Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Regina Harris | Entrepreneur

As an entrepenuer, there are many times that I have felt like it was time to pack it up and stop. There are always ups and down in business. If you are passionate about what you are doing I recommend pushing until you are heard. As a person with a strong spiritual connection and I understand that GOD leads my life so when I feel discouraged, I pray, let it go, and wait on the Holy Spirit to move me. Read more>>

Tishmal | Musician, Artist, Poet

I can only speak from my own experience, but I always like to ask myself the question “What if it turns out even better than you imagined?” There is only one way to know and that is by trying, just to see what might happen. But when things feel especially heavy and I my mind is pushed to that place: “Do I keep going or do I give up?” I have learned to find a gray space. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, black and white, quit or keep going. Read more>>

Doron Morgan | Entrepreneur

You don’t . It’s not like in the movies where in your hour of greatest need , you unlock some hidden untapped power , instantly overcoming your struggle and winning in the end . In the real world life is complicated, we endure trails and tribulations for which their is no inherent right or wrong answer . To keep going or to give up is entirely perspective based ; in the storm of life you chose in the most binary of ways to either focus on the thunder and lighting , or the sun hidden behind the clouds . Focus on the distractions or focus on the beauty in the struggle . Both are correct and both depend entirely on your perspective . Read more>>

Jason Agresti | Artist & Musician

If it’s something you can’t live without and it’s the core of your being, and this is who you were before outside influences had an impact on you. Read more>>

Marc Martinez | Independent Filmmaker and Father

We all have our lowest lows. Like in the movies when the hero is at his darkest moment, that time when all hope is lost. You’ve thought of every possible solution to a problem but just can’t solve it. Your best just isn’t good enough. Then doubt creeps in and you ask yourself, “Did I make the right choice to pursue this venture? Am I really not as good as I though I was. Not as smart, not as talented. Maybe my uncle was right, I should get a real job.” And then a tear escapes. Reality checks your analytical brain. It’s just not written in the stars for me. Read more>>

Kenna Flores | Actress

Growing up, my parents used to tell me about the hardships they faced being illegal immigrants in America. Essentially, their childhood was taken away because they had to work from a very young age to survive. At the age of 14, my dad began working several below-paying minimum wage jobs. My dad’s day consisted of waking up at 4 am to work the opening shift at the store, walk to school, then work the closing shift at the store. Read more>>

Ria Prince | Model and content creator

I think what is most important is to first discover what is truly meant for you. It isn’t as easy as it sounds AT ALL. At first, I was all in in the music industry, writing in sessions for several artist, but I was finding myself in less than desirable circumstances and was being met with resistance. But when it came to modeling everything fell into place so naturally. Music will always have my heart, and I wouldn’t say that I’ve completely given up, but learning to accept what comes to you organically is so valuable. And who knows maybe the doors that opened easily for you, will have the keys to the other ones inside it. Read more>>

DJ Amara | DJ & Interiorscape Designer

During the pandemic, this was actually a looming thought that weighed heavily in my heart. The uncertainties of how the pandemic was going to affect the events industry long term, and whether or not I would be able to perform for a live audience again really put me in a dark place that led me to consider giving up a 20 year DJ career.  Every day I thought about another career that might bring me the same happiness that playing events brought me. I had to make sure that whatever that new pursuit was, I’d have to wake up excited to do it. Read more>>

Mimi Rose | Songwriter

Trust your heart. People will always have opinions, but. even if they followed your same passion, their experiences are limited to only their own eyes and not yours. People also have personal interests, and these might not be aligned with yours. Your love for whatever you’re doing has to be so big you’re willing to go beyond… To fall and stand up over and over again… to keep going Read more>>

Gilberto Baroni Junior | Architect

Every design challenge is part of process, therefore is natural that will involve exploration and a path to completion. Particularly to me, there are two signs that shows a stage might be over. First, is believing that enough is not enough, so no matter what is being created, there is also room for improvement. Read more>>

Jaymes Camery | Filmmaker & Teacher

I don’t think there is ever a time to give up. There are times to change, but we do our craft or art because there is a passion and love for it. Giving up and losing that would be detrimental to who we are as artists, business owners, and people. And we can do what we love on many levels too. We should continually be evolving and finding ways to improve our craft and challenge ourselves. Obviously, if you do something well, you don’t want to abandon it, but also, how do we highlight our strengths while we continue to grow? So if you feel like you’ve hit a wall, my advice would be to adjust and maybe try a different process, or figure out the best way to showcase your talents. Read more>>

Miranda Grijalva | Background Painter & Illustrator

I am still learning how to know when too keep going, and when is the time to give up, but I try not to see either or as strictly a success or failure. Sometimes, even the passions we pursue can become overbearing. I think it’s important to step back once in a while. In my last year of high school, I wanted to go to art school, and as soon as I arrived, my whole life became about art. And only art. It became so overwhelming that I dropped out after one year. Read more>>

Rachel Loyacono | Fine Artist & Art Teacher

There have been countless moments that I have wanted to give up on pursuing painting as a career. I graduated with a BFA in painting in 2014, and while that felt like an accomplishment, I also hadn’t the slightest clue of what to do next. I hadn’t taken any business classes in college, and really felt overwhelmed at the thought of taking something I loved so much and attempting to make a career out of it. Read more>>

Bobby D. | Social Media Content Guy

If the fun outweighs the grind then keep going. If you’re consisently miserable doing whatever you do then either find a way to enjoy yourself or move on to something else.. Read more>>

Emilie Svensson | Director

I think in light of recent events with the pandemic, this question is weighing especially heavy on all of us, regardless of the work we do, or lives we live. With the film industry in particular, I think everyone, both masters, and green people, have often thought about throwing in the towel. Read more>>

Ty Smith | Photographer & Director

There has been times when I want to give up because I feel like my ideas aren’t reaching their full potential when I create them and other times I feel like wanting to give up because on the business side of things money is moving slow and it can get discouraging to keep moving forward when you want your passion to be your full-time gig. Read more>>

Laura Palmer | Musician, Multi-Media Artist & Creative Director

I don’t think it’s as black and white as that. The creative process is a cycle, and it’s important to know which stage you are in. Whether it’s developing and refining your craft, resource gathering, creating, sharing or maintaining, the process is always moving. I don’t think that these things should be framed as giving up, but more as moving on to the next project or idea. Read more>>

Omar Veluz | Singer/Songwriter

I deal with this question everyday, and it does not help that I left my profession as an Architect to pursue music. Ultimately, I always conclude that the reason why I do what I am dong is because it is what I have known would bring me happiness since a child. I always knew I wanted to be an artist since I was a baby. I have a picture of my holding a microphone taking a bow, I must’ve been about 4 years old. Read more>>

Tien Berny | Photographer

You don’t know. You decide. There is no right or wrong answer when you’re an entrepreneur, or a creative. The answer is what you want. That is the power of being your own boss. You get to decide to keep going or give up.
“Knowing” kind of implies that you are looking elsewhere, at information, a sign, something else to guide you, give you an answer. Deciding is when you empower yourself regardless of external factors. Read more>>

Jeffrey Ashkin | Writer & Teacher

When I first moved to LA I would hear a lot of people (including myself) say they had a timeline for their own film industry success. “I’ll give it ten years to become a working actor/writer,’ a friend might say. Reflecting back on this, it’s a bit strange since I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’ll give that lawyer/doctor thing ten years, tops.” Well, fifteen years have gone by since my arrival and some of the same people have left LA but some have stayed long after their supposed deadlines have passed. Read more>>

Brandy Bruce | DP & Director

As an artist this is something you will face one time or another throughout your career, moments of self-doubt, mental tug-of-wars and stagnation but it all boils down to trusting the process. Believing in your abilities and knowing the journey to whatever success may look like for you will not be linear or easy. The most important factor is to create art that speaks to you, create from experience, create from the heart – nothing beats veracity. Read more>>

RU | Recording Artist & Entrepreneur

That depends on if it’s just a passion of yours or if it’s your purpose. I believe we give up on our passions because we can be passionate about so many things. When it’s your purpose, You will have a deep knowing when it reveals itself to you. Everything about it will consume you and everything about you will be connected to it. The universe will send you signs to keep going, but it’s up to you to decide to not give up when it gets rough. There will be times when it will be hard to keep going, But you will always have the appropriate amount of strength and energy to persist if it’s purpose. However, If you decide to give up, you will never know what God truly had for you. You will never discover the rooms your talents and gifts could’ve made for you. Read more>>

Amber Murdock | Serial Entrepreneur / Author / Investor

There is a famous saying that says “when you conquer a mountain just find another peak”. I believe that nothing great comes easy and that persistence matters. The minute you find yourself not knowing your “why” in any particular industry, you must consider giving into something that lightens your life’s purpose. Life is too short. Now this is different from just encountering a hard time. In that case, you must keep going. Find that weak step and fix your ‘staircase’. You don’t always have to start from scratch. First, have a blueprint drawing of your steps on what you think it takes to reach that goal and then build each step nail by nail. One by one. If you find yourself faced with failure , find the shaky step and fix it. You’ll know what it is. Read more>>

Talaya Jessie | Fashion Designer & Author

When doing something that ignites a fire in you, the possibility of giving up is not an option. It may be a passing thought, but never a real option. You may give up on the method, but never the overall vision. First, you have to see the vision clear and plain. And it takes a belief with everything in you that the vision you can see will happen in the time it is necessary for. You keep going as long as you can see the vision; you give up. or lets say pivot, when strategies don’t fully align with said vision. Read more>>