Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Nicole Koch | Actress & Mental Health Advocate

I think a lot about my platform and what I can do with it. Although relatively small right now compared to someone like, say, Selena Gomez, I still strive to use my small influence for good. I was raised in a household where my parents lived by the golden rule of “Treat others how you would like to be treated” and it really stuck with me into my adult life. For instance, look at the racism happening in our country….. STILL. It is 2020. I am disgusted by the hatred displayed by my White community. My mom is Peruvian, so I’m half Hispanic, but I easily pass as Caucasian. Read more>>

Olivia Sy | Designer & Illustrator

My form of social impact may appear small but it is honest and it is focused on serving communities beyond myself. Both my work as a freelance designer and my work sold in the Artreleaf shop has an underlying dedication to social causes I believe in. I often work with small businesses and non-profits as a designer, and for every sticker or pin sold at my shop, I donate proceeds to charities for sustainability and/or health. I hope to contribute in service or in monetary value whenever possible for as long as these movements need it. Read more>>

Joshua Foster | Co-Founder & Architectural Designer

At Mint Inc. we have created a space for a community of young minority professionals and entrepreneurs to find and share resources, knowledge, and skills to unlock the extraordinary impact-making potential that we each have. Together, we are strengthening the economic and social fabric of our communities by unleashing this untapped potential while helping to close the socio-economic gaps in our country as a whole by providing the tools to build generational wealth. Read more>>

Jenny Delgado | Higher Education Practice Co-Leader

What I love most about architecture and design is that it strengthens society. Great design doesn’t just create environments – it creates important socioeconomic opportunities for people; it helps communities thrive in new ways; it allows us to live healthier; better protect our environment and so much more. Our team at CannonDesign really embraces this aspect of the practice. We are a Living-Centered Design firm which means we approach every project from the perspective of “how will it help people flourish? How will it make the world a better place?” That approach is reflected in our work. Read more>>

Lizette Gonzalez | Hairstylist & Educator

I think after the pandemic, it was very clear how much Hairstylist are essential to everyone’s life. I become a therapist, friend, childcare, secretary, and creative person during one visit. I take great pride in not only my creative process but also my customer service experience. Read more>>

Jessica Galarza | JLOVEKNITS

JLOVEKNITS helps bring awareness and education to our community on plastic waste, as well as provides information on the benefits of replacing everyday single use plastics with our reusable items. We also try to provide tips and resources on our social media accounts and website on ways to help reduce waste and consumption of single use plastics. We donate to nonprofits regularly that help the conservation of marine, wildlife, and the environment. As we learn more about what we can do to help protect and conserve our planet we rely that message to our community and customers both virtually and at pop up events/farmers markets. Read more>>

Macala “Kala” Lacy | Yoga Psychotherapist

Did you know that you can still find water wells around the world? Wells are designed to hold water, and water itself provides the nourishment and cleansing necessary for a full life. Like water wells around the world, The Well Healing (TWH) is also a critical reservoir dedicated to the health of underserved communities, both locally and abroad. Under the guidance of her ancestors, in 2017 Macala “Kala” Lacy, AMFT & CYT founded The Well Healing, lovingly referred to as “The Well”. The Well is a culturally responsive resource dedicated to providing Water: trauma-informed holistic health services for communities and individuals experiencing marginalization and oppression. Read more>>

Ashton Saldana | Writer & Founder

I believe through my writing and workshops I’ve not only been someone for the community to identify with, but have provided them the tools to feel worthy, loved, and powerful. My mission statement has always been to teach people how to use their past experiences to promote growth, instead of allowing them to be debilitating. It has been a beautiful thing to witness how I have inspired some women to take ownership of their life and make choices with their best interest in mind. I may not have a global presence but I like to think I have indirectly impacted others through six degrees of separation. Read more>>

Candace Rae Oestreich | Creative & Art Instructor

My business continually brings awareness to the importance of keeping children exposed to the Arts. As an Artist, I’ve taken a world view approach of community. Despite color, despite language, Art binds us in a way that visually stimulates conversation with an expression of color. Art, in its many forms, is connected to a greater community. For me, as an Artist who teaches young children of multiple ethnicities and of all ages, has showcased what that power of what a paint brush can do. It allows our youth to communicate with each other through the act of expression that otherwise is hard to formulate with words. Read more>>

Naz Perez | Founder, TV Producer, Host, & Podcaster

Heart Broken Anonymous is a free, anonymous, support group for people experiencing heartbreak. I started it 4 years ago after I met a stranger who went through a bad break-up and felt more comfortable telling me about her heart break than her own friends and family. Shortly after that I went through a bad break up of my own and realized it was debilitating. I was having nightmares, couldn’t sleep, experienced loss of appetite, and fell into an acute depression. I felt like even when I spoke to my friends or family, it wasn’t making me feel any better, because none of them were experiencing the same emotions I was. Read more>>

Traci Weintraub | Owner

I think as a small business we have more of an impact locally on our community. We have been able to stay open during this pandemic and get people healthy food to stock up on, which I think in a time like this, it’s really important. However, I think from my personal journey dealing with chronic illness the impact reaches to those in our community, around the nation perhaps who have similar struggles. I think we have opened our doors and our ears to those who need an outlet. A resource for food that they perhaps cannot get at their local grocery store. Read more>>