We had the good fortune of connecting with Niki Bell and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Niki, what inspires you?
I am unconventional and unpredictable. Companies, professionals, and people are the human struggle. How life affects business and how business affects life?! I have seen people in my ten plus years in the investment industry, who have what is considered a pipe dream. I have seen people ask for money out of desperation and retaliate against others when they do not get what they want. I have experienced Type A personality businessmen disregard and belittle me, websites with Angel Investors and startups ban me for made up reasons, particular industries who need money are brutally honest with me that there will never be trust amongst us over the years, and all the above was either due to gender bias or their racial reasoning that made me in their eyes unworthy. On the other hand, I have seen myself in the eyes of others who describe me as: sassy, classy, saucy, and one that deals with all financial matters. Yes, that is me. Let us not forget “bubbly” as well. Do they do business with me? No. My energy behooves people to the point that they gain the courage to pick up the phone and call me. Is that a measure of unforeseen success? No. What inspires me? are the No’s. What inspires me? Is the lack of support and encouragement that I have had in my life and career. When I speak about funding, even in simple terms, people’s eyes grow to the size of saucers. Why speak? I wonder. Why even try? I keep pushing myself to have more energy, higher vibrations, and to persevere no matter what. But, why? Because I deeply care about the world and the people in it. I deeply care about all the little girls who have been told NO over and over again. This is when one must tell their mind what to think and feel with so much happiness in the vision until it becomes reality. Money, does not see color or lack of, we do. Value, does not see gender, we do in our worldwide patriarchal society. Worth, should not be measured by one’s title or elitist vanity. I make no political or religious statements here, simply facts. If a thousand people told you NO in a day, could you survive? It depends on who you are. I have survived, but I am more than a survivor. I deeply care about being more than the lines that divide us. Do I know what it takes to be in that 1%? Yes, I do. It is my mission to educate, to school, to guide, to advise, to be in the know, and much more; in order for people to rise above poverty thinking, no matter their background. I am inspired by life, the way people live it, and how they conduct business. Some use systems that are age old, even if they are an entrepreneur. What drives me is innovation. You must be able to think outside the box and execute. People do not understand partnerships, collaborations, and deal flow. A year from yesterday, those who did not see the value in partnering with me are circling back to me because their company is now non-operable. This is why they often come to me, my predictions are very precise. Deal flow for me is the ultimate orgasm!! The opening and closing of a deal, the process it took to get to the end result, the working together to make it happen, and seeing that outcome in real life numbers with humble and grateful attitudes. This is what I create and do on a daily basis. You either understand it and if you do not; you still will move out my way!! I am here for those who are ready, and perhaps have made some mistakes along the way. I am unstoppable!! I am a warrior!!!  Thank you for this opportunity to share my heart, my mission, my vision, my passion, and my love for all!!!!

What should our readers know about your business?
Never Give Up! Nothing in life is easy. I overcome challenges based on my happiness, which is a practice, a mindset, and a vibrational feeling from the heart. I am a magnet for goodness, change, love, and wealth. Once I learned to go from poverty thinking to, “I have all that I need right here and right now”, being thankful, and appreciative in that moment. I realized that I am always being taken care of in the present moment. “Being taken care of”, especially by the universe or spiritual world. It was a belief system that I was not privy to. No one and nothing has taken care of me my entire life from birth. There are people who believe that everything will work out in the end. Some of these people have faith within themselves, have healthy relationships with others, they have groups they belong to within their communities, and they may have family they can rely on. These are luxuries. A person can still have those things/people and still have no one. On Death Row, when the inmate comes out from his cell amongst others, the crowd yells, “Dead man walking”. A dead man is not bothered by what people think, how others react, they know how the game is played, and observe in silence. Then there others who have seen nothing but the worst and their beliefs are based on the physical experience they have endured. For example, some of us have experienced where we lost our house and no one was there for us. I learned to take all that painstaking reality and make it my resource for educating people about how to tap into the reservoir of endless possibility. I went from overseeing 200 organizations as a political strategist to realizing that while my heart was in the right place without funding for the cause(s), one is unable to “effectively” help the people. “Effectively” being the optimal word. If I am still in the mindset of survival and trying to help others to survive by giving them resources that funnel the dependent despair as generations before, and the adage of “save them”; then how do I uplift my consciousness to a higher sense of self? How do I evolve from my cell block? Despite being a Master’s level educated woman with no prison history: I would think to myself that I have the confidence, the self-motivation, and the knowledge. I would think to myself what is missing? Support? Sure. Certain resources and backing? Yes. Does it matter? No. What if I take my knowledge and grow it over time; and at the same time help others along the way? This is what I did. I switched over a decade ago from non-profits to investments. It is the best decision I ever made. Furthermore, how did I do it? I passionately say this:   “You have the ability everyone!!… To tell your brain what to do, think, believe, and create a new reality. You have the power to reprogram your mind. Walk in light and into your existence. You have to implant the images in your mind, like a movie…no matter how long it takes. The resistance is your inner power getting stronger. The stronger you become the more challenges you face, until you gain the correct tools to combat any obstacle… and you are doing it joyfully. It is simple, and it is deep. There is a lot to it. It is not about Law of Attraction or even Mindfulness because for most people such labels means something different. It is about you living your best life, gathering tools along the way that help you be in the present, and it is about you being happy. The vibration you put out there, is the energy flow in which you live. To change the vibration, you must think in the higher dimension. To be in the higher dimension or even communicate with the universe or your higher self, you must change the way you think. Thought and feeling is the equation for your best outcome that serves a purpose. Once you find your place of forwardness, then you are always moving, all the time. Then people, events, and places will be in that same alignment. It is not about you working harder, in regards to your mind or even physically. It is about your energy being higher in order for you to be that magnet and vibrational pull needed to rise above any situation and connect to the desired outcome. Never Give Up!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” There are companies I have helped along the way, which are run by people, who are making millions and millions of dollars today. Did I get paid? No. Why? Money is free, the act of asking for it is free, and that means my services are free.  This is according to the responses and mindset of those requesting millions of dollars over the years. “Niki, simply share my proposal, pitch deck, blue prints for expansion, development, mining, etc. in your network of investors (online and in-person)”. Each time this has been said to me. There is no value in this and the company asking is unwilling to invest in themselves while devaluing me at the same time. Period. I had to learn more, execute, and go deeper in terms of self-value and self-worth. As I always say, “Your self-worth is your net worth”. Eventually, I had to demand payment for services from companies with revenue. Companies with no revenue, I listen, and suggest. Even after I grew in those areas, even to this day, there are still companies, which are run by people, who are unwilling to pay me for the services I provide. This is an excellent example of gender inequality. I am breaking the silence. I live with an unstoppable vitality for life!! I am far from being politically correct and the truth is the truth. You see in my industry of private funding many companies do not understand deal flow, building aliases, partnering, collaborating, effective communication, diversity, and transferable skills. What everyone is trying to do, I have been doing it for years.  My industry is heavily infiltrated by men. So, what sets me apart is my bubbly, sweet as candy, amazing conversationalist skills with firm directness. I talk to investors everyday. Real investors see the value and love me for my efforts because it is less work for them when a project is not up to par and I get them to where they need be. Many investors have worked hard over the years to be where they are and bring much expertise and value to the financial round tables. Also, some understand what I am up against. I talk to plenty of companies that need help and have some to little ideas of how private funding actually works. The issue with the  financial industry is that there is no structure whatsoever. I built my own structure or service, same as a firm, for when companies or investors come to me. I use that changed mindset, vibrational energy, and all around good neighbor attitude to get the deal open and closed. My brand and story is that I am simply me. Money should not change who you are. I have an energetic personality, friendly, firm, believer in abundance, and I keep it real. I help companies to be aware of funding options. I am an expert in investments within the private sector in multiple industries. I deal with start-ups preferably B and C series vs. A  series (seed or pre-revenue). I help companies in any sector that make $1Million or more in revenue a year. Most importantly, companies who are ready to hire a professional management team, which is myself. I provide a service first, and within the United States I provide consultation on the funding process. This is in direct alignment with the rules and regulations of the Security Exchange Commission. Internationally, I provide business services and match them to investors. My business services include identifying a few problem areas now and solving them before receiving funds. Money is not the value. Money will not solve the problem(s). Investors want to see companies that have invested in themselves by hiring a professional expert like myself. A lot of people do not understand the funding process and feel that it is free, meaning I work for free. I absolutely will not work for free!! It is extremely important for companies to hire an expert from beginning to end in terms of business strategy, marketing, and their financials.  In addition to being an investment expert, I coach in life, financials, and business. I am also a published poet and performing artist for over thirty years. It took a long time to get in my place and be comfortable in my space. This comfort comes with momentum, confidence, and with the price of being ousted. People seek me out and think they do not need to pay for my expertise. If I do not voice these issues, then the attitudes will not change. Whenever someone is doing work for you, giving you suggestions, having long professional conversations with you, you must pay it forward. It is an injustice to seek me out and feel that I will work for free, no matter what you have been told. If you do your research,  you will find that there are plenty of people who do what I do, they simply do not look like me. They are usually older men in their early to late 50’s or 60’s. They have been the lead person on all financial matters in their companies from owners, CEO’s to CFO’s; but refuse to take risks. Therefore, oftentimes in those ten years the company has not grown. Innovation is key folks!!! I do not look the part nor do I act the part. I set myself apart because I care deeply for businesses and people with a dream. Trust and loyalty is the ultimate energy source to get to where you want to be, and one must be surrounded by it. The mentality in the financial industry must change and it begins with myself. I take responsibility for all the wrong that has been done to individuals who have sought help with the process and who lack the access. I have the access, experiences, and wisdom to continue to forge ahead. But, I only work with professionals and companies who are ready. Additionally, I align myself with others. I collaborate and partner with companies. Most of my clients have been referred by others who have actually worked with me or at least have had conversations with me. Social media is great, but for me it is not a viable source when speaking to or doing business with a real investor. Clients found on social media requires me to do a deeper dive on them, ten times over, and oftentimes they are not forthcoming when found via social media. Why? Private funding is different from government funding. Government funding is public record. In the private sector a lot of information is hard to find because it is not made public. Therefore, if someone is unwilling to get on the phone or do a video call, a company or an investor, when it comes to doing business together… I will not have anything to do with them and neither should you. If a potential client wants free, then they can seek out a loan, a loan application is usually free. I have plenty of professionals I know who have been in that industry for decades and I am happy to refer them. I do not deal with crowdfunding, call me and ask me why. My conversations are positive and I keep it that way, no matter how offensive people may be to me. I am very selective of who I choose to work with. I reach out to about 400 companies a day and 200 investors, one by one. Some get back to me, and many more do not. Yes, I need a competent sales marketer or performance marketer that is data-driven and results-driven.The purpose is to simply make sure companies are aware of their funding options. I do not deal with small business loans or anything related to the government. As soon as that was announced, there was no money left for the government to give to businesses. I deal with early, middle, and late stage companies. I work with small, medium or mid-market, and large companies. I deal with project funding, buy and sale industry (mining, gold, minerals,etc), and pre-IPO’s (late stage). I ask that companies stop skewing the numbers and if they have debt to admit it. I am a business strategist and I am here for you in order to scale your growth or stay in business. It all begins with a simple conversation, honesty,  and transparency on both parts. People must remember that money is energy, you should be in flow with it, like running water, versus resistant to it. Most people are resistant to it due to ignorance. If you come to me and say you already have consultants then there is no reason for us to talk. If you come to me and you are unwilling to share your financials, then why seek me out? Whatever amount you are asking for in millions of dollars for your company, before receiving it, your company must present themselves as such. This is the part where I help you with this in the very beginning. Yes, it is a numbers game for many. For me it is more than that because numbers do not tell the full story, it is only a fraction of the puzzle. It is your livelihood. Inventions, businesses, corporations, import and export, and more, contribute to one’s life. Professionals who are self-employed or work a 9-5 job and lose their job because the CEO ran off with the company money. It is everyone’s livelihood that the company just messed up. This is why you hire an expert. These projects I take on help to improve lives, some contribute to a cause, or they are making a massive global change. These are my babies. I will guide you and teach you how to crawl, walk, and stand on your own. You must hire me and allow me to work as a leader and a team player. I am alone in my efforts for over a decade. Yet, I know that nothing is done alone. My deal flow is based on others competently doing their part as well. I will not sugarcoat these realities. I have had successful deals as of late despite the times. Whatever you do, do not give up!! Never Give Up!! We will rise together!! Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart, my mission, my passion, and my love for all!!!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Credit and recognition of who I am? I think not. I raised myself as a child and as an adult. I would not be where I am today if I did not have my mind right, intact, and ready for anything that comes my way. Someone told me when I was a little girl, “As long as you have your mind, you will be okay. Do not let anyone or anything take your mind away. If you believe you are sick (physically or mentally) then you will be sick.” There are many horrors in my life that could have done just that… taken my mind away; but my fighting spirit would not allow it. My answer is the following: Snoop Dogg said, “I want to thank me for believing in me. I want to thank me for doing all this hard work. I want to thank me for having no days off. I want to thank me for never quitting. I want to thank me for always being a giver and trying to give more than I receive. I want to thank me for trying to do more right than wrong. I want to thank me for just being me at all times. Snoop Dogg you are bad…” And when he said it, he sounded humble. Word!!!! I say all the above, including “Niki Bell you are a powerful woman!” No one deserves credit for who I am, where I have been, where I am at, or where I am going. For many reasons, I came out of the womb fighting, a goddess, and a warrior! Many times we want to hear about how someone took themselves off of drugs and changed their life around, for example. We want to hear about a drop-out who became an entrepreneur and multi-millionaire. Why? To glorify the stories and the people living it. Many of us who have lived, survived, and have gone on to do more than just that… we have done so in silence. We do not have credit to give to any other thing or person, other than ourselves. To be truthful, to be real, to be transparent, to be raw about it, to direct one’s belief in a simple way of understanding that many people are not where I am, or where I stand; but, they do exist. We either have not met or we are dead because of the life we have lived, or we are alive and dead. Some of us are imprisoned on the inside and the outside. I have had to rise up since day one, from the moment of breath. I do not have one story to tell, I have many. There is not one life I have lived. There are plenty of lives I have had to live in order to be humbly breathing, speaking, existing, loving, and living!!!!! I am fortunate because I have me to thank. Thank you!  Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart, my mission, my passion, and my love for all!!! We all rise together!!!

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