We had the good fortune of connecting with Jay Bradley and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jay, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
I’ve always worked hard. Even when I was young, my dad had instilled a good ethic. When I was employed for others, it was actually much easier to find a balance. I would do my job, put in my hours, work hard, and then enjoy my leisure time. Now that I am self-employed, those lines have become blurred. I often find myself working 7 days per week and what is so interesting is that my work has become my mission. It isn’t a job anymore. I find that I am living my purpose and passion which feels good. That being said, I have discovered the importance of scheduling fun time and committing to taking at least one day off per week. I have learned that the more I can tap into other inspiration away from my work, and the more that I can enjoy tasks that bring me a new energy, the more I have to bring back to my clients and students.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
My business has been a compilation of everything that I have done over the past 4 decades. I have learned that there is no destination but rather, we get to build on our skills and experiences in order to help others. It took me longer than most to understand my unique gifts and to feel confident in sharing them.

I primarily use Breathwork as a healing tool for people and I also incorporate Reiki, Hypnosis, Pressure Points and Ho’Oponopono to create a powerful healing space for people to fast-track through their pain into a more powerful and joyful place. Along with working with individual and group clients, I also teach a Breathwork certification for those wanting to learn the modality. I am the creator of Chakra Balms™, hand-blended essential oil balms to help balance and open the 7 main energy points of the body.

The most challenging part of my work journey is that I was almost 50 before I felt completely “on purpose.” I feared that I would never find my calling or my place in this world. This is a wonderful lesson in patience, perseverance, and commitment to always moving forward. Underneath it all was a hope and faith that it would find me.

I am grateful every day to have a deeper mission and to be or service to others. What makes me unique is that I get to bring my 51 years of experience into my work. My struggles with depression, illness, and deep emotional numbness allowed me to relate and normalize others pain. It is easy for me to remain non-judgmental because for the most part, I have been there. The biggest thing that I want people to know is that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE and that EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH ENERGY. When we can tap into the stagnant or blocked emotions and energy and truly tap into our pain, then we can begin to move through it to a place that feels good.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Los Angeles is an exciting city! There is so much to do. My favorite places to take people are: The Grove, Downtown LA, The ACE Hotel, The Hollywood Sign (Of Course). Rodeo Drive, Silverlake Intelligentsia Coffee, Blue Bottle Downtown, Cecconi’s West Hollywood, Catch, Mama’s Shelter Rooftop, Liberate Hollywood Healing Center, Runyon Canyon, BelAir, Whitley Heights, Pump, Pink Pepper Thai, WiSpa.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would like to say THANK YOU to the friends who have supported me throughout the years. I have had many ups and downs and a lot of career changes but the one consistent has been my dearest and closest friends who have loved me unconditionally. I also want to thank all of those people who have attended my classes or private sessions. It is a great gift to be a catalyst for healing and change, and I am honored that you chose to allow me to be a part of your journey.

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