We had the good fortune of connecting with Patrick Conseil and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Patrick, what role has risk played in your life or career?
I have always been one to take risks. I moved to London from my native France when I was 18, alone. I chose it over the safety of going to college. My move to the United States a few years later was also risky. It was like starting over. I had to figure out a way to be able to stay in the US long enough to achieve my goals When you work in a creative field you have no choice but to take risks I believe. I never felt I could do my job if I was not willing to take risks. I ‘d rather be a trend setter than a follower when it came to my decisions in business or life in general for that matter. It’s always been about my gut feeling and my curiosity for new things and new cultures.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I got my very first job at a record label in London. I knew nothing about the music industry, only that I wanted to be in it. I had everything to learn. I worked hard to get promoted and when I was finally allowed to sign talent. My first signing was Austrian and recorded in German language. It was a risky proposition to sign but I was willing to put my job on the line for it.‘ Falco’ went on to sell millions of records worldwide. I was only 21 at the time. My move to NYC, as exciting as it was was no easy task. Dealing with immigration was stressful long process. I wanted to be known for making various acts from continental Europe known in the US. Publishing giant, Warner Chappell saw the potential and hired me to do just that. Euro pop was not typical of what was charting in the US at the time yet a handful of singles I managed to get released did end up certifying Gold and Platinum.I had a passion for Dance music in the 90’s. I worked very hard  convincing labels to spend real money promoting club records I felt had potential at radio , records by Amber Billie Ray Martin and Captain Hollywood to name a few. I was able to help dance artists have radio hits and score Billboard top 40 chart positions. I am proud of that achievement. Dance artists were not taken seriously by the industry back then. It was many years before every A and R started signing EDM acts. I went on to sign numerous American artists and songwriters at Warner Chappell after that. Moby was one of the first and again it was a risky deal to make at the time. He didn’t fit in the landscape of what the industry was pushing at that time but he certainly did amazinglly well with the ”Play” album in particular. I relocated to Miami Beach for a change of scenery in 2003. I felt there was huge potential for Latin Music to be embraced by the Anglo Market. Many in the industry saw that move as bold. I was not fluent in Spanish and I was leaving my industry contacts behind. I had to create new contacts in a very different market. It was risky  but I loved the challenge! I had a great few years working with Latin songwriters and got many songs recorded by Latin pop stars. In 2008, I lost everything, my job, my apartment and once again had to reinvent myself. I moved back to NY. After consulting for a while I held the postion of Sr.VP of creative with a fast growing music publishing company. It allowed me to move to Los Angeles. I had always loved coming here and had decided I wanted to be here full time. signed some great talent there such as Shawn Hook and producer Morgan Taylor Reid and arranged many co-writes while at the company.One notable one being  Sam Fischer’s hit ” This city”. My signings paid off after my departure from the company unfortunately. It is not unsual in this business. Few companies have the patience to develop talent nowadays. Ioften takes a long time to recoupe advances given to a writer. It can take a few years. Buying catalogues of known copyrights is far less risky than developing new talent. The most frustrating part of working for big companies nowadays is the lack of time given to nurture talent! Catalogues don’t get built overnight, publishers need to help creators build a body of work that will stand the test of time (so these acquisition companies have something to buy 20 years from now lol! ) I am known for helping talent early in their career and to connect people. Taking such risks sometimes lead to job loss. People in the music industry don’t get fired for doing nothing. They get fired for signings that don’t succeed and lose money, or don’t make money fast enough! When dealing with art, there is no guarantee. Its always a gamble. I can honestly look back at my career and say I have never done any deals that were unfair to the artists.I just don’t have that in me. I am grateful that I have been able to make a living in this industry for over 35 years. Despite the many ups and downs I always managed to survive  in this fast changing industry. In 2018 I decided to be independent and I started my own publishing company. I also found myself acting as a label for one of my projects. As an indie label and publisher there is a financial risk involved .There are costs associated to promotion and marketing, radio, ads, artwork, video, and so on. If you believe you are promoting real talent with potential of longevity, that’s what you have to do. I believe the music I release will sync in films and TV shows and help raise the profile of the artists and the brand.  I did not think I would be involved in the artist management side of the business. I had given up on that side of the business a long time ago to become a publisher .It just happened. I want the world to know about my artists Addie Hamilton and BAYWUD who are putting out great music and deserved to be heard. Both deliver wonderful and unique vocals. We are releasing a series of singles in 2021 leading to full length albums in summer. Addie will also be featured on the beautiful new album by Portuguese artist Pierre Aderne.We are very excited about this collaboration. I m on a mission to take house Music duo and songwriters ‘Schmarx &Savvy‘ to the next level. The year has started well for them with a series of successful releases, I believe 2021 will be a big one for them . Its also gonna be another great year for writer producer Rune Westberg. I believe in his songs so much. He has had a lot of success over the years and I hope we can keep growing and reach more people thru his songs. I am excited about his work with BAYWUD and  with Canadian artist Jon Bryant and he started working with Beth Hart again for her new album. I am always on the look out for true artists that I feel will benefit from collaborating with Rune.

I also consult for two indie publishers and enjoy it very much. Both are in it for the music and allocate support and time for their writers to grow and Im grateful for that.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Morning Coffee at Go Get ’em tiger on Hollywood Boulevard or Maru on Hillhurst before a hike in Griffith park. Take in the view of LA from the observatory. Drive the scenic Kanan Dume Road to Malibu and Zuma and eat lunch upstairs by the window at the Sunset restaurant. The Beach cafe in Paradise Cove (on a week day) or the far end of the Malibu Pier are also good outdoor options. Check out all the cool places the Arts District has to offer, pop into Hauser and Wirth art gallery, have an early dinner on the patio at ‘Bavel‘. ‘Salazar’ in Frogstown is another favorite of mine for Mexican food and outdoor dining. Casita Del Campo in Silverlake is another option for casual Mexican food and strong margaritas.I hope their basement theater, the Cavern Club survives after being closed for a year due to Covid. Its a hoot!  Have brunch at Moby’s ‘Little Pine’ vegan restaurant. The newly added outdoor space is great!  My friends Sarah and Antoine’s French bistro ”La Loupiotte” on Vermont in Los Feliz is a place I always recommend as well. If by the time you read this, it is safe again to be indoors, walk over for a night cap at the Dresden Lounge and catch Marty and Elaine doing their thing as they have for 35 years. ”Fresh ”on Sunset plaza is another lovely place for delicious plant based options. Head out for a drink at the Sunset Marquis Hotel or Marmont Hotel Cafe is always a great bet for hearing music #saveourstages. Until they are able to reopen, do catch some of their virtual show. Try and catch BAYWUD on Jam in the Van on June 5th.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
David Bowie and Cat Stevens. They inspired me so much in my youth. My cousin Monique and my late sister Nicole for inspiring me to go live in LondonLondon for reassuring me that being different was a good thing. My best friend Steven A Robins who helped me stay alive in my early broke NYC days. Music publishers Kenny MacPherson (for giving my my first job in the US) and Neil Gillis, Mark Eman, Michael Eames of PEN Music Group and Marc Caruso of Angry Mob Music. All the artists and songwriters I felt were worth me taking risks for over the years .My partner Andrew who is so supportive of my current endeavours.

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