We had the good fortune of connecting with Melvin George and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Melvin, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
Your Full Name Melvin George aka King Uche
Is the press for you or your company
Melvin George aka King Uche
Website URL
Company/Person Bio
Stage name: King Uche
Date of Birth / Age: July 26, 1991 / 26 years old
State of Origin: Imo State Nigeria
Record label: Sufferings and Offerings Music (Independent)

My name is Melvin George but I also go by the moniker King Uche
I was born and raised in a small village community in the Southeastern parts of Nigeria, where my tribe (the igbo tribe) are predominantly located.
Childhood: I was an only child. My only brother died of malnutrition and neglect after my biological father divorced my mother and left us to fend for ourselves. By the Grace of nothing but GOD; my mother who was training to become a Nurse found financial support from distant relatives and her outstanding academics, which led to her migrating to The United States leaving me behind to be raised by my Grandmother, up until the age of 9 when my mother was financially able to send for me to come to the USA.

Culture Shock: Life In America was the biggest culture shock that anyone can imagine. For instance where I was born and raised public electricity was not available and everyone lived off lighters and lamps. The rich families were able to afford generators to power their houses for like 2-3 hours out of the regular 24 and then use natural light to save gas and money. Water wasn’t easily available like here, I depended on cooking rain water and walking miles to lakes with buckets and back with them on my head to give to my family and community. I didn’t know what a sneaker shoe was until I received my first sneakers at the age of 8, prior to that you walked barefoot everywhere or if lucky you found some scraps and made slippers for yourself with rubber. Me and my primary school mates used to use soda cans as soccer balls , and always sneaked into the window of any family who had a generator because that is the only way to watch a football match, lol imagine 30 kids trying to look through 1 window in an already fully occupied house. This was my humble upbringing. This upbringing was shocked when the first thing I saw when I got to America was a little kid slap his mother during P.E in elementary school, lol something like that would lead to death just because of the disrespect to your elder. Such behavioral differences , coupled with the technological advances and free opportunities in this country was all the shock I needed to see that we all live on one planet but really in different worlds.

My rise in America: Early on in America, I knew that all I wanted to do was survive, find my way, and stick to whatever route I choose.
Being African, everyone wants you to be a Doctor because Doctors receive high praises for their humanitarian works and their high paid wages. I wanted to become a Cardiologist but after realizing I did not want to go to school for 8+ years, I chose Nursing as my entry to greatness. America is a country filled with a lot of distractions for the easily impressed, and these distractions will steer any man into the wrong path but not I, I chose Nursing and to stay out of the street life and tough macho behavior that many Americans love to portray. in 2015, I graduated with my BSN at the University of Central Florida and I’ve been working as a Travel/Intensive Care/Emergency Relief/Pandemic Relief Registered Nurse. For instance, I was in charge of Los Angeles County’s initial Covid-19 initiative( The SURGE Hospital) where I led the ICU unit as the top Charge RN, under guidance by the Chief Nursing Officer of Kaiser Permanente, the Chief MD, and the Director of Critical Care services, to combat the onslaught of Covid-19 at its start in 2020. After California, I’ve helped out the States of New York, Texas, and Florida with their COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts. Nursing is A profession and healthcare is a passion that I will hold to my heart forever and will never leave, but I always knew it was just the starting point for me towards my greatness.

Transition from HealthCare:
Even though I love healthcare, I always knew my true passion lied mainly in Entrepreneurship and Business. For instance, in 2016 to 2018, I was the Co-founder of Rainbow Residentials of Florida (now inactive), a companion care staffing agency, where I did a lot of community engaging work with the Department of Children & Family. Having done such, I wanted to venture into a new market that will help me fulfill my full life’s purpose and that market was Music & Entertainment. Knowing this, I started my own indie recording label, Sufferings and Offerings Music (www.sufferingsofferings.com) and I now have 2 rising artists from my birthplace signed to me. Sometimes I feel that God brought me to America to help unite the World and at the same time save as many of my brothers back home as I can. I am a Nurse, a son, a mentor, an entrepreneur, soon to be business & music mogul, and an overall bringer of Light and the son of Yahweh. I came from nothing and I want to show anyone else in the world with self doubt that their only competition in life are the thoughts they think and the words they speak.

Sufferings and offerings music, www.sufferingsofferings.com, is an online community that I created with a focus on recognizing and propelling young un-discovered talents worldwide. Our main genre is rap/hip-hop and world music but we welcome all sounds of music to join our family! We are actively investing in our brand with an aim of developing sustainable careers and internationally acclaimed success for our artists and affiliates.At Sufferings & Offerings Music, we offer creative services & innovative marketing solutions for artists, talents, and companies looking to engage target audiences and showcase their brands. We are a first class and full service boutique agency focused on enriching the missions & visions of all of our partners; with a focus on music production, social media management, and overall business consultations.

The sufferings and offerings core team includes of an: a&r, social media managers, playlisters, and influencers. Our team is focused on sync, marketing, sales, accounts and legal; expanding significantly since our launch.

In 2019 SANDO, our Merch Line of Sufferings and Offerings, was added to the company to not only serve our supporters who were seeking merchandise to wear but to also help King Uche unleash his creative juices in the streetwear world. Being a fan and avid buyer of popular streetwear brands such like BAPE, BBC/Ice cream, and other such popular brands, King Uche wanted a fashion arm of his own and thus SANDO was born. SANDO is short for Sufferings AND Offerings. Please visit our website https://www.sufferingsofferings.com today to learn more and view all of our current products and merchandise.


Being an Avid supporter of Women and Women’s rights, I also created my third brand MIGHTY MUSE, a Women’s counterpart to SANDO, in order to push Women empowering products out on the market. Please visit our website https://mightymuse.net for more details.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
-What is your real name? My birth name in Nigeria was Uchechukwu Oribi Okwara but when I arrived in America, to ease my transition I changed my name to Melvin Oribi George.

What part of Nigeria are you from and where are you based now?
I was born and raised in Dikenaifai, Ideato South Imo State (NGA), but by the grace of God
I am now based in Los Angeles, California (USA)

-What is your stage name?
My stage name is KING UCHE but my moniker is THE FLYGERIAN aka The Rising African King of Rap

How did you come about your stage name?
My name is Uche and I am a son of the Most High KING of Kings, so it is only right my holy name is King Uche.

-How and when did you start music?

I have been making music for almost 2 years now. When I first entertained entertainment, I was focused on the business aspects. I wanted to be a boss of bosses from behind the scene. It wasn’t until I was betrayed by friends and family that I started this business for that I decided to do everything for myself. I am a 100% independent artist. I started off learning the game of business in the music industry, that’s when I created my label Sufferings and Offerings Music.

After learning the business, I dived into learning the game of writing and rapping in the music industry. After hard work, sweat, and relentless practice, I have developed a system of success for me and my artists. My limit is endless. I have my own label, I have signed myself as my own artist, and now I have also enlisted two other Nigerian Artists I fully believe in into my label, MARTINS LUV & 99DRIZZY.

-Which artist influence your music at an early stage?

At an early stage, from Africa – Awilo Logomba, Flavor of Africa, Psquare, Tekno, Phyno, Davido, WizKid, Skepta, Shatta Wale, Fela, Burna Boy

At an early stage, from America – Jay Z, Rick Ross, Birdman, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Drake, Young Dolph, Kodak Black, Meek Mill

-What is the name of your first single and what year & month was it release?

My first single ever released was called “Owu Gini” in October of 2019, in fact I only did that 1 song that year, the rest were done in 2020 during Covid19

-List the different singles you have release?
2020: Danny Phantom, Crash, My Lady, Type I Like, When I Was broke, FLYGERIAN MUSIC (EP)

2021: TYPE I LIKE (EP), Money Mitch, Take Off (My Top Song Now)

-How did growing up in the south affected your song?

Being an Igbo born and knowing the unfair political climate in my country, it was very hard growing up in the South. It affected my music and singing, because it gave me a certain level of soul and heart with my music and feelings. Being born impoverished, my only brother dying due to food shortages, me getting robbed by armed robbers prior to leaving Nigeria, my village life struggles. Everything reached my music because my music is an extension of my soul and lessons from life.

-Which music award have you receive?
As I am just now stepping into the scene I have not sought for any awards because I don’t want any yet. I am still developing and getting comfortable with my sound and when I fully enter this game I will get ALL the Awards, I promise you that.

-Mention the various milestone you have reached as an artist?

Being independent means that you don’t have any big labels backing you. I work for every dime I spend on my music and that on its own, seeing me come from nothing to something and then make something out of nothing Is milestones enough for me.
My first debut EP “Flygerian Music” gained 400,000 streams in its first 2 months on Spotify alone!

-Which major artist or producer have you worked with?
I don’t want to work with any major artist or producer right now, only my team. I have my 2 artists, 99Drizzy and Martins Luv, and I have my own producer, Genesix-Did-It, so we cool.

The major artists will be the ones begging to work with me soon.

-What are the element you need to create an amazing record?

In order to create an amazing sound, I need peace and quiet first. That’s the main two important elements to me. In addition to that, I need a relaxant. Something to help calm my mind. Most times I like to sip very fine Red wine while making music, Whine or Cognac, whichever I’m feeling for the day. It helps relax me. And living in a place where Marijuana is legal, I of course blaze up to get the final transcendent vibes.

But the main ingredient is good place, good people, and good energy.

-Getting signed was a turning point for you, what has the journey been after getting signed.

Haha getting signed is a very important turning point, but I’M INDEPENDENT, I signed MYSELF.

Are you currently working on a project?

YES I AM. My next EP is titled “UCHE MUSA” OUT JULY 23 ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS WORLDWIDE! Listen to it here: https://onerpm.link/4737558391

The up-and-coming undisputed King of Rap from Africa King Uche has certainly made a bold statement with his newest EP that has redefined the trajectory of his career. The new EP, named ‘UCHE MUSA’ will be releasing worldwide on July 23rd, much to the delight of his diehard fans around the world. King Uche hails from ImoState, Nigeria, but is currently living in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California, which is what allows his music to have such a unique flavor to it. As good as he is with his catchy lyrics and impressive instrumentals, King Uche did not always want to be a musician. He got into the entertainment industry because he was in love with business – he saw rising potential in Hip Hop and Afrobeats music and he took his chance.
His newest EP, ‘UCHE MUSA’ is one that is based on a couple of life events. The reign of Mansa Musa (whom the EP is based off), the Nigerian Civil War (that led to the loss of over a million indigenous “Igbos”), and King Uche’s own life struggle of being born in the harsh, poverty-stricken ghettos of Nigeria have all inspired him to become a man of his own, with a purpose greater than him. In the EP, King Uche dives into sensitive topics that interest him. Such as Love, Life, Hate, Purpose, Society. On “Rise Up’ he reflects on the political turmoil and the after effects of the #EndSARS global movement that made U.S. President Biden and Hillary Clinton to speak up about. In his song ‘Can’t Lose’ he speaks to the youth and motivates/reminds them that anyone can win and achieve anything as long as they want it and never give up on it. In ‘Love Go’ King Uche dives into the world of heartbreaks and betrayal as he himself suffered the biggest betrayal of his life from those closest to him. The entire EP elicits very strong emotional responses from all who listen to his words.
King Uche made the EP ‘UCHE MUSA’ also in honor of the late Mansa Musa of Mali, the wealthiest man to have ever walked the face of the Earth. King Uche is inspired by the historic accomplishments of Mansa Musa and hopes he can emulate such a legend in his own way. King Uche hopes that ‘UCHE MUSA’ serves as a motivational anthem and energy boost for everyone lacking spirit, motive, and drive in today’s rapid & ever changing society. He combines his uplifting message in a harmonic mix of the 2 music cultures that raised him- Hip Hop and Afrobeats, which creates a musical experience unlike any other.
PreSave/PreOrder his powerful new release ‘UCHE MUSA’ and learn more about King Uche on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.

Listen link: https://onerpm.link/4737558391

Name: King Uche
Email: Contact@SufferingsOfferings.com

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
My favorite spot in LA is Runyon Canyon. I go there at least once a week or two. Every time a friend comes to visit me I would always start our day or week off with a simple hike to the highest point of Runyon Canyon. I do this for several reasons. 1. The therapy and nostalgia you get from overseeing the world famous Hollywood from the top. Who doesn’t like being at the top in life? everyone does, that’s what we grind our butt off for. So I always make sure to get my morning dose of Runyon, because being at the top is climactic, its Epic (especially for out of towners who see the hollywood sign for the first time. They just fall in love with the views, the scenery, and the energy that you get that says nothin can beat you in life).

After Runyon Canyon, I would definitely get ready for brunch and bottomless bellinis!, if available lol. I like Blue Jam cafe a lot but I like to make it a habit to find somewhere new to eat all the time. By 2pm, you should feel the buzz and the majesty of the city settling on you. This is when I would take my guest strolling through the Santa Monica beaches from Venice to the Pier to Malibu. Get some more Bellini’s lol. The hop on the car before sunset and drive though PCH to get that rich LA breeze and beachside feeling. its euphoric.

by 7-8 pm I would take my buddy on a ride through mulholland to see the houses on the hills and they’re beautiful scenic spots to oversee the city.

When it’s time to party, I will take my friends to my favorite spot Mama Shelters in Hollywood. Get some more drinks in and some awesome appetizers, then we hit the strip sight see and get ready for the nightlife or well in this covid world – to go home lol.

On Sundays, we will either have a beach day at Malibu or go visit the Leimert Park villages for the different cultural showcases that are prevalent there, especially to me being African.

I love LA because you can never run out of ideas of what to do.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
My grandmother Patricia Okwara, who passed away last year is the only person worthy. She gave me my drive and motivation to succeed in life and taught me to never give up or allow myself to be defeated no matter how large or big the obstacle. Shoutouts to you Grandma! I hope you’re in Heaven smiling and dancing like you always do!

Website: https://linktr.ee/kinguche

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1kinguche

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melvingrn/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/1kinguche

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1KINGUCHE

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvlUJQbt72_aV-HFSexs-1Q

Other: Sufferings and Offerings Music: https://www.sufferingsofferings.com/shop Mighty Muse clothing co: https://mightymuse.net/shop Music Links: https://linktr.ee/1kinguche

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