness of my thoughts, emotions, words, responses, and perspective of the world and what is possible, has impacted my son on a moment to moment basis.

When I am unaware of my own projections, my son becomes the target. I like to joke, “I didn’t realize how like my mother I was until my kid pissed me off.”

When I am in ownership of my mistakes, my decisions, my past, my own truths, and how to be self-compassionate in each moment, I teach him how to do the same through example. There are numerous beliefs about success, health, money, self expression, honesty, and relationships that I have transformed into healthy and effective stories. Each one has paved the way for my own impact on the world. I stand responsible for the world my son grows up in.

If I have a complaint, it is also my value to have a solution for it. To teach my son healthy coping skills, leadership principles, human kindness, to have self love and self esteem requires that I have it first. He is my greatest teacher and mirror, and a space for constant feedback when I am curious about the woman I am showing up as.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
The evolution of my business followed the pathway of my healing.

My Self Mastery is a product of multi-level integrative treatment. Coming from a lifetime history of illness, my dysfunction and disease was experienced on the mind, body, and spiritual level. Through a daily committed process, I became my first client. I have healed chronic depression, anxiety, codependency, addiction, self-sabotage, spiritual sickness, self-deprecating self talk, and have broken numerous ancestral patterns.

My background took me from a bachelors in cellular biology to professional counseling to Neurolinguistic Programming to Hypnosis to emotional intelligence training to energy healing to sacred medicine to shadow work to quantum alignment to a current understanding that is now able to view and support the integrative picture of a human.

This was not an easy road. It took full surrender, faith, radical honesty, radical acceptance, and a village of support.

Because of my testimony, I stand convicted about what is possible for others who are at the mercy of diagnosis and neurosis. I truly believe that we are not the things we were taught to believe. I have learned to reprogram my mind, rewrite the story of my trauma, forgive the unforgivable, heal physical conditions without a cure, and elevate my life in ways that often have me emotional with gratitude for the person I am today.

It is my mission to expand the window of medical dogma and bridge the link between science and spirituality. I have experienced miracles, witnessed cancer healed through plant medicine, broken families restored through trauma healing, and depression lifted through diet change and movement therapy.

There is more to the story than what we are told. We are more than a set of habits practiced over and over again.

My divine gift is to see a person’s higher vision and reality; to see who they are beneath the trauma and dysfunction. I want every person to see the possibility of their greatest life. I want for others to experience a self compassion so strong that they can fully embrace their humanity and their divinity at the same time. And for that acceptance to spread to others.

As I grew in myself, my coaching ability grew as well. When I first began coaching, I lacked a large amount of business skills. Over the last few years I have learned through trial and error, mentorship, and experience, how to create the business that I have today that continues to evolve and thrive. It took a massive amount of patience and surrender to grow the skillset and wisdom required.

For anyone who is in the business of building their “baby”, have patience for your process. Have patience in the “waiting”. Keep your eyes fixed on the finished product and allow each lesson to come to you and teach you “how”.

It is my privilege and honor to serve others in their pathway of healing, growth, and expansion. I am your cheerleader, bull-shit breaker, loving interruption, mirror, and partner. It is my commitment to be a source of wellness, wholeness, and evolution in your world.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?

Los Angeles is like a hundred cities in one. You can be in the mountains for breakfast and the beach for dinner. There are a crazy amount of amazing food spots from the valley to Orange County. And between the museums and centers, enough places to experience for the information junkie in all of us.

Here are the top places I would take a friend:
1. Griffith Observatory
2. Getty Museum
3. California Science Center
4. Long Beach Aquarium
5. Escape Room LA
6. The Redondo Beach Riviera on a Sunday afternoon for dinner and wine
7. Venice Beach boardwalk
8. Woody’s Warf in Newport Beach
9. Hikes in Malibu Canyon
10. One afternoon people watching at Hollywood and Highland
11. A day at Universal Studios and the evening at City Walk
12. Friday night at Third Street Promenade watching the street performers
13. Terranea Resort Sunday brunch and view from the terrace.
14. Rooftop bar at the Intercontinental in Downtown LA
15. Art Walk in Downtown
16. The Grove on a Saturday for lunch followed by the Farmers Market
17. Huntington Gardens
18. Bike ride the Strand through Hermosa and Manhattan Beach
19. Drive the Palos Verdes peninsula listening to great music on the way to Terranea
20. Attend the Huntington Beach Surf Festivals

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
To shine the spotlight on a single person who is intricate and of the utmost importance in my life would need a stage and a 3 day festival. It truly takes a village. Not just to raise a child, but to heal, grow, and evolve.

Beginning with a woman named Esmeralda Archer, who demonstrated not just what a true friend is, but taught me how to be a survivor and entrepreneur in ways that opened my mind. She has this way of turning dust into diamonds, and fostering a kind of creativity that deems her worthy of a lifetime salary for her innovative ideas.

Dr. Barbara Cohen, a brilliant therapist and coach for ADD adults, saved my life at the lowest point in my adulthood. She introduced me to the superpower of ADHD, and gave me a toolset to take back control over my mind. Her love and passion for her mission to serve and empower others inspired me to want to do the same.

Dr. Matt James, founder of the Empowerment Partnership, not only taught me Neurolinguistic Programming, but he enlightened me to the mind-body-spirit connection that we are all guided by. His perspectives about health and wellness opened my eyes to a vast ocean of knowledge that would become the foundation for my mastery and mission.

I have been blessed to have a vast amount of mentorship and teaching through various trainers and facilitators through MITT training including Jorge Haddock, Chris Lee, Michael Strasner, Kathy Benson, Mary Jo Lorie, and Betty Spruill. The work through MITT was life changing and forward moving. The community that was birthed into my life created the foundation for the strong friendships and support that has impacted and moved my life in life-changing ways.

With humility and gratitude, I am forever grateful for the life teachings and guidance that I received from shaman Dust Walker. Through his ethereal wisdom and tough love, I would not have had the courage to face some of my deepest healing. He is a source of healing, self reflection, and creative expansion.

My coach, Jason David, is not only a holy brother in Christ, but translates the supernatural and language of the heart in ways I have only seen in him. With his knowledge and intuitive mastery, he has led me into the unknown equipping me with ancient wisdom and deep understanding. He and his wife Isabel have been pillars of support and family in my life.

There is a list of dozens of impactful, supportive, and gifted individuals of my soul family who have been vital to my story and the unfolding of my journey. I will name a few.

Adriana, an intelligent, savvy, and optimistic mermaid- you taught me forgiveness, resilience, and how to look for bliss.

Rissa, a bold, cosmic, and daring priestess- you taught me how to use my voice, how to be assertive and expressed, and most importantly, you helped bring me back to God.

Sheela, a revolutionary, passionate, playful medicine woman- you see behind the veil and evoke a spirit of wonder in all that dare to ask you your opinion. You are a bringer of truth to this world.

Anya, an artist of emotions, thought leader, wild woman, and advocate for change- you are my mirror, and a continuous reminder to be exactly where I am. I am continuously in awe of your courage.

Julie, a tenacious, vibrant, intuitive, honest, visionary of truth- you taught me how to follow my gut, how to fall into the arms of support, live from a constant state of joy, and hold a space so large for my experience that I continue to find pieces of myself in your listening. You are here to change the world.

Bruce, a river of safety, master, leader, seeker, philosopher, and twin to my soul- you have taught me love in clay form, how to stay in curiosity and questioning of life, and light fire to every dark heart that yearns to be seen. To be with you is to be in a new experience every time. Thank you for choosing to walk this journey through 24 different versions of me, and for meeting me as a different you.

Gonzalo, generous listener, healer, compassionate water, father, brother, everyone’s friend, youthful sage, old wisdom, and gifted human- you have brought so much love and magic into mine and Orion’s world, that there are few words that can illustrate the gravity of importance that you are to me. You are the type of husband I wish for every woman to experience. Thank you for recreating yourself over and over again to teach me how to surrender every day. Your willingness, patience, gentleness, and commitment have taught me to trust again. You are a reminder to stay in the present, and appreciate the splendor of life.

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