We had the good fortune of connecting with Sarah Daye and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sarah, do you have any habits that you feel contribute to your effectiveness?
I’ve learned early on gratefully to build great relationships, and I started by figuring out how to position myself in specific atmospheres to connect with the desired professionals, surrounding myself with those greats who inspired me to grow in the industry and in my craft. I learned to watch, look and listen carefully. Pick up the phone and call, take initiative to build. Ask questions and do my homework, Early on after leaving musical theatre college, I realized how important it was to get out there in the scene and connect with creatives, and networking as much as possible with the right people who will lift you up and continue to inspire you. I have also worked consistently on my craft and skills by creating my own work producing my own shows internationally, rather then waiting on others to do it for me. Discipline is key! I learned about consistency and hard work from my dad. He introduced me to sports and enrolled me in dance since the tender age three. So I started training very young learning the importance of practice, team work and tenacity. On top of all that, I follow up and follow through. And never give up on what I want to do! My modo has always been “Just do it!” And that’s literally what I do. Make it happen, with Gods grace and guidance.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
My business and brand is all things “Sarah Daye”. I offer services such as; Vocal recording sessions, Songwriting sessions, Vocal producing, Musical Direction and Show Production, Entertainment Booking & Events management, Vocal Performance coaching, Artist development, Voice overs. and Music Consulting. What sets me apart is my incredibly diverse experience. I am not only a Recording Artist, Singer Songwriter and International Entertainer with an extensive background having studied at Toronto Canada’s top private musical theatre college, “Randolph College for the performing Arts” In which I was accepted for my ability as a triple threat talent. Having to be strong in all three disciplines; Singing, dancing and acting, which is what got me in. Studying at Randolph is also what kick started my musical journey of the Daye. I was quickly encouraged to focus on my voice and my music career as I’d get more lead opportunities, and that’s just what I did. The rest is history! I have a serious passion to strive and thanks to my father a work ethic that’s undeniable and quite hereditary as I see it. Focused on my skills, talents and disciplines, on top of the vast variety of hands on experience as a professional dancer and Indie singer songwriter producing shows locally, until I began touring Independently overseas. I managed my shows, bookings, and contracts Internationally. I have been blessed to do some amazing works building my brand, expanding my knowledge and I have a lot to give back with such diverse eclectic influences I’ve been immersed in over the years from my home town Toronto, Canada to Sth East Asia, and now many years successfully in the LA Entertainment and Music scene. I am happy to bring a very high level of professional experience to the table with my own distinct style, sound, education, and vibe. Somethings I’ve been humbly praised for over and over again by some of the best in the business. For my uniqueness, skill, power and personality. These compliments have always been confirmation that I’m on the right path. And I am happy to help bring music, entertainment and joy to peoples lives using my gifts. I definitely bring my Canadian spirit into everything I do too. I believe being kind is one of the easiest, and least things we can do. I live to motivate others to be the best version of themselves and I challenge myself with that said, on a daily too. Today I am super ecstatic and proud as well for the hard work that has paid off multiple times now. My background in studio, stage, theatre, touring and in the classroom, have brought me such opportunity. And I believe that is what has helped me to get to work with some of the very best in the business. My undying desire and tenacity to just doing it!. Plus a mixture of my ability, talent, the incredibly hard work I put in, along with the relationships I’ve built which are all factors necessary to achieve the three artist visa’s I’ve now gotten successfully, to be eligible to live and work in the US, as an “Extraordinary Artist; Singer Songwriter. “. An unbelievably hard accomplishment especially this time round in the middle of a crazy political war and pandemic. Overall, it truly is the hardest visa to get. So I am over joyed to be back in LA and simply ecstatic. This visa has allowed me to be based in LA and I’ve created a life here and career that’s been successfully building. Thankfully I love a challenge and I’m no stranger to hard work. I definitely have no fear to go the distance, and I do what it takes to succeed with honor, respectfully. I’m also proud that with consistency and the tenacity necessary, some incredible doors have continued to open up and I’ve been blessed with greater opportunities again and again. Such as, working recently on a single with the great Chuckii Booker, An EP with my band that is made up of my Soulful collection of originals that I’ve toured with on the road. Being produced by Grammy Nominated drummer, my MD “Stacey Lamont Sydnor”. And, a variety of sessions and works with Kevin Flournoy and also Kevin Dorsey to name a few. I’m super proud to have had the great honor to also feature in Vegas @TMobileArena for over 40,000 people, two years in a row recently fronting and featuring with “The Kevin Eubanks Band” for Microsoft. These type of shows and stadiums are on a whole other level. Hence, JLo just had her “It’s my party” tour there as well, just before I featured there this last year before Covid hit. It was an honor to feature in the same arena next to many major names and artist as Jennifer, who have inspired me greatly. Not to mention, several of my friends were in her band! A true story, my career started off very similar to Jlo’s, dancing for a hiphop dance company first as well, backing many artists. But I was of course in Toronto, Canada. What I’ve learned along the way!? Overall, You gotta put in the work. for me, I am very proud of my years touring across several countries in Sth East Asia solo managing all my business, bookings, events and sessions etc hands on learning how to do it all myself. Then coming to LA solo, I leaned in my years now in America how to survive full-time as an artist with the added hustle being a foreigner, with the visa struggles.. I learned so much hands on which indeed prepared me for the next level journey. Where little did I know, I’d have the biggest challenge of my career and life yet. The Hollywood hustle is real. But I thankfully learned how to adapt in all situations, and I know how to thrive and survive. how to be cautious and not rush into decisions. I gratefully came ready with my vocal chops on point, and I learned to deal with all personalities despite the differences in language, culture and industry. I also learned how to create my own work by producing my own shows, and going out to get it myself. Not waiting for anybody to do it for me. I basically created my own lane. I am glad I’ve had the guts and bravery to approached those who I admire to work with them. Though some sure enough happened organically! But I am most definitely living and creating my own personal Daye dream. As I always say, Just do it! I’m proud over all to have been blessed to entertain for royalty, some of the hottest venues on the planet, celebrities. And featured at incredible festivals locally and overseas, Including major brand events while living in KL and BAli, which I’ll never forget. I’ve musically directed my shows internationally, hired all my musicians, put together many bands for spot dates, concerts, negotiated my own contracts for residencies locally to Internationally over two decades successfully. And I am still moving strong despite a pandemic and worldwide crisis. Thanks be to God. I’m in it, to Win it! I always advise, Keep motivated surrounding yourself with those who have your best interest, and who you can grow with most importantly. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some of the great relationships I’ve invested in. “Just do it!” I want the world to know that my best is yet to come! I can’t wait to complete my new projects in the works, that are sure to be my best yet! I’m very excited to work with new clients, Including one young artist I just started working with, to help develop. And I can’t wait to work with many more new and upcoming aspiring talents in all capacities. Get at me! As for “Sarah Daye” music; I can’t wait to share my newest single I’m most proud of yet, that’s produced by Chuckii Booker. It’s called “Catch me (If I Fall)” ~ Stay Tuned and sign up for my email list for a free Mp3 of “I Care”, as well as my monthly Daye updates to share. Go to: www.SarahDaye.com

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
First of all the Marina. I own a sailboat, bought me a yacht and it’s the best thing I ever did. So Marina Del Rey is my kinda lovely. I love the peaceful vibes of the ocean, the sunsets are to die for and the beach is a hop skip and a jump legit. Next I would take them to go hiking, eat on the coast at one of the restaurants in Malibu overlooking the ocean. And also go biking from Venice to Santa Monica which is always cool and so freeing too. I’m an island girl at heart, and though I love the city too, There is nothing like the beach vibes. Good food, drinks, company, and a view!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
First and foremost I have to shoutout to my Lord God, and my other wonderful father aka major Dad! He is my #1 supporter and inspiration introducing me to music since I was a baby, playing guitar and singing to me throughout my childhood and teens, We sang over camp fires, enjoyed years of cottage days and he shared his amazing record collection that touched my soul and became the soundtrack to my life quite literally. My dads name is Zen. We call him the Zen Masta! And yes, cause he’s cool like that. Haha. He taught me to never give up on my dreams thankfully! Wouldn’t be here without him. There are a number of others along my journey of the Daye that have become apart of my Daye Dream Team, whom I’d also love to thank and shout out. One being my drummer, musical director and longest dearest friend in LA. The one and only Grammy Award winning drummer ‘Stacey Lamont Sydnor’. He not only has had my back playing for me since we met on stage while I was featuring on the Jamie Fox show “Foxxhole” @TheCongaRoom years ago, with musical director Nisan Stewart, But, he has been supporting and backing me graciously years since. His infectious energy and incredible skills had me from the beginning, Now thankfully he is helping produce my live Ep with my Daye Dream Team Band that is long over due. And delayed due to the real struggle and work that had to be done to remain legal on this extraordinary artist visa I had just been dealing with as a Canadian in Cali. A major challenge that not many can even fathom.. It’s the hardest Visa to get in the US and it’s crazy expensive!.. But through it all, Lamont has been that solid friend who’s stood in the gap when I needed him. I will forever be grateful for his help, his loyalty, and for truly showing up, and honoring me with all I needed for my case, even when he was sooo unbelievably busy. Not to mention, all the opportunities he has included me in. Having me sing with “The Unit” band over the years at some of Hollywood’s top venues with A list musicians and artists in the game. I thank you again and again! Excited to make some more magic my forever friend. Next is my brotha Greg Gale, who helped for a few years literally as my roadie in LA, helping me bring my equipment to gigs etc. A true supporter and friend that has gone the distance! And also my brotha “Wayne Vaughn” who wrote hits for EWF & The Emotions to name a few. Thanks for all you do. The help with my visa to get me back in LA, I will never forget. And for the love, always promoting, referring and standing beside me in faith. The history and stories are classic baby. #Winning And lastly but not least, some truly incredible industry gents I could only dream to be on my team, that came to the table and helped with everything and then some that I needed recently. I am over joyed, grateful and feel sooo lucky! Only God could arrange and align such powerhouse players with this kinda timing and synchronicity. Kevin Flournoy: Known as one of Hollywoods hottest Producer/Songwriters and a pianist to the stars. Kevin has blessed me immensely. He has played years with Aretha, Chaka, Glady’s, The Pointer Sisters, Jeffery Osborne, Teena Marie and me, to name a few. I thank you Kevin for featuring me on many of your KFlow Show web series with so many greats. Including having me co-host and sing for the Lamont Dozier Jr series that was a super special treat. We even got to discuss and sing little pieces of just a few of the 54 Motown hits that Lamonts dad wrote, that we all know and love. Like; “How sweet it is to be loved by you”, and “Ain’t nothing like the real thing”. Kevin has called me for recording sessions at Westlake Hollywood also, where MJ recorded Thriller with Quincy. A session that had me sing with, and vocally directed by MJ’s singer and assistant musical director himself “Kevin Dorsey”. That day we literally worked with many of the best musicians in the biz. I want to thank you Kevin. you have truly blessed me with all the above, as well as support my visa process this round too. I can’t wait for us to record a few of mine we’ve planned to. Bless you! We are family. I forever got you too sweets. Kevin Dorsey; Not only was it such a pleasure and honor to work with him. But he is such a consummate professional. The most humble, personable and incredibly supportive and giving. I actually met him at another studio meeting in LA but had no idea who he was at the time. All I know is, he was legit. And when I got to work with him and find out more with Kevin Flournoy, I was most definately blown away by all the incredible works he has done. Coming up in this industry you learn that the ones with the most talent, legitimacy and longevity, they don’t play game or have to talk! They are the most humble, helpful and chill usually. They do the work! I want to personally shout out Kevin Dorsey for not only your kindness but for supporting my visa last minute, and truly having a girls back. For inspiring us with your incredible gifts and your work ethic. My equipment was stolen mid Covid and when Kevin found out, he came and gifted me by replacing it. Talk about selfless and generous. I will never forget iT! He said that’s what we do for each other. Now that’s a class act. How blessed! Chuckii Booker; I had the great opportunity this last year to connect with Chuckii after years of discussing working and the timing never yet quite right. Til this last February at Namm in Anaheim where I was featuring at my boys booth all week for the conference. Unbelievably, Chuckii walked by my booth while I was performing and called my name. I was so surprised and overjoyed as it was the first time we finally met in person and he actually heard me live. Needless to say, we connected to work at his studio at the time in Huntington Beach. And happily I just wrote one of my favorite originals and latest singles with him that I plan to release very soon. I am super thankful for his graciousness honoring me with such music he created for me to collaborate and write to. And for his love and support helping with my visa as well. I can’t wait to share our work and do more too. Special shout to Chuckii “The Best” Booker for making time for the Daye. He is definitely the busiest in the industry. Working with Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie as MD over 20yrs successfully and American Idol too now, on top of his own album in the works. It’s amazing how he handles it all. I feel truly grateful, blessed and honored. Stay tuned for the music. The single is called; ” Catch me (If I fall) “. Shout out to these amazing men! Quality and kindness is everything. GOD is great! Amen.

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