Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Ken and Tara Lamprecht | Online Vegan Strength Coaches

We focus on the vegan community. We empower and inspire vegans to achieve their health and physique goals without giving up their favorite foods or compromising their beliefs! Vegan for your health, vegan for the animals, vegan for the planet! Although many people will have differing reasons for why they decided to live a vegan lifestyle, we wanted to build our company with the intention to break stereotypes and empower vegans to not only take their health into their own hands but to show that vegans thrive in their health and also obtain their aesthetics goals! Read more>>

Julienne Greer | Research Scientist & Artist

My work is focused at the emerging intersection of social robotics and human behavior. I “humanize” social robot’s programming for use in research and industry. I do this because social awareness, emotional engagement, and empathetic response in robotics is key to their successful use by humans. The social impact of companion machines that help humans can’t be overstated. The loneliness and social isolation people feel is serious. The pandemic simply made it worse. Read more>>

Breshae Davis-Causey | Business Owner of Color World

Our mission is to create a world where color is beautiful. I believe our opinions on ourselves and others are formed as children. Due to this fact, I focus on products and entertainment specifically tailored towards children. I plan to expand my business to all things children including my major goal of owning a theme park. Children imitate what they see, so I aim to be one of the leaders of childhood entertainment in mass media presenting these children with positive messages on embracing their own culture and others. Read more>>

Kevin Berson | Merger and Acquisition Advisor

We help business owners transition into the next phase of their life. Commonly, these are Baby Boomers looking to retire. Baby Boomers own 12 million businesses in the U.S., collectively valued at over $10 trillion, that will be sold or passed to family members in the upcoming decades. Most of these business owners would like to exit their businesses on their terms, but are unsure how much their businesses are worth, what options they have to exit, or how to run a sales process to ensure they optimize transaction value. Read more>>

Sheree Rome | Founder & Creative Director

Moving Purpose was created to fill in the gaps of interactive programming in underserved communities. Moving Purpose impacts the youth and families in this communities because it provides youth with new skills, and an experience that may not have been accessible to them in their own communities. Underserved communities are overlooked when it comes to sports, activities and programs because they tend to lack the resources to implement them. Read more>>

Josh DeAngelis | Co-Founder, Head of Talent

Along with our management roster pushing forward their respective narratives for social change (Jax James TikTok Trailblazer, Feb 2021; Chrissy Chlapecka TikTok Trailblazer, June 2022), Palette runs a small, but mighty marketing arm focused mainly on social-good causes. In 2021, Palette was enlisted by the federal government to increase vaccine adoption – the goal was to drive a positive conversation while dispelling common misconceptions about the vaccine and employing a “soft sell” based on trust and community discussion. The results were nearly 100M views on #MadetoSave hashtag (notice all the Palette Pals and a feature in the NYTimes, as well as dedicated segments on Good Morning America and Nightline. Read more>>

Romaine Washington | Writer and educator

Community is key in creativity and communication. We write, speak and listen to connect with one another and form stronger bonds of understanding. It’s been said that actions speak louder than words – but words are a powerful force that can connect, heal and add meaning to life. As a writing workshop facilitator I feel part of my mission is to create a safe space where participants can feel comfortable and vulnerable enough to explore and express their emotions , thoughts and beliefs. Read more>>

Anuja Ganpule-Sheorey | Filmmaker & Showrunner-in-Training

I’ve always felt “other-ed.” Whether in school or on vacation or day-to-day life, no matter how hard I’ve tried, I just can’t manage to fit into what people consider “normal.” I know that I’m not alone. We all have our differences and many people feel underrepresented, stereotyped and “other-ed.” It’s a very frustrating life experience and just as you start to feel comfortable in a given experience – BOOM. Someone points out how alien you are to them. Read more>>

Elizabeth Padilla | Community Outreach Coordinator: USC Physician Assistant Pipeline Program

The USC Primary Care Physician Assistant Pipeline Program is helping the community by providing Latinx, Black/African, indigenous, LGBTQ+ first generation students and those educationally and economically disadvantaged by providing services and resources to support their educational development and personal career paths. Exposing participants to an array of health careers. Read more>>

Daydria Henderson | Patient Billing Advocate (PBA)

My business is “Medical Bills Auditing Service, LLC” MBAS is a patient focused service company that audits patients’ medical bills for accuracy and true liability to ensure they are accurate and free from billing errors before they pay them. I specialize in saving the patient money on Out-of-Pocket expenses and/or obtaining a refund on excessive medical billing, also to protect from fraud and abuse. Read more>>

Alex Pollini | Cinematographer

Photography and filmmaking play a powerful role in the way people perceive and understand the world around them. We often move through life accepting reality as it’s presented, rarely questioning or looking for alternative perspectives. At an early age I discovered I could make an emotional connection with my audience, and encourage viewers to re-examine their perceptions of their surroundings. Over the last decade, I’ve captured stories both locally and globally with the intention of inspiring viewers to expand their knowledge of their reality. Read more>>

Stephanie Breese | Sound Journey Facilitator, Energy Healing Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Guide

My intent is to create a container for self-love and self-care, where the mind, body and soul may rest, regenerate and heal dis-ease, opening the heart and connecting to the deeper truth of who we are. As I work with individuals on an energetic level to create a greater sense of well-being, I have no doubt that each person has an impact on the wellness of their larger community – energetically impacting the entire planet and beyond. If we want this world to be a happier, healthier place to live, it is natural to look outside of us with the desire to change unpleasant external circumstances, but in actuality, the pursuit starts within. Read more>>

Andrea Smith | Co-Founder

It took a long time for me to find my voice – and it’s a job everyday to continue to use my voice in situations that effect myself, family, friends and community. Speak into the Mic gives our community a platform to share stories and amplify their voice through visuals and events. We host a variety of events throughout the community to help serve you by bringing resources, solutions and much needed conversations to move “US” forward one voice on the mic at a time! Read more>>

LAUREN JONES | Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, and Lead Strategist at Alter New Media

Alter New Media is a full-service marketing agency with global reach and a deeper purpose. We’ve dubbed the term “purposeful partnerships,” a practice where we match for-profit corporations with nonprofits for mutual benefit. We ensure that influencers on our board complete at least one nonprofit campaign per year. Partnerships last for a single campaign or an for an ongoing duration. One of our major goals is to help nonprofits get their mission out to the world. Alter New Media assists for-profits with doing good and getting seen. Nonprofit partnerships help brands build rapport, show what they stand for, demonstrate what they care about, help nonprofits with their mission, enact real change, and make great press-angles. Read more>>

J. Michael Silver | Podcaster, Coach & Consultant

Community is everything. The way I see it if you can help one person reduce the amount of confusion and get some clarity in their life, they can be better community members. The podcast portion of my business is designed to give people an intimate look at the choices people made to get where they are in life. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that no one really knows what they are doing, they just do the best they can and they keep going. I want people to see themselves in my guests so they can maybe see the steps to get where they want to be in life. Ultimately we are one large community made up of millions of smaller communities. Read more>>

Jennifer Nawaz | Psychotherapist

My practice of psychotherapy focuses on mental health struggles.. In particular my specialty is in addressing complex trauma, depression and anxiety. I am passionate about helping others find their way so that they are able to lead a fulfilling life Read more>>