We had the good fortune of connecting with Power2thePeople Camila & RAwOne and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Power2thePeople, how do you think about risk?
We think about taking a risk as taking a leap of faith, and when you take a leap faith you never really know what can happen, you just have to trust, give it all you got, and believe that no matter the outcome, it will be worth the experience of personal growth. We believe that with taking risks either one of two things can happen; we either fail trying or we succeed in opening new doors of opportunity. Either way we would never have to wonder “what if” for the rest of our lives. In the process of convincing ourselves to take a risk or as we like to call it, a leap of faith, we can overthink all the worst case scenarios like, What if we fail?, Are we going to be able to make enough money to support our family?, Are we even good enough?, etc.. but we also realize that there is an opportunity to make all of our wildest dreams come true. So we see taking risks as an essential part of reaching our goals and realizing our dreams.

The experience of taking a risk manifested for us at a crossroads of personal life meets career, when we realized we were spending countless hours working for someone else at a regular 9-5 just making enough to pay the bills, not doing what we love, having little to no time to get creative, to just get by. At that moment, we had to make a decision; do we take the risk and leap into what we truly want for our lives? or continue living life unfulfilled. That’s when in the spring of 2019 we decided to quit our day jobs and dedicate our time to pursue our music full time and make it our business. We really didn’t know what, when, or how it was going to happen, all we knew was that we felt a deep calling to do what we love to do, which is creating music we feel passionate about, & expressing an elevating message that can contribute to this world in a positive way. Leaving a legacy for our daughters, and our loved ones.

As we remain consistent, we keep aligning with the opportunities that keep taking us to the next level in our career and in our lives. Thanks to the risks we have taken we have gone from creating music in our spare time, to creating, and recording music full time in a professional studio. Taking the leap, and moving beyond our comfort zones has expanded us beyond the fear of the unknown and in to a life full of inspiration, passion, joy, and fulfillment. We trust we will continue manifesting our dreams to reality as we experience all that taking the risk has done for us thus far. Every risk we have taken has been more than worth it. May it inspire you to take the leap in to living the life of your dreams.

Please tell us more about your work. We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others, what you are most proud of or excited about. How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way. What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
We believe what sets us apart from others is not that we’re trying to be separate or different from anybody, we are simply being our unique selves to the fullest and that translates in to the message we share in our music and content. Although, something that isn’t so typical about us is that we are a husband and wife duo. We create, do business, have a family and share inspiration with each other. The message we share in our music is inspired by self-healing, psychedelic experiences, and shamanic practices we have deepened in throughout our personal spiritual journeys and relationship to one another. We share our stories of growing through trauma and crisis we’ve experienced. We create our music with the intention to uplift and remind others as we remind ourselves of our strength, resilience, and greatness. All to trust in the unfoldment of life as a journey, that as many of us awaken to our power we can hold space for a conscious shift happening on our planet. We are co-creating a revolution of evolution where love, peace, and compassion take center stage.

We are most excited and grateful for our passion and dedication to our craft as it’s woven deeply with our purpose to create and share what we love to do. Our passion and dedication to our art and our growth has expanded our vision as to how we want to navigate our music on a professional level. We’ve remained persistent on the caliber of music we put out and because of it we’ve hit over 150k streams in the past six months and only plan on elevating the experience people hear from us and creatively that’s something we look forward to.

We got to where we are today by first and foremost believing in ourselves, remaining consistent, and breaking down the bigger vision in to steps we take one day at a time. The journey definitely has its challenges but when you remain open to possibilities a type of flow and ease supports the process. We simply give it our best every single day, we might not feel our best everyday, but we keep pushing, holding space, and empowering each other through any doubts, insecurities, or limitations. It’s truly all about the mindset that sets the tone for how open we can be to following our hearts truth and we choose to set ourselves up everyday in that frequency.

One of the lessons we have learned along the way is not to compare our timing or success to anybody else’s, we each craft our art in different ways and grow at our own pace. As long as we keep moving forward with lightness and joy we can maintain a special outlet for our individuality to be expressed and trust that what is meant for us wont miss us.

What we would like the world to know about us and what Power2thePeople represents is a remembrance of our power as people. Our power to elevate, heal, transform, uplift, empower, illuminate, create, manifest, learn, experience and bring to life our greatest life from the inside out. With powerful forces such as gratitude, creativity, connection, compassion, community, authenticity, cultivation of peace, realization and knowledge of self we can hold space for a spiritual deepening, awakening, and reflection. A space of universal support, beyond judgements.
We all have a higher power we can consciously integrate and activate in our daily lives. A powerful force found within us all. Imagine more of us awakened to our unique gifts and truths, what powerful and incredible things we can achieve and overcome as a collective. With that, we’d like to invite you in to sharing the experience of remembrance, of awakening to the power we all have as people. Not only is it in our capabilities and resources, but in the power found in our diversity united. We are here to amplify the energy, we are all Power2thePeople.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
We will give you a list of our favorite places, but here’s an ideal day itinerary. We’d start with breakfast at Swingers in West Hollywood, then head up to the Griffith Park Observatory for some morning views of the city. Then, we get ready to cruise towards Downtown L.A to check out Grand Ave, as we head on over to the beach. Depending on the day, we’d choose either to walk down Venice Boardwalk to scope out the scene or the Santa Monica pier to hop on the ferris wheel, most likely both. Then we would enjoy the drive down the PCH to Duke’s of Malibu for happy hour fish tacos or black bean nachos and drinks at the barefoot bar for lunch. Enjoying ocean views as we eat. We’d then stay on the PCH towards Las Virgenes to drive over the canyon enjoying the peaceful views as we go. Making a quick pit stop to visit the all white marble Hindu temple over the hill to soak in some positive energy. Then we would drive back down the 101 to catch sunset views of the city at the Mulholland Dr. Overlook as the city light come on. We’d end the night with bomb tacos from our neighborhood taco truck; as the following day can be filled with more fun and food to enjoy.

Throughout the week we’d enjoy places around L.A like the San Pedro Fish Market, or deep sea fishing out of Long Beach. Enjoy a nice hike at Runyon Canyon then head to Kreation L.A to have some nourishing smoothies and food on Larchmont Blvd. The madness of the Santee Alleys. Walking down Hollywood Blvd and later enjoying an In n Out burger. Cruising down Sunset Blvd to Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Disneyland is a must, but for certain hitting up some awesome nature spots around the city is necessary. Mt. Baldy, Eaton Canyon Waterfall, and the Arboretum in Arcadia being a few spots we’d consider. We would definitely consider a drive to Ventura on the PCH to vibe in the studio and visit our people out there. As well as a say trip to Ocean Beach in San Diego. Los Angeles, and just California in general is such a blessed place to be. We love this city.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
First and foremost we want to dedicate this shoutout to our daughters Luna and Sol who are the ones who inspire us to lead by example and live a life full of love and freedom, and our Families who have supported our journey the entire way. Even though at first our families were a little apprehensive about us not having the financial stability of a regular job, they still believed in our potential and supported us any way they could. Thanks to their support we continue to hit milestones that initially were things we only imagined.

There are definitely some inspiring creative people we have met along the way who without their help, belief, support, gifts, time, and energy Power2thePeople would not have evolved into what we are today.

We would like to recognize our brother and right hand man, our Producer/Engineer/Powerhouse Creative: Filiverto “Fili” Landeros from Landeros Productions, who we’ve worked with for more than 2 years now crafting our debut album Death & Rebirth, a double album experience. He has helped us elevate our craft by providing us with the space, wisdom, and skills to empower our creative process. Our dynamic is one we’d love to share because with Fili we can bring to life the truest vision we have for our music and of course that reflects in the quality of music and mixes he provides as he’s been almost 20 years strong in the industry working on all types of genres. He recently earned his Bachelors Degree with High Honors from the Los Angeles Recording School and we are very proud of his accomplishments. We are definitely grateful to be working and building all that goes in to Power2thePeople with him.

Another brother we’d love to shoutout is Steven “$tonehardt” Cook, an extremely talented musician, who we like to call our secret weapon, but isn’t so secret as he’s produced and co-created many tracks with and for us. Recently we brought to life Reflections EP, a project we collaborated on with him and Fili. He is a multi-instrumentalist versed in various genres. His skill and style have contributed to our sound tremendously and we are so grateful to be working with him. He is also part of the development of our double album Death & Rebirth, listeners are sure to hear his epic guitar, bass, and other skills throughout the project.

Last but not least, we want to shoutout a super creative soul sister, Nancy Villarreal who is a multi-disciplinary artist who blessed us with her videography and visual editing skills on two music videos we created for two songs off of Reflections EP. Her eye and our combined visions made for a magical visual experience that we are very excited to share. The first video for our song Breathin’ is actually out now on our Youtube channel. We will be creating some special content with her for Death & Rebirth that you can expect later in the year. Nancy is not only gifted and skilled in what she does, she is a visionary who is passionate about bringing art to life. Her ideas inspire and expand the execution of a project. It’s truly special to work with someone like her.

As we highlight people who we closely work with, we don’t want to take away from the various people we’ve crossed paths with as we’ve been supported and encouraged by so many beautiful people. It’s one of the things we hold close as Power2thePeople that we all have something to offer each other. We are definitely stronger together, empowered by one another in community. We rise together.

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