Swipe left, swipe right.  So easy. So convenient.  And yet we hear from so many about how even though apps have made some parts of the dating experience easier they have also introduced new challenges to the world of dating.  Below you’ll find a few stories and perspectives from the community.

Jacqui Rubinoff | Certified Love Coach & Relationship Expert

There are pros and cons to online dating. It can be extremely successful and beneficial if went about properly. If you and the person you meet online are displaying yourselves accurately with your true values, goals, and details, it’s a great way to find someone who shares similar values. It’s also beneficial for people who are busy and are still able to make time to find their special someone. Being able to connect on an emotional level prior to meeting physically is also a nice benefit that can go a long way. Read more>>

Nina Jackel | Animal Activist and Founder of Nonprofit Media Organization Lady Freethinker

I tried online dating exactly once — and met Mr. Right. Going through a messy and traumatic breakup, I reluctantly signed up for OKCupid at the advice of a close friend. I didn’t really think I was ready for a relationship, but lo and behold, my first date was with a sexy sculptor who was going through a breakup of his own. Nine years later, I happily call him my husband. Read more>>

Sarah Miggins | Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff

As if it weren’t tough to date, already? In the context of our country being ravaged by Covid-19, there are many good things happening like the surge online to connect in a time when being told to social distance and ‘stay at home’. I traveled to Colorado just before the pandemic got real. I enjoyed taking a peek at those guys in Denver. My girlfriend I was visiting, at the time, said locals in Denver call it Menver because of the surplus of single males. I mean they definitely had similar classic images of riding waves, displaying trophy fish and flexing in the bathroom mirror. Read more>>

Pamela Pannacci | Esthetician

Well, I can honestly say that I’m a fan of online dating. That wasn’t always the case, though. I was 36 years old, single, and living in New York City. I was having the time of my life with friends and everything the city had to offer. Including dating. But when I was getting nowhere with the men I was meeting, friends of mine suggested I try online dating. My first thought was NO FREAKING WAY! There was NO Way I was going to put myself out there like that. I mean, I couldn’t imagine the ‘weirdos’ I would meet. Read more>>