We had the good fortune of connecting with Natasha Kojic and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Natasha, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
To me, balance is the result of discipline, self-awareness, and self-control. How I interpret balance? Just like a nice music tune. When the sounds are well “organized” and mixed well so when you listen to it, you don’t have to know why or to be a musician, but you will enjoy the tune. That’s because of its balance made of so many details put together in the right way (balance). Now when you translate it to “real life”, it’s the same. When you feel happy, it means that your “tones” are flowing well, creating a good balance. In addition, without discipline, there is no balance, in my opinion. The “devil” is in very carefully organized details. Things do get in balance itself but without putting some work into it, it will fall itself. That’s why you have to keep a track of it regardless.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I don’t know if I will ever be able to say I learned or speak from that perspective…It’s always things to learn, and more to go. Up until now, I learned that a day has only 24hrs haha and during the quarantine, I learned that those 24hrs can be really tricky to find a balance between apps, zoom meetings, etc, and enjoy the nature and other earthy things. So far, “Corona” is more than just a virus, lol. Back to original question of yours, what would I want people to know about my story? Hm…Quite amusing…When “Mary Poppins”, “Wizard of Oz”, “Pipi Longstockings” meets the “Inception” and then add the appropriate soundtrack to it, coronavirus lockdown and social media, haha! Welcome to Disneyland, lol! Aside from the “story”, next week or following, I am finally in a studio, on set, with people, etc..During this COVID lockdown, productions had to stop filming, and during some moments I was really scared of ” what if entertainment industry never comes back. It was a real test for all of us in entertainment industry because you go through a lot in your head, a lot of ” what if’s” etc”, but as of next week, things are moving again and I am happy to continue where we left off. Forgot to say, I have finally registered my own Media Production so it could be a bit too busy now that “pre corona” mode is back, but not going to worry, it’s all organized well… Because I had some help with organizing, haha!!#confession My I calendar is either half busy or it’s about to explode, lol! This week, we are organizing the schedule and all that boring stuff yet so essential!

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Well, if anyone is to visit right now (assuming there is no requirement of 14 days isolation), mainstream touristy places is what everyone wanna see obviously but I would take a friend to see the amazing, beautiful nature of California: Ocean first ( My favorite beaches on Malibu and surf spots, Malibu beach house for a total chill out and some hidden gem spot at Zumma that I love, called “Sunset”, and then up north almost to Ventura, there are tons of my favorite “secret spots” places to enjoy the nature. A few hiking trails such as “Solstice” hiking at Malibu, maybe even “Bridge to Nowhere” (which is closer to Pasadena, is a beautiful and super long hike, and my friends always flip out on but end up happy that I “made them do it” because I don’t get them prepared for it, haha. Just in case they don’t deny, I usually say “it’s about 4 hours” which is actually almost 8 hours hike, but it’s easy, you don’t climb, it’s like an incline beautiful walk, and you are surrounded by water as well, it’s amazing. At the end of a hike, you just wanna go to sleep, but you feel amazing, and everyone loves it after experiencing that hike! Besides nature, there are a few great restaurants with a nice view, vibe, etc. I have my own “secret” spots for dining and enjoying the view and vibe. Getty Museum is always regular to go place when I have friends visiting, and The Broad. Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Abbot Kinney blvd on a regular basis, full of cute places. If you want to go to a show, there are places like Pasadena Playhouse with great musicals. If my friend is to visit L.A. during Christmas, def. would go to Descanso Gardens, to a “Forest of Light”, the most amazing place to be at during the Christmas. It’s like being in a fantasy movie (I have on it in my Instagram Stories highlights if you wanna see). That’s what I can think of at this very moment, besides the mainstream places and famous Instagrammable spots haha, which are great as well (Hollywood, Beverly Hills)…It’s tons of great places, but for the full experience, avoid driving, as every hour becomes a rush hour, haha!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Literally everyone, lol. Seriously, how do I know? I have my favorites of course, but even those “unfavorites” have their sort of contribution. Wait for a second, after the question about balance, now I am answering this question from that point of view. There you go! Let’s put it like this: Family, Berklee Music of course, and their scholarship was a great stroke of luck and motivation, and then a film composer Christopher Young, music mentor, boss if I am on a movie team, and a great friend. My friend Tommi, who unfortunately is no longer with us, I forever keep in my heart and then all my friends (the list is long). Speaking of an “organization”, I would mention SCL and SAG AFTRA. Most recently, I was lucky to be invited to Facebook “Hackathon” organization, so I am excited to network with some great minds over there. Speaking of a book: “The Art of War”, “Four Agreements”, and “The Alchemist”.

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