We had the good fortune of connecting with Tracy Debi and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Tracy, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?

If I am being honest, I didn’t really think about starting my own business! I just assumed I would be a Chiropractor my whole life and maybe take over someone’s practice.

Working as a Doctor, I realized that many people’s definition of healthcare varied; but most people operated with the definition as healthcare as the ‘absence of disease’ so unless something was really wrong, they just assumed everything was okay. I was also astonished that many people lacked body awareness and an understanding of how they were feeling.

Our healthcare system is not setup up to educate people on preventative measures we can take to increase well

being. The focus is to help people out of pain; and many come to seek care in a dire situation that is energy consuming.

I also noticed that nervous system regulation was the difference between people who recovered from pain quickly versus those who did not. Emotional dysregulation is the primary cause of nervous system dysregulation and yet I was not taught about this in school; and patients were unaware of the connection between their emotions and experiencing of physical symptoms.

My personal value system is based on a love for people (& their potential) and a deep curiosity, so I kept asking different questions and getting different answers to help people aim for and achieve well being.

I was told by a few of my patients that I was more helpful than their therapists and one patient even told me I wasn’t a good Chiropractor but I was a great coach….so my eyes were opened that maybe I need to transition to a different environment where I can truly support people to not only prevent pain, but to understand their body and themselves better to achieve well being

At the start of the pandemic, I took a pause (like many others) and knew the right next step was to take advantage of this opportunity and create a business that could serve people online and was in alignment with my gifts and skills!

What should our readers know about your business?

My business is going through a transformation as we speak and the name of my Company is changing – although our foundation is the same and I am still the face

I primarily have a Coaching business and although there are many nowadays – what sets mine apart is that I have a deep understanding and practical experience working with the body – not only mine, but with many others. Like I mentioned earlier, many people are unaware of their emotions and have little body awareness unless something is painful. This is relevant because if you even find yourself feeling overwhelmed or even stuck, chances are there is an emotional blockage at the core of the resistance.

Many coaches talk about mindset which is important, but at the end of the day, emotions are experienced in your body and if they are suppressed/ignored, they can get stuck in your body and end up consuming a lot of energy. Which is an unconscious process!

A lot of my work is to help people understand their emotions, increase self awareness (especially of their body) and how that is impacting them today. This involves an awareness of traumas that may have occurred earlier in life, how that has affected the person now and what they can do to transform/change that energy.

I also worked with Bob Proctor while transitioning from Chiropractic and he helped me understand the important role that emotions play in manifesting your desired future.

So I have come to understand that the same information that can help you transform physical or emotional pain in your life is the same information that can help you manifest a future that you truly desire! How cool is that? I literally love that the Universe is designed this way.- and that was something I never understood when I was a Chiropractor!

I am so excited and passionate about sharing this information with people because I feel like EVERYONE should know this and I am questioning why we are not taught about it in school! I also don’t know many people that have my background and expertise so I am excited to see how many people I can support in creating well being for themselves!

Like many other entrepreneurs, this has been a tough journey with many highs and extreme lows. If I am being completely transparent, I overcame the challenges because I had a dark night of the soul experience that shook me up and I opened up to believing in a power greater than myself for the first time. When I opened myself up, I realized that I had a purpose on Earth and that I needed to get back on track to fulfilling that. Connecting to that purpose has literally given me the energy to overcome challenges.

One of the big lessons I have learned is that challenges are designed to help us grow and evolve into the highest version of ourselves. That is not always easy to accept in the moment – but it feels true for me. I am challenged to look within for courage, bravery, vulnerability, trust and surrender to the process. I have also learned that I am not in control, and that the Universe is a friendly place. Things are working out for me! More recently, I have had big lessons on the fine balance between intention and surrender which has been humbling.

I want the World to know that I am here today because I believe in a purpose for myself. I have come to understand that every single person has a purpose on this planet – my company was created with the intention to help people understand themselves better to uncover what that purpose is, and stay connected to it throughout their life. Challenges will come, and life will test you, but how you approach these challenges and tests can change if you stay connected to your purpose. I want people to know that I have personally travelled back from the brink of suicide to being completely in love with life without the use of drugs or major therapy – and that if I can do that, I believe anything is possible!

I personally believe love is the greatest energy and unifying force in the world and I want to support as many people as possible to find that within themselves, for themselves!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

I just moved to Vancouver recently so there are probably places I am missing but I live a block away from the beach so we would definitely go to the beach and hang out! It’s quieter in the morning so I would love to bring a great book, go for a swim and bring a portable grill to make some lunch!

I love nature and would definitely spend time around UBC at Pacific Spirit Park and even go to the treetop walk in the area. I would also rent some bikes and bike around Stanley Park (which is a must)

Around where I live one of my favourite restaurants is an Italian place called Nook and it’s a must try!

Must visit places close by are Granville Island and the market they have, as well as taking the ferry to Victoria! A little further away is Whistler which is a top skiing destination in Canada and they also have an Olympic park you can check out from the 2010 Olympics.

The whole vibe of Vancouver is exciting – very different from other parts of Canada and it doesn’t snow here much! What personally excites me here is the amount of nature that you have access to and how passionate people are here about preserving nature! The trees here are very tall and majestic and have so much wisdom, I love hanging out with them to create zen for myself!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

OMG! This is a challenging question for me to answer because there are so many people that have been a part of my journey but three people come to mind!

In Chiropractic College, I had a Neuroscience professor named Dr. Maria Thomadaki who took me aside and really helped me to understand my own potential – she believed in me when I did not believe in myself. I borrowed her belief in me until I developed it on my own. I will always be grateful for the time and genuine care she showed me; it literally changed my life.

She introduced to Dr. Jerimy Blowers who worked at my school at that time and after talking to me for 30 mins, he literally told me how I think and process information and the best way for me to study in school! I have never had a more accurate reflection back to me in such a short period of time. I followed exactly what he said and got straight A’s the rest of Chiropractic College! He gave me an even greater gift of self awareness and I got to use that to learn more about myself. Again, I am forever grateful to him!

The last person is Dr. Joe Dispenza who is pretty famous worldwide – and a fellow Chiropractor! I had to look outside of my profession for help as I was in a lot of pain myself; I studied ancient texts that were explaining how emotions were the backbone of health. Throughout my own studies and application, I was able to experience a spontaneous remission of pain but for years I had no idea what happened. When I got introduced to Dr. Joe, he was able to explain what happened in detail as he went through his own healing and dedicated his life to using science to explain what happened. I am so grateful to him for taking that leap of faith and making a huge impact in the World!

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Other: My podcast is called Spirit of Success and you can check it out at: https://drtracydebi.com/spirit-of-success-podcast/

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