We had the good fortune of connecting with Lindsay Morgan Snyder and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lindsay Morgan, let’s start by talking about what inspires you?
I am inspired by ‘the who’ I was originally created to be, I believe we were all crafted by our Maker very specifically and beautifully for the plans He has set out for us. I also believe we get to choose (free will some call it) to cooperate or not. For me, I have had a fascination in following Him to realize the ‘me’ He created in the heavenlies before time ever began. I believe we can come back into alignment with our original design at any time and there will we will find a flow in life, much like a sailboat on a beautiful sunshiney day. I believe if we can shake off all that hinders us and step into alignment with who heaven calls us to be we will become the most fulfilled, joyful, happy, loving people on earth, and that’s inspiring to me. It’s inspiring enough to cause me to push past my fears, doubts and self-sabotaging ways to just keep going no matter what the “mean voice” in my head is trying to say. Being led by the One who originally created me just seems inspiring to me.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I am without a doubt a business person stuck inside a creative person’s body with a heart for seeing people set free through entertainment by the loving GRACE of Jesus Christ. For most of my life, I have felt complicated and rather conflicted in many ways. I kept wondering “who am I and what on earth (literally) am I here to do?” My brand Lindsay Morgan & Co. is something I have dreamt about but not known fully how it would play out for 20 plus years.. I find there are always clues in our lives about what we were put on earth to do. Some of which date back to childhood, Lindsay Morgan & Co is a transformational journey of laughter and inspiration that goes deep and reveals a God who is more fun than you know. Releasing the Creativity of Redemption and stories of strength for the Artists of culture. My brand is a nice blend of Jesus and Business and Entertainment– I can’t compare it to anything because I believe it is a blueprint from Heaven that maybe hasn’t been done exactly like this before, I design with Heaven and it’s FUN and sometimes a tad frustrating because it’s ever-growing, changing, shifting, and well sometimes that makes you look like an idiot who doesn’t know what they are doing. But I believe it is rather a fun discovery of who you were created to be and how The Creator wants to bring that out into the world to love, help and serve others in different ways. I started out as a freelance writer, I then wrote books for other people because truth be told I was scared to write my own, but then God challenged me and said “Lindsay I don’t want you to do anything else with your free time until you finish this book (the book that I had been writing for 3 years and was 90% done with but couldn’t finish) so I did as He said, but along the way, I asked Him “God, what am I afraid of” and He simply said “you are afraid people won’t agree with you” and I said “you are right” and He said, “They won’t but do it anyway”… So I launched my own book called Letting Love In, How God Renews Relationships by Crushing Your Inner Critic about 4 months later and it was a huge success. After that, I ghostwrote for a few more people but was getting invited to speak and teach my Scripting Method which I talk about in the book. These speaking engagements were also a huge success especially when it came to people learning to hear from God in a whole new way. The results were amazing. Soon after that life got extremely hard, I couldn’t find work to save my life, I had a powerful resume and had been very successful in sales and marketing in corporate America and in leadership yet I couldn’t find work to even pay my bills, I said: “God I will do anything, I will go work at McDonald’s if you want?” I come from a very hard-working family, I know how to do what it takes to get things done. But, I ended up doing some PA work which is my least best skill (excuse the bad English there) and house sitting, During that time I was robbed twice within 6 months which literally wiped out everything I owned on earth. I was unbelievably devastated. I could barely recover, but kind people gave me money to help restore what I had lost. This then lead to me investing in my own brand that I had been slowly building for the last 10 years. It was time and out of those ashes the Lord began to work in a new way. Around the time everything was stolen the Lord showed me to start a podcast, I found that I enjoyed teaching as I always have but found it even more fun to interview my friends who were believers in Jesus like me but also worked in Hollywood. I believe in going with where you have favor and I had favor with all of these people. I had a list longer than I could see of people I knew that worked in Hollywood and wanted to see the Kingdom of God come into this space. It was SO FUN. I started to get all kinds of people telling me I was good at interviewing. I realized how much I loved it and how it was connected to a bigger dream I had which is to one day have a Talk Show. Here is the thing, I didn’t plan any of this, but God reminded me how much I LOVED Johnny Carson as a kid (strange but true). My mom would tell me as a little girl I would be a night owl and I would almost be falling asleep but then the Johnny Carson theme song would come on and I would light up and get so excited. 41 years later, I realize I love interviewing people because I am truly fascinated by them and I love to have fun and laugh and well that is what we do now on my podcast which is one of my favorite parts about my brand. It’s called the Lindsay Morgan Snyder Podcast. We also started our first fashion line called Love Matters and teach and sell courses and workshops about learning to receive God’s love. My advice to creatives and entrepreneurs is to get to know your Maker, find out what He created you to do before time began, and walk with Him into that, it will bring more joy to your life than you might imagine. It very well might be an adventure getting there, but enjoy the journey as it is usually more about the journey and who you are journeying with than it is about the destination because you will find pieces of yourself all along the way.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I would pick them up from the airport and we would go straight to Manhatten Beach, stop for a coffee and walk to the pier. Manhattan Beach is my fav. I would then bring them to Santa Monica where I live and we would walk everywhere. There are so many cute places like Happy Hour at Fig which is in the Fairmont Hotel just a block from my home and then maybe a fancy drink at the Huntley Hotel — because of that view. We would probably walk to Chiptole because everything can’t be full-on fancy (or can it?) We would head up the road to Malibu and grab food at another fav spot called the Malibu Farm Cafe which sits right on the water in Malibu. Basically, I would never leave the coast.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, they are a great team, good advisors and truly have all the wisdom!

Website: https://lindsaymorgansnyder.com/

Instagram: LindsayMorganSnyder

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsaysnyder/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindsayMorganSnyder

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg9WYuqIo1BOPJ7mk64jsww

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