We had the good fortune of connecting with Scott Naar and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Scott, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Risk is really the crux of my entire career as a filmmaker as it is with many people. Choosing the path of filmmaking or choosing to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and the arts in general is a risk in of itself. Before I wanted to be a filmmaker, I wanted to be a musician, so from the age of 13 all the way up until now, I have always, at least this is how I feel, been destined for a risk heavy career that is in the vein of “all or nothing”, because that’s what you have to give a career in the arts, you have to give all of what you’ve got, so there is no room for a “plan B” or a contingency. It’s either you’re successful in the career you’ve chosen, or nothing, and that’s always been with me. So in a sense, risk is the essence of my existence, and what that perpetual risk does is that it drives me forward to pursue and spearhead my career with no reservations, because I know, this is it, it is all or nothing for me. It’s either achieve my filmmaking goals, or bust and though it might seem scary to someone who has chosen a more conventional, less risky career path, to us in the world of the arts risk is almost like a companion along the ride with us, always pushing us to push further.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
When it comes to my films, I pride myself on wanting always to genre bend. What I mean by that is, I’ve stepped into a realm of filmmaking where I refuse to be tied down to fixating on one specific genre per film. Currently, I have become fascinated by writing and creating drama films that have horror elements in them, that depict stories of interpersonal conflict between members of a family or between two lovers, and inject horror elements within the story. But these elements are never random, they’re always birthed from the core issue between two or more characters in the story. Further more, my art has matured during the COVID pandemic, or rather my approach to filmmaking and directing has matured, where I feel as if I have developed a very specific and niche voice towards my films and I an stepping more and more into “autuership”. In summation, What sets my work apart from others is my specific voice when it comes to drama and horror. Right now, I’m most proud of my horror feature script “DEMON” as well as my upcoming next short film “Willow & Lydia”, to be filmed in June.

The way I got here professionally was with a lot of support from my loved ones, a natural drive and determination to achieve my goals and aspirations, and my unbridled and unshaken love of cinema, writing, and creating. Though it has not been an easy journey, there have been many obstacles for me, specifically from the fact that I am an immigrant. For years I lived under the yolk of being in the US under a student Visa and this caused financial hardship and mental hardship. I was constantly at risk from being removed from the country simply because I needed to make tuition payments at my various schools, and if I didn’t I couldn’t attend classes, and if I couldn’t attend classes, I couldn’t stay. This caused not only a drain of energy constantly, but a constant anxiety over whether or not the life I had built in the states would get uprooted suddenly. When Sarah, my wife and I were married, it fixated my position here in the states, but even going through that process of becoming a resident had its numerous and constant challenges, the US does not make it easy for immigrants to stay here, even after they’ve been here for years. I am thankful to Sarah and my parents for supporting me, and helping me through those obstacles so fervently, I would be nowhere near where I am today without them, in fact, I would simply be nowhere at all.

What I want people to know about me and my story is that I simply love the arts and have a fervent passion for storytelling and filmmaking, it is all I am good it and all I will ever do.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Well, I would first take them to some of my choice spots that I like to just go to to look at and take in. So I would take them first to Griffith park and drive around it, and show them from the winding roads the big vistas of LA. I would also show them Santa Monica and Venice beach, simply because the life and culture there is so infectious and organic that it needs to be experienced by everyone. I’d also show them franklin village, a little quaint block of restaurants and shops in hollywood that I frequent that has vegan ice cream, a vinyl shop, an amazing restaurant, and perhaps one pf the most famous cafe in LA, “the Bourgeois Pig”. On the other days I’d make sure to take them down to Malibu to experience that dreamed after side of LA that people see and hear about, that iconic drive along the PCH, and I’d take them to more food spots like Dave’s hot chicken, various Mexican restaurants I love like Acapulco in Glendale, and then maybe a few choice nightlife spots along Hyperion, like the Lyric Theatre. I would also have to take them to little tokyo which is such an interesting and amazing place to take in Japanese culture and just hang out, and also the arts district near downtown LA.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
The main person who deserves credit in my story is my wife Sarah Hartman-Naar. In a sense, we combined our journeys and pursuits into one and since then we have together gone farther than I could have ever had on my own. What she has done has turned this pursuit into a team effort, where two people are not only encouraging each other and pulling each other up, but also forming a kind of dynamic duo with different strengths and weaknesses combined to make one powerful organism. We moved to LA together to pursue the same dream, we hustle together and push our brand our brand together, while still being autonomous of our own specific goals and aspirations. I am grateful, because this path is not an easy one, and I have known many people with partners who simply just, dont get it, dont understand why you’d want to take these risks and not just live a more “usual and safe” existence. Having someone who not only support me in this path, but pursues it alongside me and in concert with me is invaluable.

I also want to shoutout my parents, who are my biggest cheerleaders and from I wanted to pursue a risky career like music even, have been not only supportive, but have facilitated my journey, and shoutout to my Dad who got me into loving movies and who introduced me to quality movies outside the mainstream, it ignited my passion for film.

Website: scottnaarfilms.wixsite.com/superastra

Instagram: @superastrafilms & @scottalexander_naar

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