We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Ayla El-Moussa | Artist

Nature, music and women. I grew up on a biodynamic farm in the west coast hills of Canada so nature has always been the place I go to when I need inspiration.The ocean being the most important element for me. Music of course just adds an incredible mood and soundtrack for the work I do. It’s very hard for my to create without music. Women, of course are just beautiful enigmatic creatures that make everything beautiful, so they also are a key role when I am looking for artistic inspiration. Read more>>

Niki Bell | U.S. & International Investment Expert

I am unconventional and unpredictable. Companies, professionals, and people are the human struggle. How life affects business and how business affects life?! I have seen people in my ten plus years in the investment industry, who have what is considered a pipe dream. I have seen people ask for money out of desperation and retaliate against others when they do not get what they want. I have experienced Type A personality businessmen disregard and belittle me, websites with Angel Investors and startups ban me for made up reasons, particular industries who need money are brutally honest with me that there will never be trust amongst us over the years, and all the above was either due to gender bias or their racial reasoning that made me in their eyes unworthy. Read more>>

Ry Toast | DJ & Yoga Teacher

Total Authenticity. And feeling present in the moment. Read more>>